Top 12 Best Bows In Skyrim

A bow is one of the most popular weapons in Skyrim. Among assassins bows along with daggers are the main weapons with which they can do huge damage, attacking from the shadows when enemies don’t see them. With good accuracy, you can kill an enemy within a very large distance from you with the help of a bow.

Many players face a challenge while choosing the best bow from the selection provided in the game. However, general information won’t let you become lost in a wide variety of weapons provided to the gamer. In this article, you can find the best 12 bows in the game TES 5: Skyrim.

12. Angi’s Bow

Base damage: 7

Angi’s Bow is a unique, slightly improved hunting bow. It can be obtained from the archer Angie after completing her training in archery. This is a great bow in the start of the game.

The bow can be improved with a steel ingot on a whetstone. It as well benefits from the Steel Smithing ability. If Angie dies before the training begins, her inventory will have the usual hunting bow.

Angi's Bow

11. Gauldur Blackbow

Base damage: 8-14

Gauldur Blackbow is a unique enchanted ancient Nordic bow, which a hero receives during the quest “Forbidden Legend”. This item can be taken from the body of Sigdis Gauldurson in the Hall of Geirmund.

This bow also has an enchantment. Gauldur Blackbow absorbs 10-30 magic points per shot. The characteristics of the bow are determined by the level of the dragonborn at the time of obtaining this artifact.

Gauldur Blackbow

10. Orcish Bow

Base damage: 11

Orcish Bow is a shooting weapon with quite low damage among the bows, which can be created. The damage is equal to Nord Hero Bow. Quite often it can be found at low levels of the character. It is more reasonable not to spend orichalk on its creation because it is weaker than a Dwarven bow.

Unenchanted bows begin to appear upon reaching level 6, and after 7 it is already possible to find enchanted bows as random objects in different locations of Skyrim, and in chests and other containers.

Orcish Bow

9. Nord Hero Bow

Base damage: 11

Nord Hero Bow is a restored version of the ancient Nordic bow. Perhaps the ancient bows looked like that until they turned black and rusted.

Among other bows this one stands out with a little weight and good characteristics: the speed and damage were done. Nord Hero Bow can only be made in the Heaven forge in Vaitran and only after the completion of the storyline of the Companions.

Nord Hero Bow

8. Dwarven Bow

Base damage: 13

You can find enchanted Dwarven Bow can even at low levels. Iy is a good bow with a moderate damage. Producing such weapon, you can effectively develop the skill “Blacksmithing”, which is very useful.

This bow can be upgraded with a dwarven metal ingot. Unenhanced bows will start to appear after level 12, and after 13 it will be possible to find enchanted bows.

Dwarven Bow

7. Falmer Supple Bow

Base damage: 15

This bow has a higher base damage compared to a regular Falmer bow with a damage of 12.

Falmer Supple Bow can be found among the dwarven Falmer ruins at high levels of the character. Falmer Supple Bow cannot be upgraded on a whetstone.

Falmer Supple Bow

6. Elven Bow

Base damage: 14

Elven bow is a shooting weapon with medium damage. Quite often it can be found on low levels of the hero. In general, the bow is not noticeable, but its Dwarven analog with lower base damage on one point is much easier to produce and improve.

Unenhanced bows will start to appear after reaching level 19, and after level 20 it will be possible to find enchanted bows. Creation of the elven bow in the forge requires 30 skill level of Blacksmithing and the ability to craft Elven armor.

Elven Bow

5. Firiniel’s End

Base damage: 13

Firiniel’s End is a unique bow that deals 20 extra damage from cold to the health and stamina.

This bow will appear in the game only after a start of the quest “Until death does us part”. To the left of the entrance to the Temple of the Gods, which is in Solitude, there is a door that leads to the balcony where the Death of Firiniel is located. Also, you can also find six elven arrows and a hit potion there.

Firiniels End

4. Glass Bow

Base damage: 16

Glass Bow is an archery weapon with high damage and big weight. It is not too expensive, both in manufacturing and in price.

Unenhanced bows will start to appear after reaching level 27, and after 28level it will be possible to find enchanted bows. Creating a glass bow in the forge requires 70 skill levels of Blacksmithing and the ability to craft Glass Armor.

3. Ebony Bow

Base damage: 18

Ebony Bow is a rather expensive, powerful and heavy weapon, slightly better than its glass analog.

Unenhanced Ebony Bows will start to appear after reaching level 36, and after 37level it will be possible to find enchanted bows. The bow can be improved on the grindstone with a single ebonite ingot.

Ebony Bow

2. Nightingale Bow

Base damage: 9-18

Nightingale Bow is a unique bow in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can get it after completing the quest line of the Thieves Guild.

The characteristics of the bow are determined by the level of the protagonist at the time of obtaining the artifact. It deals cold and electricity damage for one second and slows the target by 50% for 3 seconds. Slowing down the target is same for all bow variations.

Nightingale Bow

1. Daedric Bow

Base damage: 19

Daedric Bow is an expensive and powerful bow, with the greatest damage in the game. This is the best bow in Skyrim. Like its predecessors from previous games, this daedric bow has a “demonic” appearance with arrows protruding from the bow’s surface.

Unenhanced Daedric Bow can be accidentally found in chests, starting at level 46, and with 47 level already may be found in enchanted state, though is happen extremely rare. Enchanted bows can be accidentally found on the remains of legendary or noble dragons.

In the Pinepeak Cave, you can find this bow on the body of a dead archer after reaching level 47.

Daedric Bow


Of course, you will immediately want to get one of the bows, which are placed on the top three positions in our ranking. But if the level of your character is not yet high enough, you can use another bow from our top, and you will have at least a decent amount of damage.


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