Top 15 Best Legendary Pokémon

We all heard about this amazing and fun game that left the world into a standstill last year July when it rocked the world, and that is famous Pokémon Go.

The game is challenging and fun at the same time with over 650 million downloads since last year July. But did you know there are Pokémon legendary’s of all time? If the answer is no, rest your worries we have prepared a list of top 15 best legendary Pokémon.
15. Lugialugia-1
Lugia comes on number 15 on this list reason he has wide and powerful wings that when he flips them, the wind will cause a 30-day storm. His aero blast can kick away any Pokémon that takes him on.
Lugia got a cool and strong singing voice, and his favorite song has always been ‘destroy every Pokémon even mewtwo and arcues’.
14. Dialgadialga
Dialga boast of an incredible type combination, Steel, and Dragon which is distinct from other legendary.This type combination gives great offensive and defensive capabilities. What I like most about his Dragon moves is that he really plays it just like a real Dragon and it hits harder than before.

All in all, Dialga still post impressive game performance the best being sublime base 150 Special Attack.
13. Deoxysdeoxys
Deoxys is perhaps one of the flexible of all legendary; he assumes any role depending on the form it comes by.

With forms that excel in the attack, defense and speed and this support the reason why Deoxys is considered one of the best legendary Pokémon.
12. Groudongroudon
The discovery of Primal Reversion has been a real blessing to Groudon. When its transition into its primal form this thing becomes a whole different giant or beast.

With a massive attack stat and high typing speed enough to get rid of other unfortunate Pokémon, it’s without a doubt that Groudon deserves to be among the top in this list.
11. Virizionvirizion
Virizion is one of the most talented Pokémon being a dual type grass fighting type; its form is believed to be that of deer type Pokémon. However, when it’s moving it appears more of an antelope than a deer, that’s why its dual type of grass type makes him stand on the advantaged side than other Pokémon.

This legendary has also some weakness that disadvantages him from other Pokémon, and that is the inability to fly and to directing physical attack is also a challenge but having said that its strengths are more than the weakness.
10. Reshiramreshiram-1
Unlike Virizion, Reshiram is a flying type and a Dragon. It appeared in the version of mascot Pokémon Black and its a member of the Tao Trio a major legendary of the Unova Region History.
Reshiram sided with his brother in the Unova Mythology, the brother sought the truth, and as a result of Reshiram strongly believes in truth.  The legend also shares a very deep story and a secret Kyurem that will soon become White Kyurem after using the DNA Splicers just to fuse it with Reshiram.

The legend also got some weakness when it comes to weather, but its overall colossal attacks and not forgetting the Dragon powers makes it the best legendary Pokémon.
9. Kyogrekyogre-2
Kyogre is a water type Pokémon that enjoy the blessing of its ability to expand the ocean. Though rivalry between Kyogre and Groudon which rules the land masses exist no one can really tell where the rivalry started and why and they all got different strengths.

It’s a member of Trio legendary that consist its rival counterpart Groudon and Rayquaza the weather Trio.Thanks to its abilities and stats that makes it considered as one more powerful of the legendary and it’s a the founder of the member team Trio.
8. Ho-OHho-oh
Ho-oh is a fire/flying type Pokémon it’s one of the legendary that has a long history throughout the game. It’s also considered to be in the same class with Lugia perhaps because of its duo feature.

Besides that Ho-oh is regarded as the guardian of the skies due to its flying nature. Thanks to its powerful attack stat and the ability to soak up severe damages and very strong flexible moves that make him a rare combination legendary that can operate as a tank and as fast attack member.
7. Shayminshaymin-1
Shaymin is a sky/ grass warrior who was revealed in February 2008 that’s when it was recorded as the star of Giratina and the sky warrior. One thing about Shaymin that is worth noting is that it can only change its form on certain hours of the day.

From land form, it can transition to sky form on certain hours of the day using the Gracidea flower that transforms it into an elegant appearance so unique from another landform Pokémon.
Shaymin is blessed with high-powered special moves and prides in the base stat of 100 spread which gives it the ability to do its signature move Seed Flare.
6. Victinivictini
Victini is a dual type legendary for both psychic / fire. Originally it was heard through the Liberty Pass event; later it was given as a WIFI Wonder card for White 2 / Black 2 briefly. Victini is believed to bring victory to those trainers that befriend it.
5. Mewmew-1
Mew is a Psychic type, and it had unique abilities that lacked in other legendary, and that is its ability to learn every HM, TM and the tutored move which is a safe move for a rare few.

Mew is also considered as hard in a number of remarkable ways like easily storing 999 Pokemon in Pokemon Ranch a while ago for the Wii, and there were still a number of officials giveaways.
4. Palkiapalkia-2
Palkia is without a doubt the best Uber Pokemon to have ever existed that carries the title of the best revenge- killer of the Uber tier.

His unique duo STAB attacks in Hydro surf / Pump, and Draco Spacial/ Meteor Rend destroys every dragon in the game and injuries many other Ubers in the rain setup with Kyogre.
3. Mewtwomewtwo
Mewtwo is a legendary of all time it can beat nearly all the Pokemon. In his first movie, it’s explained that he can hurricane enough to destroy the planet. He is intelligent perhaps the reason he was able to build the laboratory without previous experience in that subject.

His abilities to block Pokémon’s special ability that destroys some Pokémon’s makes him have a winning end. He not only controls Pokémon minds but also people’s mind. He can learn different moves which grant him greater coverage and his speed is the second fastest out of all Pokémon’s.
2. Zekromzekrom
This one here is a humongous dragon who made the world of Pokémon in white and black. He is an electric and a dragon type, where electric has one weakness ground, and it destroys water and flying types.

While Dragon is able to resist fire, grass, water and electric these are strengths that make it the best in the game. Zekrom also has a very fast speed, and it can destroy a Dragon before the attacker can even attack it.

Additionally, this legendary looks awesome has a good move pool, and it’s one of the best in the game.
1. Giratinagiratina-1
Giratina is a Game Freak Pokémon franchise and a Pokémon species in Nintendo. It bits all the Pokémon in one go while it may not possess the same brute force like other legendry’s it does have a pack of tricks up its sleeve.

It’s a Ghost and Dragon types the two most powerful types of all.

In Conclusion:

Since the introduction of this game for some time now there has been a bone of contention when it comes to choosing the best legendary Pokémon where every person has chosen the top best list that is different from others.

Well every selection ought to be backed up by the reason why it’s one of the best, and for our list, we have not only done that but also we have added the Pokémon types and the best it’s known for. We have not just done a random selection; we have invested a substantial amount of time in the research to come up with this list.

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