Top 20 Most Beautiful Spanish Women

Besides being a beautiful nation that has attracted a lot of tourists due to many beaches and luxurious hotels Spain is also a hub of most beautiful women in the world.

If countries were to be ranked according to the most beautiful women that one has, Spain could effortlessly secure a place in the top 5 in the world. Quite a number of these beauties belong to the entertainment industry, modeling industry while others in are the fashion world.

Below is a list of thoroughly reviewed of top 20 most beautiful Spanish women of 2017 if you beg to differ with the list you can leave us some comments in the below article.

20. Paz Vega

Paz Vega

On number 20 is the most attractive woman of all times, Pas is not only gorgeous but also have a killer body. She is a renown actress, as well as a fashion model from Seville in Andalusia, her acting career debut from TV series and the notable one, was “Menudo es Mi Padre.”

She became more famous when she featured in the sitcom “7 Vidas” that was received well by the fans.

She is also a Hollywood diva as she has acted an American show ‘Friends.’ She is such an amazing and beautiful soul.

19. Lorena Bernal

Lorena Bernal

No enough words can explain Lorena beauty every word would be an understatement. She was born in the beautiful country of Argentina, and afterward, her parents moved to Spain when she was only a year old where she has grown to date.

Lorena is a successful model, and in 1999 she was crowned Miss. Spain meaning her beauty couldn’t go unrecognized and in that year she represented her country in numerous beauty contests and no woman could beat her.

Besides acting, she is also a TV actress and one of her notable show is the ‘Chuck’ that has won her a lot of fans.

18. Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky

Elsa has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen her beauty is flawless. She is a known actress, producer, and a model, and she has been in the TV shows since 1997 when she first featured in “Al Salir de Clase” Show.

Elsa was born in the great town of Madrid, Spain where she schooled and after completion of her A’ levels, she started her modeling career which she has successfully succeeded on as she has featured in various beauty pageants.

17. Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia Moro Fernandez

Claudia beauty can’t be ignored by anyone her beauty shines brighter than the stars perhaps the reason why she is a beauty pageant that belongs to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and in 2008 she made it be the 1st runners up for the miss. Spain beauty competition and secured a 7th place for Miss. Universe.

Besides her beauty and well-toned body that she boasts of Claudia has a great personality.

16. Sonia Ferrer

Sonia Ferrer

Sonia is a gorgeous lady who hails from the great town of Barcelona, Spain. She is an actress and has featured in a lot of Tv Shows and movies that have brought entertainment in our living rooms. One of her notable TV show is the famous “Happy House” and “Cosmopolitan Cafe”, in 2006 she hosted the Eurovision song competition.

The movie star played a major role in the movie “Lisistrata” in 2002 where she the leading actress and since then she has been featured in countless movies.

In 2011 she also co-hosted in the ‘The political show “Con Voz y Voto” together with her co- host Melchor Miralles that was aired on Telemadrid. In case you are wondering whether Sonia is single, this might be hurting because in 2007 she exchanged marriage vows with her partner Marco Vricella.

15. Maria Eugenia

Maria Eugenia

Everything of Maria is beautiful from her shaped body, her eyes to her long natural hair she is naturally gorgeous.

The 39-year-old supermodel hails from Madrid, Spain but she looks half of her age and because of her outstanding features that complement her beauty she was offered an image model for L’Oreal group’s magnum and Garnier, Oscar de la Rata.

Maria is blessed with both beauty and brains she graduated with a law degree from the world class University of Madrid, and she is kind hearted as she does global charity work.

14. Judit Mascó

Judit Mascó

Judit is a renowned model, Tv presenter and a writer who hails from Barcelona. Judit can be used to describe the word beauty she started acting when she was only 13 years old on TV commercials. Because of her beauty, she was chosen to model in the sports illustrated magazine known us swim suit edition.

Judit has worked with renowned brands such as Escada, Mango, Palmers Lingerie, Max Mara, and Armand Bassi. Judit is ever smiling and naturally beautiful.

13. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Here comes one of the most beautiful Spanish lady by the name Cruz who hails from Ispanija, Spain. The forty-year-old lady still looks like a young teenage she has silky tanned skin, and she is tall with beautiful thick eyebrows and some other contrasting features that complete a star.

Due to her immense beauty, coordination, and strife for the success, she appeared on the TV screen when she was 16 years’ both in Spain and American Movies. Some of her notable T.V shows are “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Woman on Top,” the Girl of your Dreams,” and “The Hi-Lo Country” just to mention a few.

Penelope has won herself countless awards in honor of her beauty.

12. Amaia Salamanca

Amaia Salamanca

The beautiful 29 year – old Amaia hails from the great city of Ispanija, Madrid she boasts of a well-toned body, feisty brown eyes, and long combed-down hair enough proves that she deserves a top place in this list of top 20 beautiful Spanish women.

She is a well -known movie star who have attracted a large audience of fans, one of her famous movie is ‘’ Sin Miedo a Sonar (SMS)’’, ‘’Catalina Marcos’’ and Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso and much more.

11. Ines Sastre

Ines Sastre

Ines is beautiful just like her name, and it seems that every beautiful lady effortlessly finds her place in the modeling industry and Ines is not an exempt.

She models for the big brand that belongs to Valladolid. Besides modeling, she is also an actress and a renowned movie star, and she started acting at an early age of 12 years, and one of her notable T.V show is the McDonald’s.

She also played a significant and remarkable role in the famous movie” El Dorada” that built her a name. Besides acting the beautiful Ines is also a model which she started in 1996 for Tresor by Lancome.

10. Eugenia Silva

Eugenia Silva

Unlike other beautiful women, Silva is blessed with both beauty and brains. She holds a degree in law from top Colegio Universitario Cardenal Cisneros. To appreciate her beauty, she was awarded as the winner of the Elite Look of the Year competition in the year 1992.

She has modeled for most notable brands such as Dior, Armani, Prada, Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier. Silva is the hottest lady in Spain.

9. Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias

The 33- years old Triana possess some great features to complement her beauty such as charisma, sexy appeal and a curvy body perhaps the reason she is a successful model of all times. Due to her confidence and great personality she has appeared in the Mexican, American, Spanish, and Polish Playboy cover.

Triana is a talented dancer, and she is currently working as a reporter and a presenter.

8. Almudena Cid

Almudena Cid

The gorgeous Cid was born and raised in Vitoria, Spain, unlike many of the listed beauties who are either models, actresses or fashion personalities Cid is thriving in Olympics World.

She has participated in the Beijing Olympics, and in 1996 she won a championship in Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney in 2000.

This beauty is also a talented dancer.

7. Blanca Romero

Blanca Romero

Blanca was born and raised in Spain until at the age of 17 years when she moved to the great city Paris, France to pursue her modeling career. In France, she thrived in modeling, and she started appearing in magazines, billboards and worked with most famous photographers.

Later she moved back to her motherland country and joined fashion industry which she also pursued successfully.

6. Mamen Mendizabal

Mamen Mendizabal

Mamen was born in Madrid, Spain and she was one of those few ladies who has flourished in the news- anchoring. She has been in the T.V as a presenter for more than seven years now. Besides her powerful and sweet voice, Mamen is the most beautiful Spanish news anchor of all time.

She is really good at what she does best, and in the year 2006 and 2008, she was awarded as the Best News Anchor as a sign of appreciating her good work. If she was not a news presenter, Mamen could probably be an actress or a supermodel.

5. Leonor Waiting

Leonor Waiting

Leonor is a beautiful and outspoken lady who is just humble to the ground. Many people have known her for bringing entertainment right in their living room as she is a longtime Spanish actress. Due to her flawless beauty, Leonor has appeared in many magazines covers as well as worked with re-known brands as a brand ambassador.

4. Elena Fluriase

Elena Fluriase

This lady here is one of the hottest Spanish women she has beautiful eyes, a curvy body, and long natural hair just to mention a few of her features. She is a successful movie start. One of her famous movies that she has featured on is the Antena 3’s El Internado which has won her a significant number of fans.

She joined the film industry in 2009 and appeared on the FHM cover which made her become more popular. Besides thriving in her acting career, she is also a spokesperson in ‘cool way’ shoes.

3. Cristina Saavedra

Cristina Saavedra

Christina’s beauty is unquestionable if people were to be asked to nominate the sexiest Spanish Journalist she will without a doubt carry the crown.

Her journalism career began when started anchoring for TV Galicia where she continued thriving to the extent that a lot of TV channels started competing for her, perhaps because she is a rare breed who is extremely beautiful and got a sweet voice.

She hopped from being a regional news anchor to a national news correspondent. To date, this beauty has been a news brand anchor for Sixth News for a half decade and still counting.

2. Raquel del Rosario

Raquel del Rosario

Securing a second place in this list is the impressive Raquel who was born in Terror, Spain in November 1982. This amazing soul was born a singer as she is a self-taught musician with no formal training and her fame of nice songs tells it all, she is also a songwriter.

She has appeared in many singing competitions and music festivals where she always secures herself better position. Currently, she is one of the main songwriter and a band vocalist where she sings alongside her folks David and Juan Luis.

She is married to the good looking man Pedro Castro a photographer and a filmmaker, and they both have a son.

1. Alba Molina

Alba Molina

Holding position one is the gorgeous and stunning Alba who was born November 1978 in Seville, Spain. His dad Lole is a Spanish known musician, and it seems that he passed his singing genes to Alba as she started singing collaborating with her dad.

Later she released more songs featuring known celebrities like Alejandro Sanz, Jorge Drexler just to mention a few. Alba’s beauty and sweet voice are unheard of in the music industry she is one of the most celebrated beautiful musicians in the beautiful Nation Spain.

In Conclusion:

Well, while there is no actual measurements that can be used to measure someone’s beauty the above mentioned are top 20 most beautiful Spanish women and their beauty and charisma is manifested all over their face. These women are beautiful, talented and kind hearted and just as fine wine they are aging gracefully.

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