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Top 12 Best Swords in Skyrim

Skyrim is one of the most addictive games so far allowing you to explore the use of power and force. Some of these weapons include guns, bows, swords, and war hammers. It depicts both a modern and ancient warfare in the same battleground. This turns out to

Top 12 Best Assault Rifles in Battlefield 4

    Battlefield four is one of the popular first person shooter titles in spite of being many years old and with some titles arriving out on regular basis. Portion of this down to the truth that it contains a number of content, maps and DLC content,

Top 12 Ugly Pokemon

When Pokemon was first released back in the 90s’, there were only 151 fictional creatures and now, after years of fame and fandom, the franchise owns 718 Pokemon characters. Right from a fire-breathing Charizard to a legendary beast like Mew, Pokemon has creatures of every kind and

Top 12 Most Expensive Magic Cards

A card game and the magic cards can make things great for you. The trading card game can be great for you there are also many magic cards and the way you should be using it for having so much of fun. There are so many expensive

Top 12 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

If you dream about creating amazing and impressive building and structures, Minecraft is the ideal away to do so. You can express your creativity in building cool things here. If you are already playing but got bored due to lack of ideas, you are at the right