18 Beautiful Celebrities Who Married Ugly Spouses

Well, they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and one man’s meat may be other man’s poison, and these two sayings can be well illustrated by beautiful celebrities who married ugly spouses.

However, it is everyone liking to settle down with a good looking person so as to complement each other. More so, many people believe that image is important while it comes to celebrity choice of partners. While it might not be the case to a common person who does not appear in the spotlight, this might be important to celebrities.

Below find the names of 18 beautiful celebrities who married ugly spouses as a prove that love is blind and it’s not all about the looks.

18. Geoffrey Arend and Christina HendricksGeoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks

Christina of ‘Mad men’ is a beautiful star especially her blue beautiful bubbling eyes that demands everyone attention.

She caught her fans by surprise when married Geoffrey Arend, a short funny guy with big glasses a movie actor who featured in ‘Super Trooper’ movie.

17. Lorde and James LoweLorde and James Lowe

Lorde is a re-known singer is one of the most beautiful celebs in the music industry worldwide apart from her beautiful voice the lady got the looks enough for every man to die for.

Surprisingly, she fell in love with James who is not a so good looking if looks have anything to go by. The couples have been happily in love for a while now, and they seem to enjoy every bit of it.

16. Mary – Kate OlsenMary – Kate Olsen

The 29 years Mary Olsen a fashion designer and actress doesn’t give a damn to the age when it comes to her love life as she walked down the aisle in 2015 with the love of her life 46 years Olivier Sarkozy who is a banker.

Mary is quite private when it comes to her private affairs, and no one knows what got them attracted to each other because despite the huge age difference between them Olivier is not that attractive but who knows!

15.  Keely Shaye and Pierce BrosnanKeely Shaye and Pierce Brosnan

Keely seems to have won the heart of Brosnan while she was interviewing him for Entertainment Tonight.

They were both madly in love, and they tied the knot back in 2001 in a catholic church in Ireland.

14. Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma HayekFrancois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek

If you ask Salma what’s the most important quality to look for in a man, she will probably tell you maturity and money after all who wants to settle down with a broken man!. The most beautiful celeb married Henri, a billionaire of French Fossil company.

Besides the wealth, this guy does not complement Salma Hayek looks at all but wait! It’s Salma who can tell us what good attracted her to this man.

13. Paulina Porizkova and Rick OcasekPaulina Porizkova and Rick Ocasek

Paulina is a super model one beautiful celebrity who married ugly spouse. She is beautiful and elegant no wonder she became the world’s first supermodel.

However, her husband Rick misses some marks on looks, and also he seems way to far older than the sizzling Paulina.

12. Elisabetta GregoraciElisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta is indeed the queen of ugly spouses you don’t want to see who the ‘flawless’ model is married to.

The Italian model who is in her mid-thirties is married to old and unattractive 65- year old Flavio Briatore the Formula One Manager.

11. Felicity HuffmanFelicity Huffman

Everyone loves actress  Felicity Huffman for her kind personality and beauty, and you would tell that she deserved a handsome guy to complete her looks, but not until when she met the ugly William Macy.

The couple who are now married met in 1982 at Atlantic Theatre Company where Felicity was a student, and they seem to fall in love, and one thing led to each other.Clear indications that indeed looks don’t matter.

10. Adriana Lima

It’s hard to explain someone’s beauty, and so it’s Adriana’s from her lovely smile, beautiful eyes to a nice shape. She is one of the most beautiful and outstanding models in the modeling industry.

She still rocks even after giving birth to 2 kids. Lima met NBA player Marco Jaric they both fell in love and dated for nine months before tying the knot. However, in 2014 they got separated perhaps Lima opened her eyes and realized she is too hot for Marco.

9. Julia RobertsJulia Roberts

It’s without a doubt that Julia got the looks from a  beautiful face to a nice slim body. People expected that the most iconic actress would meet someone in Hollywood who matches her looks but that didn’t happen.

Instead, the beautiful Julia married a simple and not so good looking camera man, and it’s believed that the couple is still enjoying the journey of love together.

8. Kristen BellKristen Bell

The beautiful actress of ‘Veronica Mars’ has been a desire of many men. She is so beautiful and elegant that any man would like waking up right beside her every morning. However, hell broke loose while she started dating Dax Shepard who appeared in the spotlights for all the wrong reasons.

Kristen is too hot for Dax, but matters of love are a puzzle that no one can solve better other than the concerned parties.

7. Jenna FischerJenna Fischer

Jenna is a brilliant screenwriter who decided to give love a second chance after divorcing her first husband this time round with Lee Kirk who must be enjoying life to the fullest after winning the heart of Jenna who is elegant and beautiful.

6. Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks

Did beautiful Elizabeth fall for just that man who said he loves her or what? She seems that she didn’t give much attention to details when it came to looks all she wanted is to be loved by a man who would make a good family man.

That’s how she landed on Max Handelman a look of their photo together these guys got nothing in common, but they have been holding it close to each other for more than a decade now with two beautiful children.

5. Alison DickeyAlison Dickey

The beautiful film producer Alison is stunning, and she got the most beautiful hair and a lovely smile.

However, in 1992 she decided that there is more to look in a man than his mere looks and that’s how she walked down the aisle to marry John Reilly who can’t feature anywhere near the list of handsome men.

4. Tori SpellingTori Spelling

What men look in a woman is beauty, and probably character but for women is security and love.Perhaps, the reason Tori decided to settle down with her fellow celeb Dean Mcdermott who is not so good looking.

The subpar celebs have proved that their love was for real as they have been married since 2006.

3. Sarah JessicaSarah Jessica

The ‘Sex in the City’ star must have dated many men that we would lose count if we start naming them. What amazes people is that all of them were good looking as compared to Matthew Broderick who is just an average looking guy who doesn’t match up the beauty of elegant Sarah Jessica.

The couples have been married for 17 years, and they have three kids.

2. Clare GrantClare Grant

The most beautiful American actress, model, producer, and singer caught the world by surprise when she got married to Seth Green who is the king of ugliest celebs who married hot celebs.

They both met back in 2007 during the launch of comic book store ‘Golden Apple Comics’ Green a photographer seems to have seen what he has been looking for from an ideal wife when he met Clare. They have been married for almost a decade now and still counting.

1. Catherine ZetaCatherine Zeta

Zeta is one of the most beautiful actresses that we are proud of having in the Hollywood. However, we still don’t know what triggered her to marry actor Michael Douglass who is older than her with more than 25 years.

They have been happily married for around 17 years now a true indication that they were meant for each other.

In Conclusion!

Celebrities never stop to amaze us every other second, from embarrassing moments, beef among each other and so on. The only thing that fans seem to give attention to details is their love life and boy we have seen a fair share of celebrities having an awful mismatch of partners when it comes to looks, height, and so on.

If you have never agreed with the saying that says love is blind your encounter with this piece of 18 beautiful celebrities who married ugly spouses will make you re-think.

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