Top 12 Best Assault Rifles in Battlefield 4



Battlefield four is one of the popular first person shooter titles in spite of being many years old and with some titles arriving out on regular basis.

Portion of this down to the truth that it contains a number of content, maps and DLC content, tons of game modes and more than hundred weapons makes players arriving back.

Among these tools are assault rifles that are highly dependable and stylish weapons in the game. These rifles contain different amount of strengths and weakness but there are few which are better than others.

12. Handgun:
Handguns are the only group of weapon to be designed in the secondary slot. They provide a speed transition time than reloading a main weapon. 

These guns avail identical reloading animations. These weapons provide high damage at a short range and small amount of damage at distance.  

Attachments available are like lasers, lights, optical sights and barrel attachments. Pistols may not be hidden.

11. Beretta M9:
It is the second sidearm to remove lock. It is close to the P226 in action aside from different recoil method.  

When using accessories like lasers and lights, M0 variant with the combined rail would be perfect.This model is availed for three round burst, even though it begins out with twenty plus one capacity.

The Russian recon and other support soldiers are even taking M9s for some reason. The M9 needs a point of four thousand scores made with pistols to unlock.

10. M16A4:

The weapon we want to be liked M16 A3 from third battlefield. It is a stylish tool with a short reload which can function in fire fights of different ranges.

The negative side is the burst fire that actually puts most of the players off, it is even tough to reach the optimum rate of fire because you want to obtain the time between bursts ideal.

On the whole, it is a good weapon if you can spend time in however it is not very good like others.

9. AN94:


This weapon was included in to the game as portion of a free DLC. It is a weapon that is highly appreciated by battlefield lovers and has been evolving up in the franchise.

This gun can suit number of play styles because of its function. This tool can be availed in automatic fire mode that contains a slow rate of fire about 700 RPM.

8. QBZ-95-1:
This gun contains a slow rate of fire around 650 however this really assists if you avail it in the correct condition.

Follow a medium and long range; you can easily shoot the enemies fast because the recoil is nonexistent.

It possess a good hip fire speed that creates it amazingly best at close range if you are against tools that you do not get a greater rate of fire.

7. F2000:

It contains a good rate of fire of about 850 RPM that can rip the enemies to shreds. This gun contains reasonable hip fire that enables lot at close range, it is best at close and medium types.  

The recoil can be unexpected that creates it highly tough at long range however you can surely be best if you get practiced to it or tone it down with few attachments.

6. Scar-H:
This weapon series have been best tools in the battlefield games. The feature is that it possess twenty rounds in the book, that you imagine would create the gun tough to avail but it is really strong.  

You can receive many kills with one book because it contains higher speed and damage than other assault rifles. It can be slightly tricky for the first time but after getting practiced you will love this scar-H.

5. AEK- 971:
AEK- 971
The AEK is a strong gun which has had the lengthy range excellence nerfed now and for best reason. It dominated the battleground for a long time till the gun was created less of an all powerhouse and close range creature.

It contains a big rate of fire of nine hundred that let it to move toe to toe with PDW’s however it contains little medium lengthy range excellence because of it to being an assault gun.

4. L85A2:
This is a British weapon received with the china developing DLC. It is a good rifle which can be best in each condition. It contains a good rate of fire and good stats also.

Actually the only negative size is the reload time however it is not that huge of a deal. This weapon is iconic and best in battle that is why it attains the four places.

3. Bulldog:

This gun is a monster; it is such as an effective hulk of battlefield. This gun possesses a magazine size of twenty and rate of fire of seven hundred RPM.

These sizes can certain times be a pain however the bullets do lot of damage which you can skill lot of people without the need to reload. The speed is very high.

2. M416:
This rifle is like middle man; it does perfectly in all conditions and cannot allow you down. It possesses best hip free speed and short reloads accuracy that creates it good in CQB.

It contains a rate of fire of 750 RPM that is effective for downing focus at different ranges; it is a perfectly balanced weapon. It does not contain any negative aspect.

1. ACE- 23:
ACE- 23
The best assault gun and possibly the best tool in the game. It is very effective at everything which it contains to possess to the first place. You can avail the rifle in all situations besides very long ranges and it will function each other weapon. Only tools with quick fire rates or shotguns beat it at the

You can avail the rifle in all situations besides very long ranges and it will function each other weapon. Only tools with quick fire rates or shotguns beat it at the range, only rifles made particularly for a long range such as snipers can beat it at long range. This gun is a good weapon to avail and it must be you go to

This gun is a good weapon to avail and it must be you go to rifle if you need to make lot of scores possibly.



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