Top 18 Colorful And Beautiful Fish In The World

Fishes are the perfect example of biodiversity. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some fish make tasty delights while some creatures of the sea have unique and fascinating features to look at.

If you are in any way fond of sea creatures, then you will without a doubt love reading about this. Some of the fishes mentioned here may appear familiar to you, probably from some famous animated movies or books. So, without further ado, let us look at the top 18 of the most beautiful fishes in the world.

18. Dwarf Gouramidwarf-gourami-300x211

Our first fish in this list is the beautiful Dwarf Gourami. This fish is quite popular in most of the globe’s aquarium due to its beautiful striking colors that are quite a mesmerizing sight to see.

The Dwarf Gourami is a beautiful fish that embraces dark orange stripes and translucent blue shades on its body with some white stripes as well. This fish grows to about 2 inches in length and mostly feeds on algae.

17. Rainbow Parrot Fishrainbow-parrot-fish-300x224

The Parrot Fish gets its name from the bird-like beaks, these beaks are very helpful when it comes to crushing and eating the invertebrates that live in coral. Most of the sea floor and the sand on the coral reefs are mostly the remains of the Parrot fish.

Interestingly, the Parrot fish eats the invertebrates and chews coral only to spit out calcium. Different Parrot species depict different colors at different phases. In most of the species, the initial phase characterized with dull red, gray or brown colors while the final phase is vividly bright pink with some yellow strikes or green or blue.

16. Lyretail Anthiaslyretail-anthias-300x226

This is a native fish to the Pacific Ocean. The Lyretail has quite some interesting facts, all the Lyretails’ are born as females and only change to male upon reaching maturity, in addition, the color of the Lyretail species also changes upon growing.

They mainly exhibit gold, blue and pink colors. These fish are mainly found in the coral systems. The male Anthias are usually 5 inches in length while the females are a little shorter.

15. Coral Hawkfishcoral-hawkfish-300x199

The Coral Hawkfish adopts its name from the Hawk bird since it is a very aggressive fish that is known for surveying it surroundings before entering the war zone like the bird.

It is a gorgeous fish so to say, it is covered in beautiful red spots and white. A fun fact about the coral HawkFish is that it can change its gender from male to female, so whenever a female needs a male, the other female can transform into a male.

14. Mantis Shrimpmantis-shrimp-264x300

If you love shrimp, you will certainly like to look at this particular Mantis Shrimp. The Mantis shrimp comes in different colors from bright neon colors to shades of brown, green and blue.

13. Threadfin Butterfly Fishthreadfin-butterfly-fish-300x203

This fish is quite a treat for the eyes to see. With an extraordinary pattern of colors including white pearly lines, blue, black, orange and yellow, this is among the most beautiful and colored fish in the world. The Threadfin Butterflyfish is about 9 inches long.

12. Symphysodonsymphysodon-300x238

This is a gorgeous fish that is evenly unshaped its height and length measure 8 and 10 inches and often looks a bit round.

Its colors are the most luring part about this fish, though, it is adorned with one of a kind green, white, blue and brown colors that cover its body.

11. Moorish Idolmoorish-idol-300x217

The Moorish Idol is a peaceful fish in nature but quite aggressive when it is attacked. If you have watched Finding Nemo, the character Gill is a Moorish Idol.

This fish is a zebra like fish it has brown, yellow and white stripes and you can’t really tell which color dominates the fish.

10. Royal Gramma Fishroyal-gramma-fish-300x212

This fish is undoubtedly beautiful, it is purely yellow and purple in color, and is a must see! It is mostly found in the Bahamas, Venezuela and the Central America.

It is quite peaceful hence, makes a perfect aquarium fish not to mention its beauty is simply appealing.

9. Clown Trigger Fishclown-trigger-fish-300x219

The Trigger family consists of brightly colored fish that are very attractive.

They inhabit the subtropical and tropical oceans in the world and feature and usually display striking color patterns that include yellow, black and light blue. This fish is about 19 inches long and feeds on mollusks and crustaceans.

8. Blueface Angel Faceblueface-angel-face-300x232

This fish is native to the pacific deep waters and is one of the most beautiful fishes to see in the world. As the name indicates, this fish has a deep blue colored face but its face is covered in a mixture of yellow and deep blue.

The Blueface Angel Fish grows up to about 14 inches and has a lifespan of up to 14 years. It is a great sight to have in an aquarium as it is striking beautiful and very docile in nature.

7. Panther Grouperpanther-grouper-300x217

This fish is really long, it is 27 inches long, it keeps eating and growing longer and longer. It is quite beautiful to look at, though.

It is a white and glistening fish with black dots on its body. It is quite a sight to see, its humongous body and color set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

6. Banggai Cardinal Fishbanggai-cardinal-fish-1-300x203

This fish is native to the Banggai Island of Indonesia and makes a great aquarium fish due to its peaceful nature. The fish are really small and measure about 8 centimeters, their beautiful bodies are colored white with striking black stripes around them.

Banggai Cardinal Fish feed on copepods and planktons. To differentiate between females and males, one looks at the oral cavity, if it is enlarged then you are looking at a female.

5. Rock Beauty Fishrock-beauty-fish-300x220

As the name depicts, this is a truly beautiful fish. Also known as the Yellow Nanny OR THE Corn Sugar, the Rock beauty fish is yellow and black in color and can easily blend with the coral reef when it needs to camouflage.

This fish also has some black lips that are completely adored. Other than that, the beauty fish has the ability to easily dominate over other fish species in the sea and scare them off.

4. LionFish

Though beautiful, the lionfish is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor. This fish lives in the deep waters of the Indo-pacific, it consists of brown, red or black bands and has dorsal fins with spines that offer protection when it is threatened.

Fortunately, a lionfish sting is not deadly to a human but it is excruciatingly painful and may cause some mild sickness like vomiting and headaches before it fades away.

3. Clown Fishclown-fish-300x236

One of the most popular and undoubtedly beautiful species of fish in the world is the clown fish. This fish is mostly found on the coral reefs of the sea. It is orange in color with three distinctive white stripes around its body.

There are 28 different species of clownfish in the world though it’s not easy telling them apart especially when it’s a shoal of fish. Fun fact about the clown fish, all clownfish are born male and switch to female when they are grown.

2. Juvenile Emperer Angel Fishjuvenile-emperer-angel-fish-300x227

This is an eccentric and beautiful fish, a young Juvennile Emperer Angel Fish is brightly colored with dark blue, white and another peculiar blue color that make striking neat circles around the fish for about 4 years.

Afterward, the fish develops black shades circling its eyes and an additional series of yellow and blue shades that make this fish quite a sight to see.

1. Mandarin Fishmandarin-fish-300x298

Here comes the most beautiful fish in the world. The Mandarin fish is a tiny brightly colored fish also known as the “Mandarin Dragonlet” because it resembles a dragon, this mesmerizing creature is native to the pacific region and lives among the coral reefs and lagoons.

It is so small about 2.6 inches that it is not easily noticeable. It is an active and peaceful animal in the aquarium though its diet of polychaete worms, fish eggs and ostracods makes it difficult keeping in the aquarium. A fun fact about the Mandarin fish is it is known to have a smelly layer that keeps predators away. Pretty cool don’t you think?

If there is anything that anyone interested in fishkeeping loves is keeping beautiful and colored fish that have striking and unique fish to look at. But not all fish are beautiful to look at, while not at first, some fish grow their colors as they mature while some are just naturally beautiful. Whatever the case, we can all admit that beautiful colors lure us into casting a second glance to some of the most beautiful fish listed in our top 18 colored fish in the world.

What is the most beautiful fish in the world? This is one query that people can passionately go on and on about. This article is an overview of some of the most beautiful fishes in the world such as the Parrot fish, Mandarin fish, Clown fish, Gill fish and much more. Furthermore, you get to find out what this fishes feed on and some of the areas in the world they live in, not to mention what makes them unique.

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