16 Different Types Of Noses And What Do They Mean

A nose is one of the smallest parts that make our body whole, but it’s very significant as it helps us to breathe and smell different scents.

While a lot of people don’t give much attention to the nose others, have gone ahead on researching the different types of a nose that each has and how the nose type speaks about a person. It’s an interesting topic that many researchers have decided to ignore yet it is important.

More so, there is the large and small nose, and a lot of people believe that nose improves a person self-image perhaps the reason many celebrities have done something we call Rhinoplasty where professionals alter the shape of their nose through surgery just to suit what they want it to look like.

Though some people do it for some health reasons, others are driven by desires to look for more physical beauty and appearance and improving their self -esteem.

So can you tell the type of nose that you have? Well, this might sound like a difficult question to you if you have never given it much thought, but rest your worried this article notes down the 16 different types of the nose.

You can read and choose the picture that resembles your nose just to stay informed.

16. Roman Nose

Roman Nose
The famous Abraham Lincoln is believed to have a Roman nose which is kind attractive and well-shaped not too big neither small. It has a soft curvy tip, straight and flawless. People who have this type of nose have a strong personality, influential and efficient in running things.

15. Snub noseSnub nose

The snub nose is small in size and if you want to know how it exactly looks like just view any picture of former United States President Barrack Obama have a snub nose. It’s a small and a bit wide and has an adorable look.

14. Nubian NoseNubian Nose

Nubian nose is quite big and flat commonly found in Africans it quite wide at the nostrils with a lower nose bridge than other types of noses. People who have this type of nose are very charismatic, enthusiastic and unprejudiced. They tend to be so emotional and over-reactive at times.

13. Wavy NoseWavy Nose

While  Wavy nose can be as a result of injuries, it can also be genetic which is passed down to different family members. People who have Wavy nose are seemingly attractive, fun and loving personalities. A good example of an individual who has this type of nose is Owen Wilson.

12. Hooked noseHooked nose

Just as its name suggest, the hooked nose is beak- like and at the end is slightly curvy just like what John Lennon had. One significant thing about individuals with such noses is that they don’t mind what other people say/ think about them. They are self-driven they follow their own path and are happy about their accomplishments.

11. Turned –up NoseTurned –up Nose

The popular actress Marilyn Monroe had this type of nose, and she was characterized by being kind and optimistic. People who possess this type of nose are passionate about what they do.

10. Greek NoseGreek Nose

Greek nose is straight a perfect example of people with this type of nose are Sean Penn and Lord Nelson. If your nose resembles the Greek nose, then you should possess these characters intelligent, skilled, inspirational and functional. They have self-control and don’t overreact to things.

9. Mirren NoseMirren Nose

Mirren is a person name, and this was derived from beautiful and popular actress Mirren Hellene as she had this type of nose. The nose is usually attractive and noticeable even when you are far in fact that the first thing a person notices when he/ she look at a person with this type of nose as its usually big and straight.

8. Fleshy NoseFleshy Nose

The reason it’s called fleshy it’s because it features excess flesh making it bulk. It’s common among many white people especially men and it’s also genetic meaning it’s passed down to different members of the family.

7. Duchess noseDuchess nose

This type of nose is admired by many as it complements a person’s beauty. It’s named after Kate Middleton it’s a bit big and with wider nostrils.

6. Nixon noseNixon nose

The Nixon nose features a straight bridge, wide nostrils and curvy, soft edge, it’s extraordinary in its own way. The nose was named after the former presidents of the United States Richard Nixon. People with this type of nose are believed to be visionaries’ leaders with a passion for success.

5. Rum pole noseRum pole nose

The rum pole nose apart from being quite large it’s also imposing. It features a protruding end that separates the fleshy one amazing thing about this nose is that it’s only found in 2 in every 200 individuals.

4. Celestial noseCelestial nose

Carey Mulligan has this type of nose it’s a nice one and features a subtle upturned tip. It’s associated with right-minded people who think big and have great ideas.

3. Lenin NoseLenin Nose

The Lenin nose is one of the widest noses it’s more like an inverted triangle, and it features flared nostrils. A good example of a legend with this type of nose is Samuel L. Jackson.

2. Tara NoseTara Nose

This type of nose is quite big and bumpy at the nose contours what makes it distinct from many types of the nose.

1. Flat NoseFlat Nose

The flat nose is common among the Asian and African- American people. You will be surprised that people who have flat nose are considered to be kind and helpful but also hot-tempered if you cross their lines they may land on your throat in a jiffy.

Wrap Up:

The face is an important part of our body what makes our image. It’s what people identify us with, and so is our nose. While it’s true that most people never bother to look at their nose or even curious to know the type of nose that one has, researchers emphasizes that it’s important to know each and every part of body what it entails, how it functions and the charismas associated with different type like;

Small nose – loner and timid
Longnose- stressed and disrespectful
Slightly upturned nose – lucky within social circles and social butterfly
Hooked shaped nose – gutsy, powerful
Snubbed – friendly and mature

The above is what researchers found after experimenting interacting and studying the behaviors of people with the above types of the nose. I hope you will find this write up much helpful.

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