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Top 15 Best Water Type Pokemon

The Pokemon franchise has been well received, mainly thanks to the wide variety of characters you can get to work with. Water type Pokemon, in particular, happen to be the most prevalent, and come with robust attack and defensive powers. This lets them effortlessly mete out and

Top 12 Best Yugioh Card

What happens when an imaginary diversion inside a highly adored Japanese manga generates a certifiable card amusement that turns out to be practically as socially essential as the manga that begun it? This is the account of Yu-Gi-Oh! also, the exchanging card amusement that became out of

Top 12 Ugly Pokemon

When Pokemon was first released back in the 90s’, there were only 151 fictional creatures and now, after years of fame and fandom, the franchise owns 718 Pokemon characters. Right from a fire-breathing Charizard to a legendary beast like Mew, Pokemon has creatures of every kind and

Top 12 Best Fan Made Pokemon Games

Pokemon is a popular anime series that has tremendously evolved in the last twenty years, and with each generation that kicks in, its fan based community keeps increasing. Core series of the Pokemon gaming industry like the Emerald and Diamond versions demand hours of breeding, battling and

12 Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

There is nothing that is more fulfilling and important to an individual than sleep because it helps you improve your memory, releases stress, repairs your body just to mention but a few. Sleep is sweet, but we all don’t understand why it gets sweeter when it’s time