Top 12 Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

If you dream about creating amazing and impressive building and structures, Minecraft is the ideal away to do so. You can express your creativity in building cool things here. If you are already playing but got bored due to lack of ideas, you are at the right place. To make it more interesting and exciting for you, here are the top 12 cool things to build in Minecraft –

#1: Cross

#1: Cross

Building a Cross in this game is an excellent idea. You can build a very tall building in just single column. It will be best if you can do that on top of large mountain close your base. Make a cross at the top of this structure now.

Also, place torches on top or on the sides if you want. You can also use glow stone if you want. This will help you to easily find your base if you are lost in the forest or anywhere in your city. The cross along with the torch lighting up will guide you back.

#2: Underwater House

Underwater House

One of the most interesting thing that you can build in this game is an underwater house. If you have a long time wish to live in such a house, then this is the time. Create your dream house that you always wanted in your life under the water. You can also get a lot of ideas from the internet too.

#3: Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Building a roller coaster ride is a very fun thing in Minecraft. You can create a huge roller coaster covering your entire city. This will of course require a lot of blocks and other essential materials. But once done it is amazing to test it also.

This the most exciting and fun thing in this game. To reach from one end to the other end of your city, this is the perfect way to reach. If you haven’t built a roller coaster yet, then you must try this.

#4: Crop Farm

Crop Farm

This is essential for your survival too. You can actively participate in this farm and can get a huge source of food from it. For eggs and milk, you can also breed animals with the crops grown in your farm. So, this will be an interesting one to create your own food by farming and breeding animals. This is surely one of the cool things to build in Minecraft.

#5: Waterslide 


Another cool thing that you can build in this Minecraft game is a waterslide. It is always fun to slide through the water and end up into a pool. Then why not create one such thing? You can slide through that and then reach the swimming pool. It is undoubtedly a lot of fun and excitement. Make sure to build it as taller as possible with lots of turns and twist to make it more fun and exciting.

#6: Statue Of Anything

Statue Of Anything

While creating a city in this game, it is always fun to build a statue. It can be of anything you like or prefer. Be it a skull, horse or anything, it will be a cool addition to your Minecraft city.

The best part of this game is that you can show off your creativity. So, if you have any special type of structure or statue in your mind, then build it. You can also search the internet to get some inspiration.

#7: Private Jet

Private Jet

How about building a private jet? You are the owner! Isn’t that sound exciting? Of course yes and it will be a cool fun thing too. Though building a flight is possible, but moving it is never in Minecraft. You cannot fly anywhere but still it will be exciting to see your city has your own private jet along with a runway. This is really a dream come true for every person. That is really cool to build here.

#8: Recreate Your Own Space

Recreate Your Own Space

One of the coolest thing that you can try is recreating your own house over here in this virtual world. Yes! This is very exciting and can be a lot of fun. You have always stayed at your house and recreating it in the virtual world can be really fun. This is a cool idea. Even if you want then you can make some changes that you always wanted in your own house. So cool! Isn’t it?

#9: Working Subway

Working Subway

Another coolest thing that you can build is a working subway structure connecting different places in your city. This is really a nice idea to connect your entire city in the safest and easiest way. You can travel anywhere to your city through these subways. Make sure to provide torches to light up the subways. Otherwise it will remain dark.

#10: Tennis Court

Tennis Court

A city will definitely need some special area for sports. What can be better than having a tennis court? You can create a tennis court in this Minecraft game and enjoy playing tennis. You can also build volley ball or basketball court if you want. It is completely based on your preference. Which is your favorite one? Build that court and enjoy playing. This is really cool and fun!

#11: Yacht or Cruise

Yacht or Cruise

You can build a really huge cruise or a yacht just for you. To make it cooler, add a swimming pool. How about that? This is surely a great idea! Also, you can add a bar or anything you want into this cruise or yacht and have a great party time here.

#12: A Dock

A Dock

Last but not the least, you can build a dock for yourself in your city. This is cool as well as beneficial too. It can really help you to explore. You have to make sure that the dock is built at the perfect place which can have access to the rivers or even to the oceans.


So, these are the cool things to build in Minecraft which will help you to have lots of fun. If you have got bore of this game, then you need to try out this exciting and fun building ideas. You will surely love building and enjoying these.

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