12 Funny Ways to Wake Someone Up

There is nothing that is more fulfilling and important to an individual than sleep because it helps you improve your memory, releases stress, repairs your body just to mention but a few.

Sleep is sweet, but we all don’t understand why it gets sweeter when it’s time to wake up and start your day perhaps going to work, school, important business meetings or catching that flight on time because if they miss it will cost them a lot.

wake somebody up
If you live with your spouse or any family member who have trouble in waking up in the morning you are not alone in this, a lot of people in the world have trouble waking up to the extent that an alarm clock doesn’t seem to work for them.

Fortunately, we are here to relieve you of this burden of having to struggle every morning to wake your family members up in the morning and below are 12 ways to wake someone up.

12. Call out his/her nameCall out his or her name

The first step before trying other ways is to open the room bend or sit on the bed and call out the person name in a low tone. Shake him/her gently and ask him to wake up without shouting at him.

Uncover the person head to reduce the comfort and try to help the person sit up when you are sure he/ she is fully awake leave the room and give the person a few more minutes to get out of the bed. If he takes too long to get out, go back and check whether person dozed off again after you left the room.

11. Alarm clocksAlarm clocks

It’s of paramount importance to let alarm awaken the person this is to avoid them getting late to attend to their daily activities when you are away with no one to practically wake them up as you do.

Alarms are the best weapon to wake your kids up in the morning so that they can get ready for school but kids hate alarms, but as long as they are in your house they have to live under your rules.

Buy an alarm clock set the time with intervals of 3 minutes after the first ring and place it far from their bed. Probably in the corner of the room where one has to wake up and walk towards it to switch it off, and by this, the annoying loud ringtone is enough to have woken the person up.

10.  Turn on the lights or remove the curtains to let in some lightremove the curtains

If the person doesn’t  find sleep when the lights are on, then use that to have him/her arise. Turn on the lights so that they feel uncomfortable to continue sleeping and ask them to wake up.

Also when you remove the curtains and allow some light in this raise a red flag to the person that indeed it’s getting late and he/she needs to wake up and get ready for work or school.

9. Make them a cup of coffeeMake them a cup of coffee

Coffee enthusiast knows that coffee is so addictive and when one smells its scent it makes him long to have a sip. If the person likes drinking coffee just make a cup and go with it in the room where the person is sleeping and sit right next to the person.

The room will be filled with the appetizing coffee scent ask the person to wake up to have a cup of coffee that you have prepared, and he/she will see this as a big favor that you have done them and hence wake up immediately.

8. Make some noiseMake some noise

A peaceful sleep calls for a quite environment to wake up someone makes some noise like opening the door of their room and banging it afterward. More so, you can start singing their favorite song on a high tone or turn on the music from the radio just to distract their sleep. Note this may piss off a person, but as long as he/she wakes up, you shouldn’t care more.

7. Pour some cold waterPour some cold water

Ooops! This may not be one of the best ways to wake a person, but it’s a good trick to wake lazy people. If you try calling, shaking and a person don’t seem to wake up and probably the person is assuming you try pouring some cold water on their face. When applying this trick, you need to be extra careful because when that person wakes up, he might beat you up.

6. Remove the blankets and turn on the fanturn on the fan

It sounds inhuman right! But it’s a powerful weapon to wake those in a deep sleep. Just walk into their room and uncover them then switch on the fan and adjust it to high speed the noise from the fan plus the cold will make them wake up even before you realize it.

5. Use their favorite petUse their favorite pet

If the person love pets just open the room door and let in the pet.You know how playful pets can get from uncovering the person, pulling off the pillow to licking their ears or chicks and this will just make them wake up even if they didn’t want to. Thanks to these loyal felines that spares you the job of waking the person up.

4. Fake a callFake a call

If all of the above seems not to work out rest your worries, they are many ways of killing a mouse. Leave your phone in the room and call using a different phone, of course; the person will either call you to come and answer the call or bring the phone to you.

With that, the sleep has already been disturbed, and the victim is likely not to go back to sleep again. To play it cool just apologize to the person that you are sorry your phone has awakened him, and it’s not your fault.

3. Boss is callingBoss is calling

It’s not debatable that nearly all the employees fear their bosses for some reasons either he is too bossy, or they need him to secure their job.

Lie to your friend or spouse that the boss the boss is calling and he has missed more than five calls from him and that he is on the way coming. This will get him up and sober up like never before but realizing later that it’s a lie he may harass you or try to get revenge on you.

2. Put on a scary maskPut on a scary mask

Ooops! This is insane, but it’s a common method used by friends to wake the deep slumbers. Put on a creepy mask, turn on some music on your phone and enter the room where the person is sleeping and just stand there facing him.

After a few minutes, he will uncover himself to check who it is and what’s up with the music and when they look at you on a mask, they will just scream their lungs out as you have scared them hence waking up.

1. Put the T.V onput on TV

Choices have consequences, and for sure you will have to repay for this when the person finally wake up. Turn on the T.V and tune in their favorite commercials or music and put the maximum volume that will irritate them and make them lose sleep.

If you want to be a bit cooler and nicer, you can put on an average volume not too low that they can’t hear and not too loud to scare the hell out of them.

In conclusion:

Waking up has never been easy to some people and we must find out ways of getting friends, or family members get up who have trouble in waking themselves because we care about them. Relax, we don’t want you to scream at the top of your lungs, or jump on their beds to have them wake up. For this reason, we have compiled the above list of 12 ways to wake someone up some are natural, others funny and creative as well.

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