Top 16 Beautiful Hollywood Actresses

Hollywood is a hub of many good looking actresses that it becomes a difficult task to pick the top 16 beautiful Hollywood out of many beauties. In the industry that is rapidly growing and gaining popularity all over the world perhaps the reason there are a lot of new actresses that are more beautiful and talented joining the industry hence making it even harder to settle down on a list of most beautiful actresses.

It’s often said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and hence no real measure can be used to measure or describe a woman’s beauty. Therefore this list is not meant to compare a woman beauty with others but just to bring out those actresses that we have researched and seen as more attractive, elegant and with a great personality.

16. Olivia Jane Wildeolivia-jane-wilde

There is a strong connection between modeling and beauty, and I can bet my last dollar that there has never been a model that is not good looking, all models are so beautiful and Olivia is not an exemption.

She is an American actress, a fashion model and apart from acting movies she has also featured in T.V shows. To justify our pick, Olivia was voted as the sexiest PETA celebrity in 2010.

15. Scarlett Johanssonscarlett-johansson-5

The first time you set your eyes on Scarlett you will notice her beauty, from her beautiful eyes to great body shape everything of her is just great. Scarlett spent most of her young age in New York where she was born. She 32 years of age and she looks like she is in her mid-20s perhaps the reason she has such a huge follower of fans mostly men in social media.

Considered as the most beautiful and sexiest celebrity by the majority of magazines she has been nominated more than four times by the Golden Globes, and she is also one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She has featured in these movies The Prestige, The Avengers, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona just to mention but a few.

14. Mila Kunismila-kunis

Even to those who don’t give attention to the beauty they cannot fail to notice Mila’s beauty, she has the most attractive and beautiful eyes someone has ever seen. She was born in the great nation of Ukraine in 1991 and later moved to Los Angeles at the age of 7 years where she has been living to date. Her debut in acting started when she was a teenager by acting many commercials and TV shows.

In 2008 she put her focus on movies and her first movie to act was ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ a romantic and fun movie that was well received by the audience.

13. Jennifer Anistonjennifer-aniston-3

Just like fine wine Jennifer is becoming more glorious and beautiful as she ages. Born in 1969 in Los Angeles, California this actress got no wrinkles or pimples her beauty is flawless.

Jennifer was born in a family of actors both of her parents were actors, and Jennifer seemed to follow their footsteps when she appeared on TV shows like Friends with benefits that made her win several awards including Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, and others.

12. Natalie Portmannatalie-portman-3

From the blessed City of Jerusalem, Israel is the most beautiful actress Natalie Portman. Natalie was born in 1981 in Israel and later moved to the United States at an early age where she acquired citizenship as her mother was an American. Besides acting she is also a producer and a film director her first movie was Leon opposite to Jean Reno.

She Pursued acting and dancing in New York which she does better to an extent she has won several awards. Natalie beauty is indisputable!

11. Megan Foxmegan-fox-4

Nothing can describe Megan beauty among all beautiful actresses in Hollywood Megan stands at number 4, and many Magazines have nominated her as the hottest actress in Hollywood.

She is currently at 31 years of age and Megan looks half her real age she got great genes as she doesn’t age. Her notable Movies include Transformers 2 and Jennifer’s Body.

10. Angelina Jolieangelina-jolie-2

When it comes to the most beautiful actress, Angelina has carried the crown for so many times. She has been nominated as the hottest celebrity by many magazines, and her beauty is not fading.

The Oscar award winner has acted in ‘Lara Croft’ movie series among many others.

9. Marion Cotillardmarion-cotillard

On number nine in this list is the gorgeous Marion she is a singer, actress and a spokesperson for Greenpeace and a songwriter well, beauty and brains are what she got.

Her notable movies are Inception, Nine, A very Ling Engagement, Mid Night in Paris just to mention a few. She was born in France both her parents are from France, but they later moved to the great United States of America where she started acting in 2003 in Hollywood, and her debut in acting started when she featured in the movie Big Fish.

8. Jessica Albajessica-alba-5

Jessica is among the beauties that Hollywood boast of she was born in 1981 in the United States. Besides acting Jessica is also a model and a businesswoman she started acting at an early age of 13 years in TV shows and her first movie was The Secret World of Alex.

The beautiful Jessica has won herself several awards including Best Actress Award on TV, Best Actress in Golden Globe Award and much more.

7. Emma Stoneemma-stone

Emma’s  beauty is  ‘Flawless’ she is an American and was born in 1988 she started acting back in 2007 by playing a supportive role in the comedy movie Superman and  2008 she acted several movies one of them being Ghosts of Girlfriends past.

Emma has flourished in her acting career, and she has acted many movies recently like The Spiderman Series and Irrational Man and the amazing Magic in the Moonlight.

6. Cameron Diazcameron-diaz-2

Cameron is not only beautiful but also attractive she was born in 1972 in California, the United States and besides acting she is also a fashion model and a producer.

Her notable movies are My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Mask, The Holidays, In her Shoes and much more.
She has won her self-Golden Global Awards for four times and the New York Film Critics best actress.

5. Charlize Theroncharlize-theron

Charlieze was born an actress she is one of the actress in Hollywood who has mastered the art of acting and besides that her beauty is not questionable. She was born in South Africa, and she seems to represent the African beauty in Hollywood well.

Born in 1975 Charlize looks much younger than her real age she was the first South African actress to win an Oscar Award for her amazing film role ‘Monster.’ She has acted other movies like The Devil’s Advocate, The Mighty Joe Young, and The Italian Job.

4. Elizabeth Bankselizabeth-banks-2

Here comes another gorgeous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks, she was born in 1974 in Pittsfield, Massacheuts. Her acting debut came through when she featured in comedy Surrender Dorothy in 2000.Besides her active roles in acting, she also owns a production company, and she is also a movie director.

She got nominated for the Emmy- Awards and many of her notable movies that have made her win quite a large number of audience is The spider man, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Invincible just to mention a few.

3. Gal Gadotgal-gadot

The 32-year-old actress is remarkably beautiful and elegant she was born in the great nation of Israel. She later moved to the United States to fulfill her acting dream in Hollywood where she has been acting to date.

Her outstanding skills in acting and her flawless beauty have made her win a lot of audiences. Besides acting she is also a model, Perhaps the reason she was ranked as the second most beautiful woman in Israel. Her notable movies are the famous The Fast and the Furious, Batman v. Superman and Dawn of Time. One surprising thing that her enthusiast doesn’t know about her is that she once served in the Israel Military for two years before quitting to pursue her other interest.

2. Zoe Saldanazoe-saldana

Zoe beauty is unquestionable and her ever smiling nature complements her look she is 38 years old and hails from New Jersey, United States. Her acting career debut when she featured in one of the episodes of Law and Order that was gained a lot of popularity worldwide.

Her other notable movies were in James Cameron’s movie, Avatar and she has acted many others that have brought entertainment in our living rooms.

1. Emilia Clarkeemilia-clarke

Number one on our list of top 16 most beautiful Hollywood actress is none other than Emilia and its evident that this super gorgeous lady deserves to clinch this position because her beauty is just out of this world.

Her acting journey began as an actress in a Play and later got a breakthrough when she successfully acted the Game of Thrones a movie that everyone movie enthusiast die to watch. This movie made the Beautiful Emilia gain a lot of popularity within a short period that she has been in the film industry, but besides that, her beauty has also played a major role in helping her secure better roles in acting.

In Conclusion:

The above is a list of top 16 most beautiful Hollywood actresses some may agree with the list or differ. Well, we understand it’s hard to pick the most beautiful actress in Hollywood, but according to our research, the above are today’s beauty queens in Hollywood.

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