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About List Real Life
List Real Life publishes high quality informative articles for a worldwide audience.
Who We Are
We are online publishers driven to provide informational content in a list-format. We thrive on interesting news stories, informational content about health and lifestyles, and are eager to share that information with our audience. We firmly believe long-winded articles are so early 2000s, and we want to bring the publishing world into the 2010s.
What We Do
In short, we publish easy-to-read list style articles that you’ll want to read and share with all your friends and family. Bullet points are our thing, and number lists are even better. You will find only concise, clear, and poignant articles at List Real Life. We focus on informational content that applies directly to your life. No fluff here! Whether you want to read about the arts, history, or modern day pop-music you’ll find a variety of articles sure to please your palate on our site.
Why Choose Us?
If you hate reading through hundreds of words to find the answer to your questions, then choose List Real Life. Our selection of list-style articles is high quality and will keep you informed about all your favorite topics. Happy reading!