25 Fun and Cool Things to Draw when you are Bored

Let’s face it, we all have some of those days when we can’t figure out why time stops and would kill for something fun to do to kill our boredom, probably you are in this really boring history class, there is nothing more you can think of watching or your friends just bailed out on you. Well, get out your book and pen and lots of creativity and let’s get to drawing. One of the most complaints among most novice artists is that “I can’t draw a circle or I can’t draw a straight line they always keep bending no matter how hard I try” if you always seem to be unable to draw two points with a given distance apart or your pictures look wrong even after numerous trials of carefully repeating the steps from a detailed tutorial, you might have missed a few basic points when it comes to drawing. In fact, these skills are obvious to any professional artist but they can always be forgotten after a few years. So what do you do? Start with simple and fun things to draw then work your way up to other complex drawings.

Once you start drawing you will never stop, there is a whole drawing world paved with lots of beautiful ideas just waiting for you to unravel them. But first, let’s cast a glance at some easy and fun things to draw you can start with.

26. Architecture designsArchitecture designs

Outlining buildings is one of the startup points of many points, it could be a simple house building in an art class or even a skyline of the New York City. Wherever your imagination takes you go ahead.

25. Any cartoon animalAny cartoon animal

We all have our favorite cartoon animals. Be it an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a tiger, or even penguins. While some may be very easy to draw, some may be quite some work. An easy animal to draw would be a penguin. The outlay is quite easy plus you can add more texture to the lines to make the picture more vivid.

24. A loveA love

A love is simply a heart shape, you can draw a love and smaller hearts around it and nestle it on a piece of paper. For emphasis, you could color it or add more drawings on the paper as you wish.

23. BunnyBunny

A bunny is quite adorable, your kid probably has one as their cuddly animal with fluffy ears. The outlay is quite easy to get a hang of. Draw a small gum drop shape then draw another bigger gum drop shape at the bottom then add some ears then some whiskers, hands, and feet then do the coloring. Plus you can give your bunny a bonus carrot beside it.

22. Coat hangerCoat hanger

This is one of the easiest things there is to draw. When drawing a coat hanger, you simply draw a straight line and two bendy lines. You can add some texture into the lines to make it interesting.

21. Piece of chalkPiece of chalk

Kids like to draw what we see and if they are attending an art class, you might find that they will bring home lots of imaginative drawings. Most of this imagination starts with something they either see at school or at home. A piece of chalk is a great piece to start.

20. TreesTrees

Even if you are a novice at drawing, trees are quite a cinch. It’s really hard to go wrong when drawing a tree, possibly because there are quite a variety of trees. Be it a simple tree or a triangle turned into a Christmas tree, it’s pretty easy to get the hinge of drawing a tree. Just pick out a tree image you have in mind and bring it life on a piece of paper.

19. Moon and StarsMoon and Stars

The night sky is quite a beautiful sight to see. A picture of the night sky is quite beautiful to look at. You can draw the stars and a moon shape and show clouds as well. If you go even further and color it, it would be quite a sight to see.

18. FruitsFruits

Fruits are quite easy to draw, you can easily draw any kind of fruit you like, when whole or when open, an easy fruit to draw is a starfruit, you simply sketch out the shape of a star and draw the seeds at the center.

17. TrophyTrophy

Drawing a trophy is pretty much drawing a vase with a handle. You can simply start by drawing a simple vase then proceed to sketch the outlay of the handles and the stem part of the trophy. You could even write the award it is for too if you would like and gift it to someone special.

16. DogDog

Does your child exhibit an art potential and keeps drawing sketches, get her or him to draw various animals they love. A pet dog or cat is quite easy to do, it doesn’t have to be perfect, and an outlay of a form that resembles a dog is a good place to start. Plus it’s really easy to do.

15. OwlOwl

Drawing an owl is another easy drawing you can embark on in your free time.

14. FishFish

Many children are quite fascinated with the animals in the sea. From the big to the small fishes, children love to trace out animated fishes they see. If your child simply wants to trace out Dory or Nemo from finding Nemo, encourage them to go ahead and do it. It’s easy peasy, they can start out with an oval then trace out the fins, and eyes and they have with them a great fish picture.

13. ButterflyButterfly

Butterflies are quite beautiful creatures to look at. Most kids make numerous attempts in general representation of the visual sights they see. Though the complex coloration and delicacy a butterfly depicts may look like a complex job for a toddler to do. Drawing a butterfly does not have to be hard to do, but the idea is not to come up with the exact drawing but a similar shape and form that brings to mind the abstraction of a butterfly.

12. FlowersFlowers

Flowers are easier to draw than butterflies are. The secret to a good flower drawing is the rules of symmetry and proportions on the lines, petals to give a pretty good flower.

10. A human mouthA human mouth

There are various ways of drawing a mouth representation from outlining the lips and if you would like, the teeth as well. It’s really easy to draw the outline of lips.

9. Simple Cartoon EarsSimple Cartoon Ears

Most kids are fascinated with the different animated cartoons there are, all with distinct features that make them unique in their own way. Drawing cartoon ears is as simple as sketching out letters, the L can be turned into an ear, as well as modified question marks.

8. ParsleyParsley

At a first glance, parsley might seem like quite a difficult and complicated design to draw but it’s not. To draw out a parsley, start out with a simple comma-like shape and then you can build into an intricate, impressive design in minutes. Just have your creative mind and you’ll come up with something beautiful.

7. A human EyeA human Eye

Eyes are beautiful and help us see the beautiful world around us, do you have blue, green, gray or brown eyes? Do you know how easy it is to simply sketch out a human eye? From the realistic style to anime style, eyes are an easy thing to draw plus fun in trying to draw the different eye shapes there are.

6. Ace of SpadesAce of Spades

Are you a fun of playing cards, try sketching an ace of spade, there are thousands of simple ways you can draw an ace of spade.

5. Venus fly trap Venus fly trap

Do you know of these carnivorous plants that trap and eat bugs, yes they ones that look like a flower then close up. They are pretty easy to draw, they resemble a leaf like or flower shape, start up with a flower or leaf drawing and build up to a perfect drawing.

4. LeavesLeaves

Simple cartoon drawings of leaves are basic shapes of leaves. It’s easy to draw a leaf, start up with an oval shape then add in the element of symmetry in them by bringing the actual shape to life. Though there are numerous shapes of leaves, you can start up with the most simple and build up to the ones with more complex shapes.

3. RosesRoses

Roses are quite beautiful flowers, however, trying to draw a rose is not that easy but you can do it, it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of a real rose at first, but you can build up to it. Start by drawing a rose bud, then draw a simple stylized rose with a circle then finish up with a basic open rose,

2. FoodFood

Food is always a fantastic art subject. There are endless universal and recognizable foods you can sketch. Take out your piece of paper and sketch your favorite food. You don’t have to draw it to perfection, simply sketch it out and you could even use some coloring on it to make it look appealing.

1. SketchesSketches

Most people start drawing sketches, beautiful moments and moments that one can visualize. Whatever comes into your mind, take your time and draw. A beautiful asset when it comes to drawing is to grasp the ability to create rapid sketches with ease. Landmark sketches are an easy place to start, a place you well know. The ability to sketch will surface after through extensive practice and patience till one finds their art style and making one’s drawings recognizable. Remember practice makes perfect.

These are some of the examples of some easy things you can draw. They can inspire you to do more and unlock your artistic potential. So get your pen and paper and start this fun journey.

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