Top 18 Fastest Dogs In The World

There are over 300 breeds of dogs that live around the world. It is safe to say that every dog breed is bred for a specific purpose, based on their unique structure or special abilities they showcase.

Some dogs are mainly bred to be just cute to have around like the Pomeranian, some are bred to be police dogs like German Shepherds due to their intelligence in sensing an unpropitious situation as well as being easy to train, while some other dog breeds were bred for speed, to run fast or to chase.

Dogs are incredibly fast, in fact, even the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt) with his best track record of 27.28 mph during his 100-meter sprint can only outrun two dogs in our list.

We’ll start with the dogs with moderate speed then make our way to the king of the canine racers as the fastest breed there is in the world.

The fastest Dogs in the World:

18. Australian Kelpieaustralian-kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a smart, intelligent, quick and agile herder with an athletic build. The Kelpie has been known to walk and jump on the back of sheep it herds reaching them quickly and breaking up any jam they may have caused.

This dog is pretty swift and can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

17. Great Danegreat-dane

The Great Dane is a popular enormous dog. It is a gentle breed by nature but can run at a supersonic speed when it wants to. This huge but gentle dog can clock a surprising speed of 29 miles per hour.

16. Boxerboxer

The Boxer is a playful and active dog that requires a lot of exercises. It is a great family pet and makes a great companion since it is trainable and obeys instructions.

This dog is also quite fast and strong, with the ability to run up to 30 miles per hour.

15. Belgian Malinoisbelgian-malinois

The Belgian Malinois dog breed is popular in the law enforcement where it is used as a rescue dog. This dog holds quite a number of useful abilities such as having an instinctive sense of urgency, a quick gait plus it’s swift to action and can run really fast. It packs up a speed of 30 miles per hour which enables it to do its job well.

14. German Shepherdgerman-shepherd

Not only is this police dog athletic, has a good tracking sense and intelligent, it can really run fast. This is helpful in its line of work to catch the bad guys. This dogs offer great service to the military and law enforcement and have been for generations used to catch criminals and solve cases.

Thanks to their speed of up to 30 miles per hour, they can do well at their job.

13. Portuguese Podengoportuguese-podengo

This is a large dog breed that packs up a good speed. Most of the dog breeds in our review are quite slender. Their speed owing up to their body size but the Portuguese Podengo is a large breed that is quite swift and can snap at a speed of 31 miles per hour.

12. Border Collieborder-collie

The Border Collie takes up the most intelligent dog breed award and also ranks quite well when it comes to speed. The Border Collie have immense intelligence levels, a strong herding will and high levels of energy. These dogs love chasing just about anything and if left alone at home unsupervised, they can be quite disastrous.

The Border Collie is quite fast and records a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. They also have an impressive record of being able to turn a corner without losing speed. How impressive?

11. Doberman Pinscherdoberman-pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is a renown fierce guard dog and a super-fast dog recording a speed of up to 33 miles per hour. This comes in handy when chasing bad guys since it does its job pretty well.

Beyond this, this dog also possesses good tracking senses and a sense of telling when there is danger making them good police dogs in the military and in many law enforcements.

10. Scottish Deerhoundscottish-deerhound

This is a large dog breed that uses its powerful body and makes use of its long limbs to run at a frisky speed. This breed is originally from Scotland hence its name and hit a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour at its full speed.

9. Pharaoh Houndpharaoh-hound

This breed originated in Malta and was bred for hunting and chasing its prey. This breed has a record maximum speed stat of 35 miles per hour making it a considerable good choice for hunting and catching rabbits at its full speed.

8. Weimaranerweimaraner

The Weimaraner was the Royals hunting dog of choice in the 18th -19th century. This dog breed is a traditional hunting breed from Germany that can cap a speed of up to 35 miles per hour.

7. Whippetwhippet

The whippet is an English hound and a cross breed of between an Italian Greyhound, a Greyhound, and a terrier. The Whippet is known for running 200 yards in a mere 12 seconds!

The Whippet was originally called snap dog due to the speed at which they snapped their prey as the coursed through. This dog has a maximum statistic record of 37 miles per hour. Other than their speed, Whippets are known to make great companions due to their gentle and happy nature.

6. Dalmatiandalmatian

This dog breed is popularly known as a good companion especially for firemen and a pretty face to look at. Nonetheless, it has more to it than that, its good looks, this dog can really run fast, this slender dog can reach up to a speed of 37 miles per hour. This breed is also good for its endurance and stamina.

The Dalmatian breed may be associated with some famous Disney films due to their white color and black dots.

5. Jack Russel Terrierjack-russel-terrier

When it comes to speed, the Jack Russel Terrier is among the fastest dog breeds there are in the world. This dog though notably small and absolutely adorable has the heart of a runner and can run at a supersonic speed that will leave anyone awed. The Jack Terrier can clock up to a maximum speed of 38 miles per hour.

4. Borzoiborzoi

The Borzoi is a large hound breed which has a maximum speed capacity of up to 38 miles per hour. The Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound and mirrors our top three runner-ups inability, speed, and shape.

3. Vizslavizsla

Some people might argue that the Vizsla is actually the fasted dog in the world, unfortunately, it’s not but it does come close. It records an estimated statistic speed of 40 miles per hour.

This copper colored dog that puts its speed alongside hunters and does a good job at hunting. The Vizsla is a Hungarian import that dates way back to the 10th century. It is an excellent pet, easy to love and train.

If you are an active family looking for a pet, the Vizsla is one dog that should be on top of your list. This breed is fast on both water and land.

2. Salukisaluki

Our runner up is the Saluki which clocks up an estimated speed of 43 miles per hour. It may not be the fastest dog on the planet but it comes pretty fast to the King. As a matter of fact, Saluki is an Egyptian sighthound breed is a breed of the first and third breed on this list.

Saluki first came about when it was bred to be a hunting dog which it does its job amiably. The Saluki has a great predator instinct that it can chase literally anything that moves.

1. Greyhoundgreyhound

When it comes to the swiftest of the swift, The Greyhound is the king of all canine racers. This breed can achieve a speed burst of up to 45 miles per hour. Its need for speed comes from the natural prey instinct to pursue a small game. Greyhounds are the most popular dogs used in dog racing events.

However, this dog does not spend its life racing, veritably, it spends most of the time curled on the couch hence its nickname the ’45-mph couch potato’. Though the Greyhound was traditionally bred for racing purposes, this interest has been fading off in the recent years, and nowadays the dogs are being adopted as family pets.

It is without a doubt that dogs love to run and chase around stuff. If you are particularly looking for a fast and active dog, there you have it, the top 18 fastest dog breeds in the world listed. Take your pick, just be sure to choose one that is home friendly.

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