Top 18 Best Female Swimmers In The World

Welcome to top females swimming league in 2017. Swimming is said to be one of the best exercises to keep your body healthy.

Today, we appreciate female swimmers in the field, though much attention is given to the male swimmers, female swimmers also put in a large amount of time and energy into practice in order to excel in the field.

Swimming is one sport where all athletes are responsible for their own achievements and failures and cannot have their other team participants influence their achievements in any way. In this article, we are highlighting the best females in swimming 2017.

18. JESSICA ASHWOOD (AUS)jessica-ashwood

One of the most phenomenal top females in the swimming sport who leaves a lot to be admired. Jessica is a swimmer who did not start out at the top but she has worked hard and challenged herself to be better every year since she first joined her National team in 2014.

She had a breakout 2015 in the World Championships where she very well packed a medal for coming in 3rd at the 400 meter.

Ashwood also received a silver with her teammates in the 4 by 200 meter freestyle relay in the Rio Olympics. Jessica makes it clear there is more to come and more success guaranteed in her path.

17. PENNY OLEKSIAK (CND)penny-oleksiak

This Canadian swimmer branded as the “golden penny” shocked the audience by packing 4 great medals in the Rio Olympics.

Penny being a novice Olympian, she was well aware that not much was expected and no pressure was on her back and a smart girl, she took this to her advantage and choose to wow the world instead.

Penny 16-years old won her first Olympic gold for herself and her country as well in the 100 metre freestyle race, she also took home a medal for coming in 2nd at the 100 metre butterfly and proceeded to take a medal (bronze) for coming in 3rd at the 4 by 100 and 4 by 200 freestyle relays.

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16. SIOBHAN O’ CONNOR (GBR)siobhan-o-connor

Siobhan O’ Connor is an impressive swimmer though she is one of the most underrated female swimmers globally.

She made her breakout in 2014 though she did not have an equally successful year in 2015.

Thankfully, her diligent hard work amounted to tremendous success and a great come back for her as she won a medal as a runner-up for the 200 meter individual medley for coming in second. It seems there is more to see from this lady.

15. CATE CAMPBELL (AUS)cate-campbell

Cate Campbell is a 24-year-old swimmer from Australia with an amazing track record. She has been consistently one of the best splitters 2013 and 2014 but in 2015 at the World Championships, her little sister stole the thunder and beat her to it.

She has been an inspiration for many her little sister included as she won her first Olympic medal when she was only 16 in the Beijing Olympics.

Adding to her success at a tender age, she won a gold in the 4 by 100-meter freestyle relay at the 2016 Olympics her team.

14. BRONTE CAMPBELL (AUS)bronte-campbell

The 22-year-old swimmer is quite an impressive girl with an amazing track record. She gets her inspiration from her bigger sister Cate who is also a good swimmer.

Bronte finally got the drive to beat her sister in a major International tournament and not only did she do it once but then again.

She victoriously managed to win 3gold medals at the World Championships 2015 and won a gold in the 4 by 100-meter freestyle relay at the 2016 Olympics.

13. JAZMIN CARLIN (GBR)jazmin-carlin

The 26-year-old swimmer is considered the best closer in the world. Her swimming track record is quite impressive and it keeps growing.

Jazz Carlin has been known to have the knack for swimming her best in the National team more than she does in the International team.

Fortunately for her, this trend changed when she bagged a medal for being a runner-up at the Rio Olympics during the 400-meter freestyle coming behind the best swimmer in the world Katie Ledecky and yet again winning a medal at 2nd place in the 800-meter freestyle.

12. LEAH SMITH (USA)leah-smith

Leah Smith is a great swimmer that the world should watch out for. She qualified for her first Olympics when she finished as a runner-up in both the 400 and 800-meter freestyle to the legendary Katie Ledecky in the 2015 World Championships.

She is a great asset to her team as she came in 3rd place in the 200 free trials, and helped her USA team win a gold at the World Championships 2015.

To add to her success, Leah Smith bagged a bronze medal in the 400-meter freestyle in the Rio Olympics in Brazil.

11. FEMKE HEEMSERK (NED)femke-heemserk

Heemserk is a start in Europe. Her success precedes her, she is one individual with more relay medals than almost anyone in the world but her success as an individual has not always been her best suit.

She has some of her best glorious record methods in April 2015 in Eindhoven but her rankings in the World Championships 2015 were not her best suit coming in the 8th position in the 200 and the 5th in the 100.

10. EMMA MCKEON (AUS)emma-mckeon

Mckeon is a 22-year-old swimmer from Australia. She made a breakthrough at the 2014 common wealth games and took the world by a storm. Her participation in the World Championship Kazan where she won two relay medals.

She picked up her speed after the championship and swam faster in all other races. Good for her as she attained great success in the Rio Olympics, starting off with a Bronze medal in the 200-meter freestyle, and a Gold in the 4 by 200-meter freestyle relay and yet another silver for the 4 by 100-meter medley relay.

9. KANAKO WATANJABE (JPN)kanako-watanjabe

Wanatajbe is one of the most overlooked female swimmers in the globe but her talents need to be highlighted for the world to see.

Her participation in the World Championships 2015 led her to pick up a gold medal in the 200 breasts coming in at 2nd place in the 200 IM hence, awarded a silver. Unfortunately, she did not pack medals in the Rio Olympics but this lady looks like she is sure to make a great come back.

8. MIREIA BELMONTE (ESP)mireia-belmonte

Mireia is a great swimmer hence her making the cut in this top female swimmers list.

She has participated in two Olympic Games, in London she shocked the world by winning two silver medals, in Rio she won a Gold in the 200-meter butterfly and came in at 3rd place at 400-meter individual medley winning a bronze.

7. EMILY SEEBOHM (AUS)emily-seebohm

Seebhom is yet another swimmer who has had a trail of success behind her. In the World Championships at Kazan, she got her first individual gold medal in a challenging race when she won the 100 meters backstroke race and later on she followed up her win with another gold in the 200 meters backstroke.

Her participation in the Rio Olympics was quite impressive as she came in at second place in the 4 by 200-meter freestyle relay.

6. SIMONE MANUEL (USA)simone-manuel

Simone has been a phenomenon for the last couple of years. The 19-year-old has been an inspiration to many African American kids to take up swimming.

Simone, has proved to be quite hardworking and a go getter as she has an accolade of medals to pride for her work, she became the first junior swimmer to break 25 seconds in the 50-meter freestyle in the 2013 world championships; not to mention she has been the first African American to she won an individual Gold medal at the Olympics, she also won another Gold and a Silver in her races in the Rio Olympics setting the bars high for other swimmers who draw inspiration from her.

5. MAYA DIRADO (USA)maya-dirado

Maya Dirado is a girl on fire, she made her first debut to the Olympics games in Rio where she wowed all spectators with her wonderful skills.

Maya commenced her week in Rio by coming in at second place in the 400 meters IM, and then at third place at the 200 IM competition and further proceeded to win a gold medal in the 4 by 200 freestyle relay squad.

It is safe to say that this girl has a lot of potentials and there is a high possibility that we haven’t seen yet, unfortunately, she is retiring to work as a consultant and settle down with her husband.

4. MISSY FRANKLIN (USA)missy-franklin

Missy Franklin is one of the best in the swimming world who has had a successful career since she started to play for her team. The 21-year-old won 4 gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012.

Other than that, she managed to get 4 medals held at the World Championship in Kazan and won bronze at the world championships in the 200 freestyle race.

Her specialty had always been backstroke where she has always come out first. She came home with several medals from Rio.

3. SARAH SJOSTROM (Sweden)sarah-sjostrom

Sarah Sjstorm is a beast when it comes to swimming, yes, she is that good. Though she has won several races before such as the World Championship in Kazan where she won with a WR in the 100 fly and a 1:54 in the 200 free.

In the Rio Olympics, Sjostorm started her wins with a 100-meter butterfly setting a world record. She is the closest competition to Ledeckey, she won medals of all colors in Rio having had a successful week in Rio.

2. KATINKA HOSSZU (Hungary)katinka-hosszu

Katinka Hosszu also known as the iron lady she has had a successful swimming career. She opened the Rio Brazil Olympics by coming in with nearly a tenth of the 400-meter individual medley competition.

All in all, she came in at first place thrice and at the 2nd place once to win a silver.

Katinka got her first world record in 2015 in the 200 IM before proceeding to the Olympics in Rio where she won 4 medals.

1. KATIE LEDECKEY (USA)katie-ledeckey

Katie Ledeckey has been Ledecky is a 19-year-old swimmer from the USA. Katie has had no failure in an international race in her life thus has been named the female swimmer of the year 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

She’s competed in 15 international races in her career excluding the Olympics and won a gold every time. Impressive don’t you think? Ledecky is a swimming superstar, she started her run of dominance and taking up the tier in the sport when she was only 15 years old in the London Olympics.

She cruised to a win in the 800-meter freestyle and won a gold. In the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Ledecky did not disappoint, she took home 5 golds when she made history by making a finish of the 200-400800 meters which is known as the “Ledecky Slam“.


Swimming is a very competitive sport where you’ll find the most accomplished swimmers during a particular year will probably not be the same to take up the high tier medals in the next year.

The above list showcases some of the most accomplished females in the swimming world who have managed to keep tremendous records, their hard work and diligence in practice to stay at the top deserves a round of applause and recognition the world over.

Let’s give it up to the ladies who are taking up this challenge and managing to set world records.

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