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9 of most expensive laptops

Using a laptop is not just a matter of convenience anymore, it a matter of status quo. If you thought the brand of clothes you wear and the car you drive would establish your value, think again! The model of laptop you use can equally make a

8 Tips to Avoid Expensive Laptop Repairs

Laptops have some benefits over desktop computers. They are small and lightweight but maintain a powerful processor and plenty of computing power. It is far better to keep your laptop in good condition than to repair it, so here are some methods to avoiding expensive repairs. 1.

Top 25 Hot Men

From athletes to singers to actors, there are many remarkable, iconic faces of good looking men in the world. These modern demigods have become legendary for their looks. Here is a list of the top 25 most handsome men in the world. 1. Chris Evans Chris Evans

Top 25 Sexiest And Hottest Girl In The World

While a lady is far more than her sexy body in swimsuit, a hottest lady is still a thing to be revered and celebrated. Here we will show you 25 faces that were called as sexiest and hottest girl in the world. Below given are the names

Top 20 Richest YouTubers In The World

YouTube is a social media site that has being clogged within the past few years with all sorts of entertainment. Bloggers, comedians, gamers and beauty vloggers just to mentioned but a few have generally built their fan base and following on YouTube outside of the control of