Top 15 Countries With Longest Coastline Of 2020

We have over 200 independent countries in the world, and each of the countries has something unique that makes it distinct from other countries.

Some of these unique features may vary from one country to the other regarding natural resources because some are desserts like some countries found in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

While some countries have occupied a large area like Russia and China others, have occupied the smallest area like Monaco the smallest country on Europe Continent.

Others are landlocked, and others are covered by the longest coastline and most of them have many numbers of beaches in the world that act as the main tourist attractions to the lovers of beach and sand bathing.

Below is the list of the top 15 countries with the longest coastline that you probably didn’t know.

15. Brazil – 4,650 miles long


The entire coast of Brazil lies adjacent to the famous Atlantic Ocean and Brazil boasts of being a home of 2,095 beaches making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Some other geographical features like islands, bays, and reefs can be found all around the coastal area. Brazil has 26 states which 9 out of them are landlocked while the other 17 lies within the Coast.

14. Denmark – 7000 Kmdenmark

Denmark is a beautiful country and to Danish, every day can be a fun day at the beach. You can’t go for more than fifty kilometers on any side of Denmark without landing on the coastline which measures 7000 km.

Most of the beaches in Denmark are accessible and are open to the public.

13.  Mexico – 7600 Kmmexico

Mexico is the 13 largest independent country in the world with a population of around 120 million. The nation is home to the famous The Gulf of Mexico Basin which is connected to part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mexico has a length of 7600 km Coastline with the best beaches in the world like Playa de Carmen and Bahia Balandra.

12. United Kingdom – 12,429


The United Kingdom also commonly referred to as Great Britain is a sovereign country in Western Europe it features a variety of natural resources that includes bays, islands, headlands, and peninsulas.

The UK consists of the coastline of the beautiful island of Great Britain, and unlike other coastline countries, much of the UK coastline is accessible and quite varied in habitats and geography.

The UK government reserved some area for natural beauty like the popular Heritage coast and the Jurassic Coast.

11. Greece – 13,676 kmgreece

Greece is without a doubt a great country and one of the top tourist destinations it’s a beautiful country full of beautiful sandy beaches, numerous caves, steep rocks, crystal waters and so many other recreational resources. Every person who has never paid a visit to Greece has dreamt of being there at least once.

Most of the coastline area in Greece is easily accessible, and one can visit beaches that are less crowded.

10. China – 14,500china

China is one of the largest countries in the world and also the most densely in population but one of the developed countries. Its coastline measures 14,500 km long from the south of the Gulf of Tonkin to the north of Bohai  Gulf.

China’s coast lies on the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Korea Bay, and the South China Sea unfortunately 29,000 km2 China’s seawater is seriously populated. A lot of people in China live on the island and not within the coastline as in other countries.

9. New Zealand – 15,134 kmnew-zealand

According to the world map, New Zealand has a coastline of 15,134 km long that borders the Pacific Ocean and the famous Tasman Sea. A lot of habitats in New Zealand lives close to the coastline, and for this reason, a lot of development like developing modern buildings and marines farms have been witnessed.

The geography features of New Zealand along the coastline vary as well as sandy beaches there is remote, rugged and cliff-lined sections identified by Fiord land area.

8. The United Statesthe-united-states

The United States is famously known for being the most powerful nation and also one of the most developed countries in the world.

Besides that, the US is covered by a long coastline that measures 19,924 km. However, most of its States are landlocked it has the most celebrated beaches like the beautiful beach in Hawai, Miami just to mention but a few.

7. Norway – 25,148 Kmnorway

One of the longest coastline in the world measuring 24,148 km much which are accessed by ship as they are no more direct ways to be accessed using a car.

Most of the habitats in Norway live along the coastline you have to taste the fish from Norway they are the sweetest.

6. Australia – 25 780 kmaustralia

Australia is one of the largest countries and most majestic the coastline measures 25,780km, and a lot of Australians lives along the southern and eastern coast.

Australia’s continent has sandwiched itself between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean the country boasts of having the largest area of ocean jurisdiction outdoing all other countries in the world. The only nation with no land borders.

5. Japan – 29,751 kmjapan

Apart from the nation being known as the biggest country that manufactures quality cars, it also takes pride in having the longest coastline that is 29,751 km long. Japan is the 3rd developed country in terms of economy.

Unfortunately, the earthquake that happened in 2011 is believed to have affected the coastline by moving the mainland of Japan by 2.4 meters.

4. Philippines – 36,289 kmphilippines

The Philippines is an archipelago its coastline measures 36,289 km, and it consists of 7,641 islands. Its economy is heavily supported by fishing.

Many Philippines people don’t live in the islands despite the country being home to many islands many lives on the coastline.

3. Russia – 37,653 kmrussia

Russia is one of the largest and advanced countries in Europe, and It has a coastline of about 37,653 km in length sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Ice covers the north and east of its coastline.

Water bounds Two-thirds of the Russian frontier.

2. Indonesia – 54,716kmindonesia

Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, and it’s a Unitary Sovereign State located mainly in Southeast Asia. It sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It’s the world’s largest island nation as it boasts of being home to more than seventeen thousand islands.

Its coastline covers 54,716 km making it one of the top largest countries on the coastline. Wonderful Indonesia is a top tourist destination in the world as it has splendid and beautiful beaches.

1. Canada- 356,000 Kmcanada

One of the largest countries on the coastline is the beautiful country of Canada the online coastline typified by three countries the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Its coastline covers 356,000 km long, and one great feature about it is that a quarter of all the freshwater that we have on earth It’s found in Canada reason being the country has over 2 million lakes and countless rivers.

Canada is a large country covering the North of America Continent with an area bigger than that of the United States. Canada is without a doubt one of the most developed nations, and the Agriculture sector mainly supports its economy.

In Conclusion:

This world was uniquely made and those who have gotten a chance of traveling across it, have much more to say about different experiences experienced in different continents or countries.

While some countries are landlocked others are covered by coastline that host magnificent and splendid beaches that have left them with priceless memories.

The top 15 countries with the largest coastline as named above are lucky enough to enjoy all the benefit that comes along with the abundance of water from fishing to farming and being the top tourist attractions destinations.

If you are a beach lover and skiing and you are wondering where to visit next, this piece will help you pick on a few of the countries with the largest coastline.

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