Technology of today is becoming fast and succeeded in every walk of life either it is field of automobile or computer. In age of technology everything has been reshaping and adopting most advanced technology. There was a time when people use PC’s as they are big in size. Now people have technologies so they prefer … Read more

Top 18 Reasons Why Education Is So Important

Education Is So Important

Are you educated or just literate? You have never really thought about it, yes, there is a difference. Literacy is simply just knowing how to read and write while education is so much more than that. Education is basically the process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of judgment and reasoning and … Read more

15 Amazing Facts About The Human Eyes

human eye

Human are highly visual beings. Most information captured in our brains is seen through our eyes. We often don’t think much about our eyes, yes, that is until something goes wrong and we realize how vital they are. Our eyes are just not objects of expressing our feelings and emotions; they are way more than … Read more