Top 12 famous people with klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic abnormality that is common with males. It is estimated that 1 in every 500 may have the syndrome.

Some of the symptoms include less facial hair than is normal, broader hips that are typical of women, larger breast than other males, weaker bones and lower energy levels as compared to other males.

We shall now examine some famous people with Klinefelter syndrome

  1. George Washington

George Washington

It is commonly believed that the United States president, George Washington suffered from klinefelter syndrome. This speculation has been fuelled by the fact that he had no biological children. The two children he had with his wife Martha were adopted.

Apart from George Washington’s supposed infertility, which is typical among people with klinefelter syndrome, his bodily features also contributed significantly to this claim.

For instance, it is known that people with this syndrome are usually very tall, and George was 6 feet and 2 inches tall. However, there is no known official record that the president suffered any such disease.

  1. Lili Elbe

Lili Elbe

Lili Elbe was a Danish artist who was born on 28 December, 1882 as Einar, Andrea Magnus Wegener. It is widely believed that he suffered from klinefelter’s syndrome. In fact he later went on to undergo a sex reassignment surgery in 1931.

She had been castrated the previous year by one Dr. Ludwig Levy-Lenz in 1930. One of the factors that fuelled the speculation that fuelled this speculation was the fact that he had feminine looking legs, face, and body shape.

However, Lili Elbe died in September of 1931 during one of the surgical procedures that was aimed at implanting a uterus into her; she had quit painting; and she had no children of her own.

  1. Véronique Françoise Caroline Renard

Véronique Françoise Caroline Renard

This Dutch actress was officially diagnosed of klinefelter syndrome at an early age. As is common with many popular people who have suffered this syndrome, he decided to have sexual reassignment in 1982, at just 17 years of age. She also has not had any children up till now and even practiced celibacy between 2001 and 2005.

Apart from the fact that he was diagnosed with this syndrome, she also had female looks, hips and a height that is typical of patients with klinefelter syndromeome. She finally immigrated to Thailand in 2005, and has since been living with her family in Bangkok.

  1. Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey is an English model who is popularly known as Tula. She was born in August 1954. Even though she was born and raised a male, she repeatedly stated in her autobiographies that she suffered “confusing feelings” and was bullied by her peers due to her “femininity”.

He was later diagnosed with klinefelter syndrome and started receiving hormone therapy at the age of 17. It was said that she worked as a topless dance in Rome to save money for sex reassignment surgery, which she finally had in December 1974.

He (now she) has a height of 6 feet and possesses other feminine features that are typical of those with klinefelter syndrome. She currently lives in Kennesaw, close to Atlanta, USA.

  1. Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya was born on January 1991 in South Africa. She is a young female athlete who won the Olympic gold medal in 2016. Prior to this time, it was speculated that she could have “a rare medical condition” that could have given her an “unfair advantage”

. Many people believed this to be a case of klinefelter’s syndrome as she had a mixed look. For instance, even though she had breasts, her face looks like that of a man—or so they said. She was subjected to various “gender tests” after her victory in the 2009 world championships and was banned from international competitions for almost a year.

It was later announced that she had been cleared by the IAAF; but no one is sure of what the outcome of the “tests” was. In one interview, Semenya said this: “God made me the way I am and I have to like myself”. This had made many people to believe that she has the klinefelter syndrome.

  1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Another famous person that has been rumored to have klinefelter syndrome is the American actor, Tom cruise. The fact that he has been married with 3 children did not stop people from making these speculations; and we shall see why.

One major reason is that it is widely known that his children are not his, biologically. Apart from this, Tom cruise also has a rounded body type and a largely feminine look. However, there is no known medical record backing this claim and there never may be.

  1. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

It is a very common story that the Hollywood actress Jamie Lee was born with an intersex condition. This has been extended to mean that she is actually a male who was born with Klinfelter’s syndrome. It was further speculated that she had undergone a sex reassignment surgery in order to take the female look she now has.

But is there any truth to all of this? First Lee has always declined to comment on this rumor during the course of any interview she granted. This further heightened the rumors.

But most of the rumor mongers claim that her parents gave her a unisexual name because they wanted the name fit irrespective of whether she later chose to be a woman or not. Her looks might also be something to hold on to, and many think so, too.

8.king Tutankhamen

king Tutankhamen

You may wonder how on earth a monarch makes our list of famous people with Klinefelter syndrome, but there are good reasons for this. Tutankhamen was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who ruled between 1332 BC and 1323 BC.

However, in 1922 his tomb was discovered by the archaeologist in Egypt and the finding was startling. According to Bernadine Paulshock who published a special communication in the JAMA, statues of this king had“well-defined breasts” that could be likened with those of a young girl. This Egyptian pharaoh also no left no heir; and so when these facts are combined, it may lead to a conclusion that Tutankhamen probably suffered from

This Egyptian pharaoh also no left no heir; and so when these facts are combined, it may lead to a conclusion that Tutankhamen probably suffered from Klinfelter`s syndrome.

9. Janet mock

Janet mock

Janet mock is an American writer and TV producer was born as male and previously known as Charles. There have been several speculations regarding whether or not she originally suffered from Klinefelter’s syndrome.

This came after he changed his gender via surgery and became a transgender right activist. She has refused to comment on questions pertaining to her genitalia on different interviews.

10. Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster is a South African model who was born a mal; but is currently a transgender. As a little child she was diagnosed with klinefelter syndrome and later chose to identify herself as a female. She has worked as a model in south African and Paris, and even wanted to contest for the Miss South Africa pageant but was disqualified.

  1. Adele Markham

Adele Markham

Adele Markham was born as Mathew to a family of three children. She said that doctors had told her parents that something was wrong with her genitals. So she began taking hormones that were supposed to help her develop into a man. However she claimed that even though she had been diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome she was determined to become a female. She later transitioned to a female.

12. Dr. Renee` Richards

Dr. Renee` Richards

The famous ophthalmologist, Renee Richards, was also known to have suffered from klinefelter’s syndrome. She became famous when she tried to participate in women’s single tournament in 1976 but was initially barred from participating because of a new law that required female competitors to have two X chromosomes only. Probably because her disease meant she had more than two, she refused to take the mandatory tests. She appealed the decision and won. She, afterwards, had a briefly successful career as tennis player.

Probably because her disease meant she had more than two, she refused to take the mandatory tests. She appealed the decision and won. She, afterward, had a briefly successful career as a tennis player.



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