Top 12 Best Swords in Skyrim

Skyrim is one of the most addictive games so far allowing you to explore the use of power and force. Some of these weapons include guns, bows, swords, and war hammers.

It depicts both a modern and ancient warfare in the same battleground. This turns out to be the most interesting fact in the game, and at the same time attracts a lot of players from different walks of life from kids to adults.

The following list describes the top twelve swords in the game.

12. Blade of Woe

Blade of Woe

It’s one of the most regarded blades. This is so because of its association with the black brotherhood. This blade is obtained by the player in oblivion after it is passed from the black brotherhood to Astrid in Skyrim. It can also be acquired by pickpocketing Astrid with the Misdirection perk.

The formula can result in a duplication of the sword. After Dragonborn joins the Dark brotherhood after completing the quest line, the sword will be given by Astrid.

This sword can be upgraded by the use of Arcane Blacksmith perk at a grindstone without the use of any ingots. This will double the weapon’s improvement.It is one of the most powerful weapons as pertains enchantment. It allows the player to absorb 10 health points in each strike.

11. Dragonbane


The Dragonbane is an enchantment katana sword which means it will do more damage to the dragons. It will cause a bigger shock damage to every other enemy.

The weapon is leveled, and thus the performance of the sword is somewhat determined by the player’s level when they first get into its location. The sword can be upgraded by the acquisition a quicksilver ingot as well as the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

The sword will also benefit from the Steel smithing perk that is able to double the improvement.The Dragonbane sword is located and found in Sky Haven Temple in the quest Alduin’s Wall. This is a very vital step in the progress of the game story.

The blade’s damage and the enchantment magnitude is basically dependent on the sword’s level on the first entry of the Sky Haven Temple. The best Dragonbane blade is found at level 46.

10. The Silver Sword

The Silver Sword

After the player is through with the first quest, it’s very recommendable that they should possess one of these swords as fast as they can.

This can be done by moving straight to the companions to get this one handed sword as the best one handed alternative to the Powerful Wuuthrad ax.

This has an extra damage level of 20 against the undead. The extra damage is quite good for a start off. To have a greater effect, its wielder can enchant it either once or twice.

9. Miraak’s Sword


The Sword carried by Miraak is obtained from his corpse at the finish of the Apocrypha Summit. It is able to absorb 15 stamina points with a unique visual effect like that of a Lurker attack that shoots at a tentacle in every swing, without affecting the range of the weapon.

The player can temper it with a single ebony ingot plus a Daedra heart. The Dwarven Smithing perk will also double the weapon’s improvement. It’s one of the easiest swords to acquire depending on a player’s luck. It can be classified as one of the best-looking swords in the game.

When swinging the weapon, the sword appears to take the form of a tentacle and grow in length as well. It, however, doesn’t increase in striking power or range. The effect is purely cosmetic. even without charging the blade, its tentacles writhe round the blade and releases a green glittering shine. The tentacles also reveal a green eye at the base.

8. The blade of sacrifice

The blade of sacrifice

This is an ebony blade carried by every worshipper of Boethiah at Boethiah’s Sacellum. Here, multiple copies of the blade can be acquired during the Boethiah’s Calling quest. At the end of this, Dragonborn has the task of killing all Boethiah’s worshippers.

On Dragonborn’s first entry into Boethiah’s Sacellum, there are two fighting cultists. One of them dies so that a copy can be stolen from him.

The sword can be upgraded in a grindstone bu the use of ebony ingots. However, the blade is not affected by the Ebony shining perk. The blade cannot be enchanted like any other ebony blade.

7. Gauldur Blackblade

Gauldur Blackblade

This blade is a leveled weapon with its effectiveness determined by the player’s level after they first enter the weapon’s location with its best version found and obtained at level 36.

This is a pretty awesome weapon which allows upgrade. However, the weapon possesses a default health-healing enchantment. The Dwarven smithing perk helps the player make the sword more deadly.

The weapon is acquired in the Forbidden Legend quest. even though the blade is enchantable, it can as well be disenchanted.

6. Ghostblade


As the name suggests, the weapon is somewhat ghost-like. The fact makes the weapon great and effective. The sword is an ancient Nord Sword of average damage.

It has an enchantment which makes it look more awesome. With this blade, the player is able to do some more extra damage but completely ignoring the armor.

It does well while talking opponents with heavy armor. The weapon is obtained at the Ansilvund after overcoming the Lu’ah Al-Skaven.

5. Mehrunes’ Razor

Mehrunes’ Razor

With close association to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, it remains to one of the few vital artifacts and the main Oblivion antagonist. The blade is a small, black

The blade is a small, black silvery dagger that comes in a pack of a unique enchantment that allows the player a 2% chance to kill their opponent instantly. The razor will not easily run out of charge and this means that one never has to get worried about soul gems in order to keep the unique benefit working.

Zazor will not easily run out of charge and this means that one never has to get worried about soul gems in order to keep the unique benefit working.

4. Dawnbreaker


This is very similar the Mehrunes’ Razor. Given by the Daedric Prince Meridia, the Dawnbreaker is a Daedric Artifact in the game once the player completes her quest.

The weapon is a golden long sword that is able to burn opponents for ten to fifteen health points’ damage. For use against the living undead, its wielder can cause a fiery explosion that does extra damage and causing the living undead in the vicinity to flee.

The enchantment borne by the blade has numerous uses but requires some few soul gems for a recharge. This makes the weapon a utility weapon than many others. This makes it remain to be one of the best swords present in the game.

3. Harkon’s Sword

This weapon is one of the best for every Skyrim vampire player. The sword has a very close resemblance with one of those swords from the game boasting a unique enchantment. The blade will only function with a vampire wielder. It also appears with the release of Dawnguard.

Every strike is able to absorb fifteen magic, health and stamina points for a lower base damage cost which is the perfect tool for the rising vampire. The weapon has got a special enchantment that only works when used by a vampire wielder. With each successful hit, the screen will tend to go slightly dark.

The sword can be acquired through the defeat of Harkon in the Judgement of Kindred. It can as well be acquired by pickpocketing by the use of a Misdirection perk although this might seem close to impossible as compared to the weapon value.

2. Bloodskal Blade


This is a unique two-handed sword introduced to Skyrim by Dragonborn. The sword is obtained during The Final Descent quest and rests beside Gratian Caerellius remains.

The blade allows the player to thrust both vertical and horizontal blasts able to move through walls as well as hit multiple targets. Every hit earns around thirty points. This is the most excellent trait in keeping opponents locked down during combat.



Returning from the action in the previous Oblivion title, the sword is obtained in the quest of Thieves Guild. The sword has got the highest damage capacity. It also bears a very powerful enchantment.

The sword does a higher frost damage and is able to as well paralyze the target and this makes them more vulnerable.

The previous Chillrend could not achieve this since it could only do frost damage as well as increase the weakness to frost.

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