The Pokemon franchise has been well received, mainly thanks to the wide variety of characters you can get to work with. Water type Pokemon, in particular, happen to be the most prevalent, and come with robust attack and defensive powers.

This lets them effortlessly mete out and absorb substantial damage in battle. Due to the ability to fuse with ice types moves, these characters can provide terrific counters when pitted up against the grass type Pokemon. Another plus in their favor is their unerring ability to successfully counter fire type attacks.

When coupled up with ground or even dragon type Pokemon, water types are completely immune to electricity as well. Well then, here is a review of the top 15 best water type Pokemon you may like to give a try.

1. Blastoise
This a pure water type character, and represents the fully evolved form of Squirtle. Its greatest evolution is Mega Blastoise, which lets it make use of the Mega Launcher that boosts its aura and pulse by an incredible 50%.

Blastoise is also equipped with the Hydro Pump move that lets it shoot a devastating amount of water to foes, and in effect, shred the life off of them.

As a heavy Pokemon, its health power (HP) can be able to last exceptionally long and making the decision to use Blastoise as a defensive character can always reap excellent rewards.

2. Greninja
Greninja is a cross between water and dark types of Pokemon, making it totally immune to the psychic type characters. It possesses the capability to shift type all through the moves it utilizes via protean powers.

This lets Greninja to easily fool around enemies and thereby cause plenty of confusion in their ranks. When contrasted with most other water type characters, this one isn’t at all bulky, making him especially susceptible to absorbing damage.

Still, when Greninja is combined with several heavier and stronger Pokemon who can be able to balance out its ability, it is at its best.

3. Gyrando
Gyrando happens to be the evolved form of Magikarp, and is a dragon water type Pokemon. It is extremely lethal in battle, and by harnessing its flying type abilities and inherent water type traits, can be very effective.

This Pokemon character can fight pretty anywhere it chooses, and is able to devastate even the most resilient of enemies. Gyrando possesses an all round battling style, and comes with remarkable resistant to fire and ground types.

4. Swampert
This character is the fully evolved form of the Mudkip Pokemon, and has the beneficial potential to evolve into Mega Swampert. In essence, it is a cross between a water and ground type, making it a much stronger and all rounded Pokemon.

It is very important to take note of the fact that, this water and ground blend makes Swampert totally immune to electricity. Susceptibility to electricity attacks is one of the biggest drawbacks of virtually all water type Pokemon characters.

Possessing 2 potent types, also signifies that Swampert can be able to master a number of moves that most usual water types would be hard pressed to do.

One of the most notable of these, is without doubt, the earthquake move, which lets it mete out extensive damage to foes whenever utilized appropriately.

5. Kyogre

This is yet another pure water type Pokemon, and once it gets to achieve its primal state, can be a very formidable character. Its major strength is its capability to slow down the pace of a standoff, and proceed to break off much more balanced opponents.

6. Empoleon
Empoleon is a King Penguin that can be extremely lethal in the fights. In spite of its rather imposing figure, this water type character only engages in fights if it finds itself threatened.

Still, its steel type powers make it well adapted to execute rapid fire counters, and meting out colossal damage to foes as well.

Additionally, Empoleon’s defensive capabilities, enable it to remain collected even in the most intense of warfare.

7. Palkia
This is a dragon water type Pokemon, which gives it an added advantage when it comes to delivering potent burst attacks on opponents. Palkia can be extremely lethal when you decide to combine it in a team of much more defensive Pokemon.

This is simply because it can destroy most potential switch ins’ with its tremendous power and wide range.

8. Milotic
Milotic happens to be a graceful Pokemon beauty that is the fully evolved form of the character Feebas, and is one of the best defensive water types you could ever settle for. Once paired with an all round team, it can become extremely formidable.

9. Lapras
Lapras is one of the most jovial and peace loving Pokemon in the entire franchise. Yet, it possesses very exceptional attacking powers, which gives it a significant edge over most other water type characters in this game.

One of its finest attack moves is the ice beam that can mete out tremendous damage and freeze foes for protracted periods of time.

10. Wailord
The Pokemon Wailord is the biggest character in the whole franchise, and is generally present in large water bodies.

It is highly acclaimed for possessing impressive HP, and is in an excellent position of absorbing plenty of damage. This makes Wailord to be well suited as a purely defensive character.

11. Vaporeon
This is another remarkable water type Pokemon that can conveniently assume both attack and defensive roles. Vaporeon can absorb plenty of damage . While, at the same time, being in a position to mete out as much and even more damage as it receives from enemies.

Its best ability is the power to recuperate its strength through hydration. Vaporeon is also extremely flexible, and can perform equally well as an attacking and supportive Pokemon.

12. Starmie
Starmie is one of the most dependable characters in the entire Pokemon franchise. It possesses a number of very useful abilities, including the rapid spin that enables it to efficiently repel entry hazards, thereby keeping the whole team safe and secure. While its thunderbolt and ice beam moves can be able to mete out extensive damage on foes.

13. Rotom
This Pokemon character happens to be a cross between a water type and electricity Pokemon. Rotom is noted for possessing a wide range of household appliances’ abilities, which it can use to great and deadly effect on its opponents.

This includes the volt turning powers that lets it burn and punch its foes at the same time. There is also the hydro pump that allows this Pokemon to exert excruciating pressure on its enemies, to name but a few of its impressive abilities.

14. Azumarill
Azumarill is, without doubt, one of the most formidable examples of the water type characters in the Pokemon franchise as it can conveniently double up its attack moves whenever necessary.

Thanks to fairy typing, this Pokemon can mete out colossal damage to foes using very potent and highly precise attack moves.

Despite its slow pace, Azumarill has the aqua jet ability that lets it hit out first at opponents. While its belly drumming powers permits it to escalate its attacks at just the cost of its � its HP.

15. SlowBro
SlowBro is a lethal attack water type Pokemon that can deliver as well as absorb substantial damage.

It can also recuperate from its wounds thanks to the regenerate ability in its Mega SlowBro form. SlowBro’s main psychic move is the psyshock, which is extremely effective.