Top 20 Hot and Sexy Korean Girls

Korean girls are quite popular for their beautiful appearance. Their flawless skin with beautiful hair and attractive facial features make them quite hot and sexy. For these, the Korean girls are considered to be very sexy.

Here is the list of the top 20 hot sexy Korean girls based on overall appearance:

20: Han Ga In (Kim Hyun-Joo) 

Han Ga In (Kim Hyun-Joo)

She is one of the sexiest South Korean actresses who has starred in many television series. Some of them are Bad Guy, Terms of Endearment and Yellow Handkerchief.

She has become quite successful in her career and also rules in the hearts of millions. She is beautiful and has a very pretty smile.

19: Son Tae-Young 

Son Tae-Young

The former Miss Korea 2000 has made into this list for her beautiful face and hotness that is quite popular all over Korea.

She is a brilliant South Korean actress who has also represented her country in the Miss International Pageant 2000. She was crowed as the first runner-up. She also bagged the title of Miss Photogenic. 

18: Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin

She is one of the top hot sexy Korean girls and is also a South Korean actress. She became popular after her amazing performance in the romantic television series and films.

She has performed in some of the popular films and TV series like A Moment to Remember in 2004, April Snow in 2005, Summer Scent and The Classic in 2003.

17: Ku Hye-sun

Ku Hye-sun

She is another popular Korean actress who is quite popular for her hot looks and beautiful voice. She is also a singer and a song writer.

She gained her popularity from the television drama named Pure in Hear in 2006. She has also given some hits like Boys Over Flowers, Blood and Angel Eyes.

16: Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah

She is born on April 5 in the year 1984. She is one of the sexiest Korean actresses. Shin Min Ah became popular from her television dramas like My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox, Oh My Venus and A Love to Kill. She has also done a lot of modelling in the beginning of her career. 

15: Sang-mi Nam

Sang-mi Nam

She is one of the sexiest girls of Korea and is also a popular Korean actress. She has worked in some of the popular films like Dead Friends, Spy Girl, Possessed, The Peach Tree etc.

She has also worked in some of the popular television series lime Good Manager, Lights and Shadows, Life is Beautiful and Goddess of Marriage.


14: Kim Jin-Sol

Kim Jin-Sol

She was crowned the Miss Korea title in the year 2016. With a height more than 5 feet 9inches, she is a complete stunner.

The perfectly toned body makes her way more attractive though many may not consider her face to be amazingly beautiful. She is one of the most stunning and sexiest Korean girls who has made many guys fallen for her. 

13: Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung

She is one of the sexiest Korean girls who is a popular singer and actress. She has begun her career as a child actress but her main breakthrough came in the year 2009.

She was starred in one of the most popular TV sitcom named High Kick!’ in the year 2009. After than she has appeared in many leading roles in both television and films. 

12: Han Ji-Eun

Han Ji-Eun

This stunning beauty was crowned as Miss Korea International in the year 2013. She was born on June 3 in the year 1990. She has done a lot of movies after winning the beauty pageant. Some of the movies she has worked in are The Con Artists, The Royal Tailor, Train to Busan and Real. The beautiful and pretty face with a fabulous toned body is the perfect example for a beauty.

11: Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim

Her real name is Kim Yoo-Jin but professionally she is popular as Eugene. She is a quite popular singer, presenter and actress who is not only beautiful but also one of the top hot sexy Korean girls. She has done a lot of movies like Romantic Island, Yoga and Unstoppable Marriage. 

10: Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye

She is a one of the most beautiful and stunning South Korean actresses who is a great dancer and singer. She has made into the top 10 hottest Korean girls because of her flawless beauty.

Her pretty face has smitten many guys. She has worked in some of the popular TV series like The Heirs, Flower Boys Next Door and You’re Beautiful. 

9: Park Min-Young

Park Min-Young

This beautiful and sexy Korean girl is a quite popular actress. She is born in March 4, 1986 and has done a brilliant job in Television dramas.

Some of the best work she has done in the leading role are City Hunter, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dr Jin, Healer etc. She has also achieved several awards as an actress.

8: Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna

This stunningly hot Korean model is a great singer, rapper, dancer as well as songwriter. She is more popular by the name Hyuna. She is one of the members of the 4minute which is a Korean girl gang. She specializes in hip-hop and k-pop. She is also quite popular for her appearance in the PSY’s Gangnam Style video. 

7: Kim Yu Mi

Kim Yu Mi

This beautiful and gorgeous young lady is one of the Korean beauty pageant holders. She was crowned as Miss Korea in the year 2012 and also Miss Universe Korea in 2013.

Her stunning body and beautiful face make her one of the hottest girls in Korea. Kim Yu Mi has appeared in two TV dramas named Cantabile Tomorrow and The Dearest Lady. 

6: Nam Gyu Ri 

Nam Gyu Ri

She is also known as Nam Kyu Ri and is also considered as one of the top hot sexy Korean girls. She is a singer as well as an actress.

She has worked in one of the most popular movies named Death Bell. She held the 58th position in the 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces. 

5: Ko Ah Ra

Ko Ah Ra

This beautiful stunner is quite popular by the name Ara. She is a famous South Korean actress and has also done a lot of television dream.

She has worked in some of the popular dramas Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and You’re All Surrounded.

4: Yoo Ye-Bin

Yoo Ye-Bin

Ye-Bin is one of the sexiest Korean girls with a beautiful and flawless face. She is crowned as Miss Korea in the year 2013 and also represented her country with grace and beauty in the year 2014 at the Miss Universe pageant.

3: Lee Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri

This hot and sexy lady is an amazing Korean singer. She has made her debut as a member of the K-pop girl group named Fin.K.L. But in the year 2003, she has released her solo music album named Stylish. Hyo Ri won many awards because of this album.

2: Lee Honey

Lee Honey

She is undoubtedly very sexy and has won several hearts because of her sophisticated and beautiful looks. She is a South Korean beauty pageant title holder.

She has won the Miss Korea 2006 title and represent her country in 2007 at the Miss Universe pageant in the Mexico City.

1: Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-Kyo

She is undoubtedly the most beautiful Korean girl and also topped the chart of the top 20 hot sexy Korean girls. She is a popular Korean actress who has done a lot of TV dramas like Full House in 2004, The Wind Blows and That Winter in 2013 as well as Autumn in My Heart in 2000.

So, these are the top 20 hot sexy Korean girls who are ruling over millions of hearts. 

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