The Best 15 Melee Weapons in Fallout 4 and How to obtain them

If you are looking to get the best Fallout 4 weapons, you will have to do more than just slay your enemies to get hold of their weapons. Lucky for you, there are currently 45 unique and exceptional weapons in the game including machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, wrenches, rifles, melee weapons, you name it.These weapons are one of a kind, valuable and have special effects to them.

These unique and very rare weapons (unless you know where to find them) are the strongest, and most useful weapons that will grant the player special bonus effects, irradiate or poison your enemies or even make them stagger more often hence, giving you much more than the upper hand to slay your enemies and win the battle. Each of this weapon we list below has unique effects and quirks to completely devastate your enemy. 

Although there are tons of weapons in Fallout 4, one needs unique and extraordinary weapons for one’s arsenal. Having a melee weapon in your collection in Fallout 4 is a necessity and a great advantage. Here is a guide to the best Melee weapons and where to find them. 

15. Rockville Slugger

Rockville Slugger

Where to find it:

The Rockville is a neat and useful melee weapon found next to the Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City, first, you’ll need to find the Moe’s baseball stall, here you can buy the Rockville Slugger for a good 1064 caps. Moe Cronin is the guy who is dressed in a baseball uniform and from him, you can obtain this lethal weapon found in the early stages of the game.

Base Damage: 52

Attack Speed: Slow

This is a good melee weapon because it uses a notable 40 percent reduced action points and delivers a quicker and pretty good swing to overpower its enemy more than other baseball bats. If you don’t plan on using this weapon to crush the enemies yourself, you can give it to Strong who has a specialty of crushing things.

14. Shishkebab


How to Obtain the Shishkebab:

This weapon is not quite easy to obtain but it is very worth it. To take hold of this weapon, head over to Saugus Iron Works and defeat the enemy: Slag who should have this weapon on his body. Once he has fallen, easily pick it and use it to overpower other enemies that come your way. 

Base Damage: 31

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per second: 13

The name of the Shishkebab suggests a powerful weapon which it is. The Shishkebab is a powerful melee weapon that uses fuel to set its enemies on fire. Among all the melee weapons, very few weapons give an intimidating impression once obtained. This weapon has light flames flaring up on the blade as one walks around with it. This weapon has a great chance of slaying and dropping the massive enemies through the game. If you don’t happen to come across it on the course of the game, head to Finch Farm towards the north-eastern part of the map to collect this legendary weapon. 

13. Big Jim

Big Jim

How to find the Big Jim:

This lethal melee weapon is found lying in the Walden Pond which is found to the south of the Gorski Cabin. To obtain this weapon, you will have to travel to this vivid expression of the Picturesque Walden Pons, admire its beauty and then head to the gift shop of the same place, you will then find the backroom door which leads to an underground tunnel channel, beware though, this channel is crowded with raiders hence you’re A-game is paramount. The gift shop is endowed with improvised mines, though.

This lethal melee weapon has a special power of a 20 percent chance of crippling the attacker’s leg and getting the upper hand to slay them. It has a good swing too. You will find the Big Jim very useful through the course of your game, it is especially crucial for busy settlement builders because it delivers a neat punch. Oh, and you can use it to smack the punks you found on your way on the knees.

12. 2076 World Baseball Bat

2076 World Baseball Bat

How to Obtain the 2076 World Baseball Bat:

One of the most useful melee weapons in the game has to be the 2076 baseball bat. To find this baseball bat, you will have to travel to a small town of Jamaica plain. This town is full of many opponents hence trend carefully. You will face ghost hauls, robots, and you will need to get past all of them not to mention a few traps set on the way to get your hands on this weapon. Once in this town, you will need to look for the basement. Then find the museum display which should be celebrating Jamaica’s Plain town culture and heritage, then steal the heritage and bash the noggins with it to make your way out. Oh, yes, you don’t buy this weapon you have to steal it.

Base Damage: 20 

Attack Speed: Slow

Damage Impact per second: 32.5

This weapon is worth the craze to get it as it has the ability to produce an impressive “crack” sound that can fling your target into orbit.

11. The Harvester

The Harvester

How to obtain the Harvester:

The harvester is an iconic vicious weapon that has the ability to render its opponent weak and indestructible upon impact. The harvester can be found in the Echo Lumber Mill Chamber which is very ghoul infested and is south of the Cinema. Once who are here, search through the shelves on the first floor of the largest building in the mill of Fallout 4 to obtain this legendary weapon.

Base Damage: 24

Attack Speed: Very fast

Damage Impact per Second: 25.0

This vicious weapon calls out for a face mask due to the amount of damage it has the ability to impact on its enemy. Seeing that it is quite fast in administering damage and has the fastest attack speed of all melee weapons, this is a weapon you always want to have close by. The pocket chainsaw endowed on this weapon has the chains of a reaper and with the combination of its physical components, you have the upper hand to slay and rip to shreds any enemy that comes your way in mere seconds. 

10. Chinese Officer Sword

Chinese Officer Sword

How to Obtain the Chinese officer Sword:

This sword can either be bought from Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City or can be found in a dresser in the Yangtze Submarine.

Base Damage: 22

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per second: 18.7

The sword is a leftover of the China war though it can be mistaken for a sword that came from Skyrim. This weapon is good for impacting a fast attack but causes little damage to the attacker since the DPS is on the low side hence a lot of care needs to be taken when this weapon is in use. Other than that, this weapon is difficult to obtain which means it’s not the type of weapon to go in search for but it sure is something to pick up if you come across it. The best part about this weapon is that it is upgradeable to deal electrical damage hence causing more harm to the attacker and making the target bleed hence earning the player bonus points.

9. Shem Drowne Sword

Shem Drowne Sword

How to obtain the Shem Drowne’s sword

The Shem Drowne’s Sword is a crafty nice reward obtained after completing the Gilded Grasshopper quest. This gift is obtained from a file in the Nick Valentine Office.

Base Damage: 24

Attack speed: 20.4

Damage impacted per Second: Medium

This is an average melee weapon that does not cause much damage to the opponent but cause enough damage to help you conquer your opponent. The best effect of this weapon is that it cause serious radiation damage to the opponent. However, this weapon is not obtainable in the early stages of the game but once you have it, make the best out of it before you move on to a better melee weapon. 

8. Zao’s Sword

Zao’s Sword

How to obtain the Zao’s Sword:

Once you have completed the Here There Be Monsters quest and persuaded Zao three times, you can then get this sword in your hands as a reward.

Base Damage: 32

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage per second: 22

This sword is not easy to obtain. It is similar to the Chinese Officer Sword but causes more damage at a higher speed upon impact. It has the ability to be upgraded to electrical damage to cause more damage to the enemy when used which it does perfectly. This is one weapon you will find very useful in the early levels of the game since the selection of weapons then is limited. With this weapon, you will be able to slay the giants and move on to reach higher levels where you can attain some of the other melee weapons we are talking about below.

7. Deathclaw Gauntlet

Deathclaw Gauntlet

How to obtain the DeathClaw Gauntlet:

The Deathclaw Gauntlet is an ideal melee weapon to have in the game. It is found after level 20 where it is sold by merchants. This weapon can also be obtained upon completion of the Side Quest which is the Devil’s Due. 

Base Damage: 35

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per second: 29.8

Deathclaws are one of the oldest melee weapons in the Fallout 4 gaming history and probably one of the most feared weapons by enemies in the game. These claws are useful when it comes to ripping almost anything apart hence giving you the upper hand over your attacker. This is a great power to possess as it gets one out of those tough spots. When you have it, invest in the iron Fist Perk to boost its capabilities. You can even upgrade its power to give it a third claw which you guessed it, increases damage to the opponent once it is disarmed.

6. Super Sledge

Super Sledge

How to obtain the Super Sledge

This is an easy to find melee weapon that comes in handy in the destruction of enemies. The Super Sledge can be found at the Hubris Comics and the Wilson Atamoys Factory or it can be bought from K-L-E-O in Good Neighbor, Diamond City or the Common Wealth Weaponry.

Base Damage: 56

Attack Speed: Slow

Impact per second: 30.8

This melee weapon is a great defense weapon because it is the 2nd highest base damage weapon and the 4th highest damage in impact per second which makes it quite useful. Though it comes in the 6th position, this is one weapon you should consider having close by as your defense weapon as you will soon find out in the game. This weapon is relatively slow and heavy though you may find it hard to carry around most of the time. The best part about this weapon is it deals a lot of impact damage to the opponent and has a really good range. It can also be upgraded to have an electrical or energy destruction and a great chance for stunning.

5. Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe

How to obtain the Grognak’s Axe:

The Grognak’s axe is a powerful melee weapon that is found inside the Hubris Comics, it is mainly located in a locked case which is more advanced than a normal safe behind the counter on the first floor of the said comics. When you first walk into this place, this advanced lock will seem empty at first but beware, it’s not, and it is actually swarming with feral ghouls. Just be careful though and always come prepared, to get the upper hand, you could toss a Molotov cocktail to this swarming ghouls at the back of the store when they are approaching.

Base Damage: 35

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per second: 29.8

During the game, the type of weapon you depend on will majorly determine the amount of success you will reap, so even when you are not always clutching onto a powerful brawler for support during the game, it is best to have a powerful melee weapon with you. This axe does some serious damage, once an enemy is hit with this axe, it causes them to stagger and bleed giving you the upper hand to get yourself out of a tough situation. The best thing about this weapon is that it has a reduced AP usage in VATS, this implies that this axe gives the user up to twice as many swings as any ordinary weapon hence, more damage is caused.

4. General Chao’s Revenge

General Chao’s Revenge

If you are good with swords and would like to bring one in the playfield, this is the right weapon for you.

Where to find the General Chao’s Revenge:

This melee weapon can only be obtained by buying it from Trudy, this is after the side quest with Wolfgang at the Drumlin Diner south of Concord in the game has been resolved and Trudy triumphs as the merchant. However, note that this sword comes at a very high price, though it is worth it. 

Base Damage: 40

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per Second: 40

The General Chao’s Revenge is a Chinese officer sword that is similar in looks to the 8th and 10th entries weapons but they are nowhere near the powers this weapon possesses. This sword has the ability to deal more than 50% damage to the robots in the game. When you face trouble with the Assaultrons, get this weapon out, it will prove very useful.

3. Kremvh’s Tooth

Kremvh’s Tooth

How to obtain the Kremvh’s Tooth:

The Kremvh’s tooth which puts to shame any ordinary tooth is found in an underwater shaft at the very bottom of the caves that is located at the Dunwich Borers. When you are in the northeast section of the map in the game near the Salem Witch Museum, you will have to fight your way through the enemy raiders and pave your way down to a chamber at the bottom. Once you are here, you will see a sneak vision of gathered cultists around a small pool of water. At this point, jump into this pool that will take you into an underwater chamber that contains the tooth of the altar which is a lethal melee weapon. For safety purposes, be sure to take off any power armor you may have on because it might get stuck at the bottom of the pond. 

Base Damage: 59

Attack Speed: Medium

Damage impacted per second: 50.2

Why is this Melee weapon great? For starters, this is not an ordinary machete or a tooth. This tooth has the highest base damage in the whole game plus it can be transferred into a different machete. If you have this machete with another amazing legendary enchantment, you can cause serious damage to your opponent. This tooth can also be created into a legendary powerful machete weapon by removing the mod attached to the tooth and attaching it to the machete part. This weapon causes damage by irradiating poison into the enemy rendering them weak, it is probably the strongest melee weapon in the entire game in terms of impact.

2. Pickman’s Blade 

Pickman’s Blade

How to Obtain the Pickman’s Blade

This blade is found in a safe which is well hidden behind a painting in Pickman’s Gallery. This blade is usually a quest reward after completing the Pickman’s Gift Quest. 

Base Damage: 30

Attack Speed: Fast

Damage impacted per second: 59.9

The Pickman’s blade is our runner-up in this list and is one of the best melee weapons in the game that come in handy. Don’t mistake this knife for any ordinary knife, it is without a doubt a lethal weapon. This knife takes up the high tier when damage is concerned since it has a very high attack speed that causes all the difference when one is attacking their opponent. A strike on the enemy with this blade cause the targets to bleed for an additional 25 points which are a great bonus to one’s points. To make the deal better, this one of a kind knife comes with a Stealth Blade Upgrade for additional damage and earn another 25 points making it a good 50 points with just one hit. If you want this knife, you will have to help out Pickman and get this neat weapon as a reward. Once, you have Pickman’s key at hand, look behind one of the paintings for this legendary gift.

1. Furious Power Fist

Furious Power Fist

How to obtain the Furious fist: 

Upon reaching a high level, a non –furious version can be found at the top of Hubricus Comics. Lurking at the Swans pond is the Edger Swann, or probably what is left of him. Once you defeat the Edger Swann, then you’ll receive this epic melee weapon The Furious Fist. In the middle of the Boston Common pool is a swan pond, with what appears to what is a dead swan. However, trend carefully as you draw closer to the pond you will find that it is not a dead swan but a mutant behemoth named Swan. You will need to be extra careful, bring with you the best weapons you possess and a lot of explosives as this swan is quite a piece of work plus, remember to keep your distance. Once you have slain this giant, you can then loot the Power Fist off its body for yourself.

Base Damage: 28

Attack Speed: 23.8

Damage impacted per second: medium

The Furious Fist is one of the best Melee weapons in the game and it does not disappoint. This epic weapon offers increased damage on the enemy after every second of weapon. It is mainly for impacting more damage to an enemy and we must say it does its job pretty well. To make it an indestructible lethal weapon, you can attach mods to it, automatically granting it improved damage skills. Though attaining this weapon is far from easy, it is worth it, you can find this weapon in level 16 and I trust that it will not leave your side for the rest of the game.


If you are a Fallout 4 die hard fan, you are well aware there are many weapons you can have at your disposal to slay all your enemies. Melee weapons are without a doubt some of the best weapons that will give you the upper hand in the game and enable you to be victorious. Take your pick and choose the best weapon to slay your enemies time after time.

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