Top 15 Amazing Sea Stacks In The World

Strolling along the coastline you may encounter a rock standing tall in the sea, and most people wonder what they are, how they got their way there or what’s holding them on the ground, and that’s what is referred to sea stack. Well, the world was made beautiful and with so many things to wonder about and admire.

Sea stack is formed in a more hilarious but natural way when the headland is caused to erode by water and wind crashing against the rock. Some sea stacks are accessible as they can be found on the sidelines of the sea, but others are found in the farthest point of the sea and can only be accessed by use of motorboat or ships.

All in all, if you have gotten close to a sea stack you should count yourself lucky and if you have not it’s never too late just find a way of visiting a sea that has several of accessible sea stacks, they are amazing wonders of the world.

Below is a list of 15 amazing sea stacks in the world.

15.  Kicker Rock, Galapagos –EcuadorKicker Rock

Also known as the sleeping lion is a rocky formation found in Isla San Cristobal a very beautiful sea stack situated in the middle of the sea.

The most amazing thing about it is that one side of it is too short that people can climb and the other side is too high. Divers enthusiast has used the sea stack as a diving destination
The rock is 152 meters long, and it’s a haven for a variety of seabirds.

14. Old Harry Rocksold-harry-rocks

The old Harry Rocks are two stacks situated on the magnificent coast in the south of England. The rock marks the end of the Jurrasic coast. The Harry rock produces a lot of chalk cliff which is managed by the National Trust.

13.  Sail Rock- Russiasail-rock-russia

Found in the black sea of Russia is the magnificent Sail Rock by a look of it looks like the ship’s sail, and that’s where its name came from. It has a sheer vertical slope near the shore of the sea, and it measures 20 m wide and 20m long.

The Rock was declared as a national monument on November 24, 1971, by the Gelendzhik government and its protection was entrusted to the rural council of Divnomorskiy.

12. Ball Pyramid – Australiaball-pyramid

As an erosional remnant of a shield volcano that was formed 6.4 million years ago. It covers 20 km southwest of the Lord Howe Island Pacific Ocean. It’s one of the tallest sea stack 562 meters high 1100 meters length and 300 meters wide.

The pyramid was named after the famous Henry Lidgbird Ball who reported it in 1788.

11. Dun Briste – Irelanddun-briste

Dun Briste is an amazing sea stack that is 50 meters long and 80 meters wide. Standing tall this sea stack acts as the crown of the Downpatrick Head.

It’s situated in North Mayo where millions and millions of geological formation meets folklore legends. In 1981 the legend Dr.Seamus Caulfield took a trip using a helicopter to get to this stack.

10. Old Man of Hoy- Scotlandold-man-of-hoy

The Old Man of Hoy is a  unique and spectacular sea stack found on the island of Hoy on the north coast of Scotland. It is reported that it was formed from the Old Red Sandstone. It was named after Old man a legend who was first to climb the sea stack in 1966.

Old Man Hoy stack is one of the tallest in Britain.It’s 175 meters tall formed in a1750, and it’s reported that it may soon collapse into the sea.

9. Risin og Kellinginrisin-og-kellingin

Also known as Rising and Kellingin are two loyal sea stacks standing next to each other on the north coast of the island of Eysturoy situated in the Faroe Islands.The names mean the Giant and the Witch which narrates about their origins.

The Rising is 71 meters tall, and the Kellingin is 68 meters tall.The sea stacks can be accessed by walking down north from Eid and turning east towards the coastline following the low cliffs.

8. The Twelve Apostles- Australiathe-twelve-apostles-australia

These sea stacks standing tall close to each other in the coastline of Australia are just amazing wonders of the world.Their proximity to each other has made the spot a tourist attraction.

They were 12 sea stacks hence the name twelve apostles, but to date, only eight are left after the other four collapsed in the sea.

7. Tri Brata, Russiatri-brata-russia

The three sea stacks that lie next to each other are regarded as a symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the great city of Kamchatka Krai, Russia.

They are situated at the main entrance of the Avacha Bay the name Tri Brata is Asian meaning Three Brothers.

6. Hvítserkur, Vatnsnes peninsula – IcelandHvítserkur, Vatnsnes peninsula

In the eastern shore of the Vatnsnes Peninsula lies this magnificent sea stack. Unlike other stacks that are too tall, this one here is just 15 meters long, and it has two holes at the base that gives it the resemblance of a dragon who is enjoying a drink.
This stack is a home to a different species of sea birds such as fulmars and gulls.

5. Ko Tapu, Thailandko-tapu-thailand

Thailand is a home to several most spectacular sea stacks it’s 66 feet tall and 4 meters wide.
The stack is accessible from Khao Phing Kan a pair of the islands on the west coast of Thai as it lies 40 meters to the island.

4. Koh Poda Rock -Krabikoh-poda-rock-krabi

Another impressive sea stack from the great country of Thailand is the Koh Poda Rock. It’s found on the Koh Poda Island in Krabi.

3. Lange Anna- Germanlange-anna-german

Also, known as ‘ Tall Anna’ is an amazing sea stack that is 47 meters tall found in the Buntsandstein at the shores of North Sea Island of Helgoland.

Just as Old Man Hoy this stack was also declared a natural monument although tourists are not permitted to climb, they can view it a distance.

2. Ponta da Piedadeponta-da-piedade

Ponta da Piede is a group of rock formation found along the coastline of the town of  Lagos in Portugal. The sea stacks are beautiful and unique from other stacks as they consist of yellow – golden cliffs rocks that are 20 meters tall.

The sea stacks are among the major tourist attraction sites in Portugal.

1. Siwash Rocksiwash-rock

Also known as Squamish is a famous rock in British Columbia that is outcropping and measuring 18 meters tall.Indigenous Squamish people surround the rock, and it became famous to mariners as the Nine Pin Rock as it resembles a bowling pin.

The record has it that the stack was formed 32 million years ago and it has remained the only sea stack in the Vancouver area.


Someone could think that there is nothing much to enjoy in the sea apart from the warming up at the beach, playing around with dolphins and viewing other marine species. This article reminds you that there is a lot more to view like spectacular sea stacks that stand tall along the coast and were formed out of erosion.

Few of the sea stacks have been declared as national monuments which mean that the host country has not given the attention that this stack deserves.

This article has discussed in detail the 15 amazing sea stacks in the world, which country and sea they are found in and how tall they stand from the ground.

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