Top 15 Best Milk Brands In The World

The milk industry is one of the broadest and fastest developing industries in the world. Reasons because we all need dairy products for various purposes in our kitchens.

Therefore, we want to have only the best in the market. In this article, we seek to shed light on some of the leading milk brands in the world you should consider buying milk and other dairy products from.

Have you ever wondered which the best milk brand in the world is? If you have, here are the top 15 leading milk brands in the market you can choose from.

15. Dairylanddairyland-300x285

Dairyland is a famous milk company that is setup in Canada.

The brand company was created in 1992 as a merger of three dairy companies and since then it has mesmerized the world with its unique fresh and flavorful milk and dairy products that are sold around the globe.

14. Amulamul-300x173

Amul is an Indian dairy brand based at Anand in India. Amul was formed in 1946. Amul is famous for its milk and dairy products that are sold all around the world. This is one of the fast growing companies in the world.

It was named India’s largest milk and dairy products and for over 30 years, the country continues to make great dairy products that consumers continue to buy and love.

13. Promised Landpromised-land-300x201

Promised Land milk is all natural, fresh and rich in flavor milk that contains protein and calcium appropriate for proper growth.

This high-quality milk is made from the finest Jersey cows.

12. Stoneyfield Farmstoneyfield-farm-300x286

Stoneyfield Farm is a USA based company and one of the world’s leading milk Brand Company. This company was founded in 1983 by Samuel Keyman first as an organic farming school.

It is particularly popular for its organic yogurt which is undoubtedly the number one selling all through the USA. This brand has gone on to achieve insurmountable success through the years and has managed to attract a large crowd pulling on all its great products which have a reputation of driving consumers in the most amazing ways.

11. Yili Brandyili-brand-300x298

Yili is a company situated in China. This dairy company is well known for its milk and dairy products including and not limited to fresh milk, sanitized milk, crisp milk, milk tea, frozen desserts and more.

Its headquarters are in Hohhot InnerMengniu.

10. Safeway Inc.safeway-inc-300x204

Safeway Inc. is known as a largely successful name. Safeway Inc. is not only known for creating milk and dairy products but it is the second biggest supermarket operative in the northern parts of the USA.

Safeway Inc. has over 1, 350 shopping centers in the USA with a very large target audience hence, collecting a large revenue. This company is also found in Mexico with over 95 centers found there.

9. Shamrock Farmsshamrock-farms-300x298

Shamrock Farms is by far one of the most popular milk brands and one of the largest family-owned dairy farm in the USA. This farm is home to nearly 10,000 cows from which it produces it’s magnificent tasty and fresh milk products. This company is particularly famous for their Roxie and Mascot cow.

They also a wide range of milk and dairy products including and not limited to whipping cream, cottage cheese, fresh milk and sour cream.

8. Darigolddarigold-298x300

This is an American milk brand that is also quite popular. They are well known for their great tasting and fresh milk products and have attracted a large target audience over the years.

Currently, their revenue is over 2 billion dollars. Darigold was founded in 1918 and since then it has made large strides in improving its products and expanding its clientele around the globe.

7. Dean Foodsdean-foods-300x208

One of the biggest leading milk brand companies that are serving a very large part of the United States is the Dean Foods. The company is well known for its tasteful and fresh milk products that have become an essential part of all kitchens.

Dean Foods has some of its manufacturing plants in some countries like Belgium and Holland as well the USA. They are also a major exporter of their milk and dairy products to the United Kingdom where their products are also loved.

6. Organic Valleyorganic-valley-300x298

If you are currently not using their milk and dairy products you probably have heard of them right. The organic valley is a well-renowned milk brand that was established back in the year 1988.

The dairy products and milk produced under the same name are fresh, tasty and organic in nature. The brand takes pride in being one of the best leading milk brands in the world and earning a great revenue of over a billion dollars. Organic valley sells its products to China, Asian countries, USA and Japan.

5. Hoodhood

Hood was established back in 1846 as a milk delivery service by Harvey Parley Hood and through the years, it has managed to produce great products approved by all and on great demand.

Hood has managed to become quite successful where dairy production is concerned. However, the company does not only produce milk but it also produces some dairy products like non-dairy milk, cultured foods, specialty drinks, frozen desserts and so much more.

4. Nestlenestle-167x300

Nestle is without a doubt the biggest dairy company worldwide. Nestle is considered as the most loved and reliable brand worldwide, currently, its business is in 194 countries in the world with over 447 factories found around the globe.

The annual revenue of this company continues to grow as more and more people continue to put their faith in their products. Not only does Nestle offer dairy and milk products, but it has also embraced the sale of various nutrition products especially in the developing countries. Other than that, Nestle produces different products like confectioneries, ice cream, baby food, medical food, cereals, frozen foods and so much more.

3. Wegmans

Wegmans better known as Weggies was founded in 1916 and since then, it has gained a wide recognition in the USA and the world over.

The company sells high-quality milk products and has grown successful over the years with over 100 stores in the globe.

2. Borden Milk Productsborden-milk-products-220x300

The marketing strategy used by this company is beyond impressive, it is considered as the most famous milk brand name in the USA. It entertains some famous celebrities like Selena Gomez as its brand ambassadors.

It takes pride in making quality dairy products with high quality in mind hence, it has become one of the most successful brands the world has to offer.

1. Horizonhorizon-298x300

Last but not least, the Horizon brand. Horizon organic milk brand is based in the USA and is arguably the leading milk brand in the world. This brand is popular and well known for making affordable and excellent products. The Horizon processes their milk from low-fat organic milk and organic evaporated cane juice.

Can you imagine a life without milk, No? I thought so. Milk is not important for babies but for adults as well, milk contains a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals that are vital to our body’s proper growth as well as help us grow strong and healthy. Milk is particularly ideal for strong teeth and strong bones and boosts our immunity.

The above list of the top 15 milk brands in the world shows the company’s whose products rank highly and are most appreciated by a greater audience. This list showcases companies from all over the world who have done their best to give the market the best products they could possibly come up with. This milk company’s supply a wide variety of dairy products including and not limited to organic milk, fresh milk, and homogenized to non-homogenized milk. Any dairy product you would like to find you will get from these brands and the best part is it’s pure and certified hence no worries.

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