Top 15 The Fastest Pokemon

Pokémon is a remarkably popular game, it has been around for a couple of decades now in fact, Pokémon is one of the few games in the market that has to outstand the test of time and its popularity is still growing day after day; those darn pocket monster characters have managed to travel outside the original realm into metamorphic creatures and still managed to make long-lasting impressions.

However, these days, there is a myriad of games existing under the name Pokémon. With the Pokémon world becoming quite vast it can be quite daunting figuring out where to start, especially if you are a new player to the series.

What’s best? It could be the best Pokémon game in the market, the oldest version or even the fastest and then go from there. So, let’s say that you are an old player looking for a new start and a greater challenge or you are a novice player to the Pokémon League, here is a list of the fastest 15 Pokémon.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the fastest Pokémon games in the market that you could get started on or upgrade to. So, who is the fastest Pokémon? Grab a pen and paper and get your game face on and let’s get started.

Note: All speeds indicated are in miles per hour.

15. Dugtriodugtrio

Dugtrio features a set of triplets that are said to have emerged from the same body. This makes the triplets think the same and delivers the same kind of fierce and powerful attack. They look like moles and are often just found on the ground.

Though they may resemble the mole, they have a powerful defense with a high speed, as well as a great ground typing. The Dugtrio work cooperatively to burrow perpetually. The Dugtrio triplets each has a head a big round nose and black eyes. They are quite fast exhibiting a good speed of 60mph as they burrow.

14. Alakazamalakazam-1

Alakazam is an average Pokémon that is quite rare to find in the Pokémon Go as well as one of the oldest. Alakazam who first made his debut in Generation 1 of the game series, is a glass canon creature with an infinitely high speed as well as a high special attack feature. Alakazam takes up the picture of a wise leader with a beard and a mustache as well as red gem on the forehead.

Alakazam is one of the most powerful special sweepers in the series with an excellent maximum speed of 120. Alakazam is best known for its mega brain and its unique tactics that deliver some of the best attacks in the series.

13. Sceptilesceptile

The Sceptile is a powerful attacker with great abilities and a jaw-dropping speed of up to 145 maximum record. This a grass type creature that can turn into a grass/ dragon fuel typed creature.

You can first catch a glance of this creature in Generation 3 of the game’s series. Beyond that, this creature supports an astonishing speed and attack base statistics in the Pokémon game.

12. Swellowswellow

Swellow is one of the fastest creatures in Pokémon. This creature has the ability to double speed when it loses a held item as well as the ability to strengthen its moves.

Swellow first made an appearance in Generation 3 of the Legendary Pokémon series. The Swellow records a great speed of 252 in its moves.

11. Weavileweavile

The Weavile is a sharp-clawed creature in Pokémon. This creature came forth in Generation 4 as the ‘Sharp Claw Pokémon’ in the dark ice. It mainly lives in cold regions and has the ability to sending signals to the other members of its pack usually 4 or 5 for good coordination.

The Weavile is one of the fastest Pokémon in the game and records a maximum speed statistic of 252. The Weavile is really good at defense and attack gameplay on its prey.

10. Shayminshaymin-1-1

The Shaymin was first revealed and cast in the Pokémon series in 2008 in the 11th Pokémon movie. This creature mostly takes the appearance of a tiny wedge hog.

In the Land Forme act, it takes up green fur that resembles grass, a pink flower embedded on its side and two leaves on either side of its head reminding one of the Gracidea flowers. On the other hand, in Sky Forme, which is the faster one of the two acts showcased, this creature passes as a small reindeer since it is slender and with a canine look as well as fur on its back taking up the picture of a Mohawk plus, a petal on the right side of the neck.

In the Sky Forme form, it records a speed of 388.

9. Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)meloetta

Another super-fast creature of the legendary series is Meloetta. Meloetta first makes its grandeur appearance in the Generation V period in the 739th episode in the ‘An Epic Defense Force’ series and appears at the 648 number in the Pokedex.

The Meloetta creature seems to be femininely anthropomorphic as its features give it a feminine touch such as quarter notes for its arms while the hands and pupil-less eyes resembling whole notes and its hair come with cal bar streaks.

Legend has it that the Meloetta loved to dance and sing that it one day lost its red shoes to the melody but that was not enough to slow it down as this creature packs a rapid speed of a maximum statistic of 390.

8. Mewtwomewtwo-1

The Mewtwo is among the very first creatures created during the early Pokémon days. This was the first scientifically created Pokémon creature after years and years of scientific DNA engineering research. As such, it packs a good speed that any player would be pleased with.

The Mewtwo is a humanoid creature designed with some feline touch features – a long purple tail. It first made its grand appearance in the first Pokémon movie the ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back’ as an antagonist. As such, it was designed to be a ruthless cold hearted savage creature that struck fear into its foe. It also has the ability to defy gravity and showcase a maximum speed of 394.

7. Crobatcrobat

The Crobat appears in the Pokedex number 41 and makes its appearance in Generation II of the series at episode 196 known as the ‘Control Freak’.

The Crobat as it appears in the series is a purple bat-like creature with 2 pairs of wings with greenish-blue undersides, 2 stubby feet, and 2 stubby fingers. This guy has evolved such that it records a maximum statistic speed of 394.

6. Jolteonjolteon

Jolteon is also known as the lighting Pokémon in the legendary series. But why? The jolteon creature could just be the very picture of a dog at first glance. The Jolteon is covered in yellow fur which comes in close resemblance to sharp needles which have the ability to amplify the electrical charges it produces in its cells and result to an aggregation of 10000 jolts of electricity.

As a result, the Jolteon can move at a supersonic speed of 394.

5. Aerodactylaerodactyl

Aerodactyl is a flying winged creature in the Pokémon games launched in the 46th streak of the legendary games.

The Aerodactyl creature is reptilian with enormous membranous wings that help it achieve a maximum speed record of 394.

4. Electrodeelectrode

This Pokémon is round with a quasi-look of a reverse poke ball that is colored with eyes and a mouth. Its look comes in a top half that is white and a lower half that is red. This electrode Pokémon is quite fast with a maximum speed statistic of 416.

This temperamental electrode first made its appearance in the ‘Navel Maneuvers’ series in the 93rd episode. It tends to live in power plants where power is being generated, which it devours. Consequently, it results to blackouts. Notably, the more it consumes the faster it becomes.

3. Accelgoraccelgor

The Accelgor comes in at number 617 in the Pokedex. The Accelgor creature has a massive head pink in color, with green stripes that run from the top of its head to its eyes, and a star marking embedded on its forehead.

The Accelgor first made its appearance in Generation V of the series in the 714th episode with a fast maximum speed record of 427.

2. Ninjaskninjask

The Ninjask is a Pokémon game that was first showcased in the 318th episode of the ‘Princess and Togepi’ series. The Ninjask creature is so fast, that players long thought that it was invisible. However, the creature is small, resembling a cicada with notable two pairs of wings.

This creature has a speed statistic of 460.

1. Deoxysdeoxys-1

If you are looking for the fastest Pokémon, that has to be the Deoxys (Speed Forme)

The Deoxys (Speed Forme) first appeared in the 7th Pokémon movie then it was later launched in generation III of the legend series. This Pokémon has 3 different character forms it can reform into with the fastest recording a speed form of an astounding statistic of 540 mph.

The Deoxys comprises of an alien-like bipedal Pokémon character which has each of its forms focused on a different statistics. The main component characters constant for all the forms are a blueish green face, a dominant reddish color and 3 bluish –green dots on this characters back arranged in a triangle shape.

There you have it, the fastest and some of the most interesting yet powerful Pokémon of all time. If you are looking for one with moderate speed, go for the top listed in the review but if you are looking for the king of speed in the legendary series, Deoxys (Speed Forme) is for you.

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