Top 15 Black Country Singers In The World

Country music is a popular genre of music not only in America but around the globe. However, this beautiful music in all its emotion and honesty has a reputation as ‘White People’s Music‘.

This is a misguided and entirely untrue label that alienates the fans and sadly makes people not appreciate the Black Country singers who have largely contributed to this segregated genre of music from as far back as the 1920s.

In reality, though, country music owes its roots to black artists and musicians who changed country music and gave meaning to it including some of the ones who taught the king of country – the legendary Jimmie Rodgers, everything he knows about country music.

Today, many Black Country singers have surfaced and drove themselves towards this genre of music and as a result gathered quite a massive crowd of fans who go gaga for their music.

Today, we celebrate the top 15 Black Country singers who have changed what we presumed country music and made it a niche of music we all love. Here are the 18 black singers you need to know.

15. Milton Pattonmilton-patton

The Black Country Singer in our list is the 23-year-old Milton Patton. Milton first came into the limelight as a YouTube sensation singing Brad Paisley’s mournful lyrics of Whiskey Lullaby when he was undergoing a breakup. He also started writing and singing songs to console himself when he was encouraged by his colleagues to try music professionally.

Milton Patton featured in Season 8 of the sensational America’s Got Talent television show when fans fell in love with his sweet-sounding country voice.

14. Petrellapetrella

Petrella who has been in the country music industry for 25 years now, was named the ’First Lady of Country Soul’.

Petrella is an independent country song artist and an incredibly accomplished singer with a huge line of fans who are in love with her music.

13. Miko Marksmiko-marks

Miko Marks is an African American country singer born in Missipi. She released her first single in 2006 and then her album followed later in September 2005. She has since wowed her fans with her incredible voice and went on to win several awards.

The singer was named Best New Country Artist at the 2006 New Music Weekly Awards and has won 3 Independent Music Awards

12. Candi Statoncandi-staton

She began her career as a gospel singer before making a transition to blues, later to disco and eventually back to gospel. Candi had never failed to amaze, in her three transitions, she has produced beautiful music all along attracting a huge crowd of fans all along.

Staton was inducted into the Christian hall of fame for her touching music.

11. Dwight Quickdwight-quick

Dwight quick is a famous country musician as well as a songwriter from Nashville. Dwight has established a remarkable successful music career that only leaves to be admired and celebrated.

He is famous for his unique music style, he combines raw and traditional in such a good way that his voice has been compared to some great legends like Alan Jackson and Clint Patrick Black severally. Dwight has had a number of his songs being featured in several topping charts for years now.

Dwight is one of the most respected and celebrated Black Country singers the world takes pride in today.

10. Mickey Guytonmickey-guyton

When it comes to a phenomenal female Black Country singer, Mickey Guyton takes up a high tier. Mickey Guyton is an African American country singer and writer.

She is unmistakably the youngest featured country singer in our list born in 1993 and for good reasons. She is good, her voice is captivating and her songs are worth listening to. The singer received a standing ovation after launching her debut at the Grand Ole Oply and has gone on to work hard in producing good songs.

Most recently, she was nominated for New Female vocalist of the Year at the ACM awards. Mickey Guyton is definitely worth watching out for.

9. Trini Triggstrini-triggs

Trini Triggs is an established Black Country singer both locally and internationally. He first broke into the entertainment industry in 1988 with a solo album that was produced by Antony Smith and Chuck Howard.

His album was so good that it attracted a huge success globally and established his music career hands on. Ever since his mind-blowing debut, he has produced an array of astounding singles that have topped in a variety of chart albums with Asylum and Curb record labels.

8. Tina Turnertina-turner

You probably have listened to several of her songs let alone heard of Tina Turner right? Tina is famous for her powerful voice,

Tina first made her breakthrough into music as a pop/RnB artist and it wasn’t long after that when she found where her calling really was in the country. The Tennessee native and American icon Tina Turner’s stint into country music was a huge move both for her and for future generations of artists.

Tina’s turn to country music inspired a great number of world musicians and continue to inspire a great number of aspiring musicians who are on their path to country music. Her album in 1975 earned her a Grammy nomination and a worldwide recognition. Tina Turner is celebrated every year for her contribution to music.

7. Carl Raycarl-ray

Carl Ray is a fabulous country singer and songwriter from Texas. He is famous for his music, good looks, and mostly his killer voice that can hypnotize anyone who loves country music.

He has gathered a crowd of some loyal enthusiast fans for his music which he sings and performance with so much grace, you just can’t help but be bewildered. Since his professional debut in music, he has produced various chart topping tracks along with some pretty good chartbusters.

Carl is a big name internationally for his amazing country amazing.

6. Carolina Chocolate Dropscarolina-chocolate-drops

The Carolina Chocolate Drops is an old-time fashioned band that formed in 2005 as a tribute to African American old-time fiddler Joe Thompson.

This group consisting of four members have wowed the world with their incredible songs that led to them to earn a Grammy award for their 2010 album Genuine Negro in the Best Traditional Folk Album award category.

5. Cowboy Troycowboy-troy

Having a name that sounds so Country, Cowboy Troy is a famous Black Country singer who fusioned his illustrious career with country rap and hip hop.

Troy first started singing at a very young age though he broke into the limelight in 2005 when he released his first major solo album produced by RAYBAW music labels and Warner Music Group. Since then, he has been on an uphill climb of a successful career with a huge crowd of following fans.

Cowboy’s songs are among the most downloaded songs on popular retail stores such as iTunes due to his powerful voice and modern style of singing.

4. Cleve Franciscleve-francis

This is a name you will not miss in any of the top modern black men country reviews. Cleve Francis is a well renowned highly rated Black Country singer.

Cleve was first a cardiologist before he realized his soul and heart was not in his job then he ventured into music. He has worked with several great labels in his music careers such as Liberty and Playback and went on to release 3 internationally claimed albums, various chart-topping hits on the Billboard Country Tracks and singles charts from the time of his professional debut in 1992. Truth be told, at 69 years old, Cleve is doing really well in his musical career and more is yet to come.

3. Aaron Nevilleaaron-neville

Aaron Neville is a multi-talented country music singer. He is a well-accomplished music singer and a great mentor to many aspiring country singers with an admirable successful career: he has worked with 6 music labels, released 4 top hits and 4 platinum certified albums since 1960.

Aaron Neville is a 74-year-old jazz, pop, soul and adult contemporary styles of music who has undoubtedly made a name for himself, he has always been famous for his amazing and moving voice.

2. Darius Ruckerdarius-rucker

Darius Rucker is a praiseworthy and deserving country singer who for years has captivated music lovers all over the world with his wonderful music.

Rucker first started out as a rhythm guitarist and the lead singer of his band ‘Hootie and the Blowfish band’ he helped to co-write several of its hit songs and helped it release 5 successful chart-topping albums. In 2002 he started a solo music career path which since then he has released a variety of internationally appreciated singles.

Rucker is a Grammy award winning African American country singer and the first black (Afro-American country singer) man to win the County Music Association New Artist Award.

1. Charlie Pridecharlie-pride

One of our living legends of country music, the infamous Charley Pride represents everything there is to love and find amusing about country music.

Pride is a respected and man and the top most Black Country singer we have in the world today. He prides himself as an accomplished singer and songwriter who has gathered quite a crowd of fan followers.

When pride hits the radio, most listeners don’t realize that they are listening to a man in the 60s. His music is quite modern and relatable and his smooth voice eases the tension of most of his listeners who allow themselves to be swayed by the cool of his music and have a good time.

To this present day, Pride still insists that when it comes to music, the color should not be important especially being born in an age when racism was on the rampant.

Pride has an admirable music career which he has released a variety of chart-topping singles; not to mention he has an inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. He has also ensured that spirit of the country lives on by mentoring a lot of aspiring country singers. The man is a legend.


The backbone of country music has been set by both black and white singers. Country is the music of the people and from that nice music comes a time we should celebrate the legends who have made the music what it is. The above list showcases some of the top Black Country singers who have made country music a delight for us over the years.

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