Top 16 Hottest Volleyball Players

Most people don’t really consider volleyball as a sport per se. Probably because mainly volleyball has been for a long time just a fun game to play to pass by time like on the beach since it is reasonably fun and enjoyable to play.

For those who don’t play the sport, they can result to watching the sport. However, watching volleyball isn’t quite as fun because there is really not much going on anyway, the sport is kind of slow and lags.

Nonetheless, watching a female’s volleyball game can be quite different. Why? Because most female volleyball players are insanely hot. Interested now? Most female volleyball players are incredibly gorgeous not to mention ridiculously hot. It’s actually pretty hard to find a single female volleyball player who is not good looking, kind of like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Why are they so hot you may ask? It may be that the sport draws in hot females or maybe the workout involved gets their bodies toned up as they play, probably one or the other or maybe both. So, here is a list of some of the top hottest female volleyball players, since they are quite a number, we made a list of the Top 15 hottest Volleyball Players. Take a look below.

16. Sophie Van Gestelsophie-van-gestel

Sophie is a beauty queen that can’t pass by unnoticed. Her good looks and hot body on the beach volleyball, have attracted a lot of fans to the game. She was born on the 29th June in 1990 in Oostelbeers, Netherlands.

She works with her teammate who Madelein Meppelink. The duo is recognized for participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics together.

15. Barbara Seixasbarbara-seixas

This Brazilian hottie is very pretty and good looking. She was born right in the heart of Rio De Jadinero and from a young age, she has had a great passion for volleyball which she chooses to pursue as a career.

Lucky for her, her good looks and talents have earned her numerous recognitions and awards in the sport. She was named an absolute knockout by TopBet and the 2012 FIVB Rookie of the year.

14. Tandara Caixetatandara-caixeta

Tandara is a Brazillian volleyball player and like most Brazilians, she is gorgeous. As a matter of fact, she is one of many of ridiculously hot women on the Brazilian national team, almost all of them look incredibly good.

Other than being known for her good looks, Tandara is a pro in volleyball making this young lady be first selected to the national team in 2011. Since they she has enjoyed imputable success and gained a huge fan following due to her great looks.

13. Talita Antunes Da Rochatalita-antunes-da-rocha

Taita is a charming and elegant lady with a lot of good going on for her. This Brazilian lady showcases great talents as a volleyball player.

She began her career at a young age of 19 in 2001, since then, she has enjoyed remarkable success in her career path. She has won several awards and matches such as the 2002 South American tournament.

12. Sheilla Castrosheilla-castro

Sheila is one of the tallest volleyball players in the world, standing in at 6 foot 2. She is also a hot player and has won several astonishing and amazing awards that have set her career on an admirable path.

She has won the most valuable player award in two natijonal competitions. Sheila was in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, which were held in Beijing, China, and in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

11. Gabrielle Reecegabrielle-reece

Gabrielle Recce is a classy lady born in 1970, she is a multitalented lady known for her acting, modeling, a sports reporter as well as a volleyball player.

Coming from a supportive family as an only child, she was successfully juggled and encouraged to reach greater heights in her career.

10. Mannon Fliermannon-flier

Mannon who was born on 8th February 1984 and is a professional Dutch volleyball player. She is not only hot but has had a really successful career as a volleyball player.

She has had a successful path and takes pride in some of the awards she has received such as being acknowledged with the most valuable player award in 2007 after her national team won a gold medal in china’s FIVB Grand Prix.

9. Marta Menegattimarta-menegatti

Marta is an Italian beach volleyball player born on August 16, 1990. She is gorgeous with a breath-taking smile and beautiful eyes.

This classy lady is not only is she a good volleyball player but her good looks make her noticeable as well. She currently plays with the Victoria Orsi.

8. Joanna Heidrichjoanna-heidrich

Joanna is a Switzerland native she is at the spry age of 24 and is sure she will be in various reviews and magazines for a long time to come.

Joanna has the looks to make any guy (and some girls) drool. If you search the hottest females in sports her name is sure to appear on the first page and among the top 10 list, we rest our case.

7. Maria Elisa Antonellimaria-elisa-antonelli

This super-hot madam from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was born on the 25th February 1984. She is known for her sexy hot body and her good playing game on the sport.

Currently, Maria is a professional volleyball player who currently plays with her teammate Taita Tnes. She and her teammate have gone on to enjoy numerous awards through the years.

6. Sanne Keizersanne-keizer

Sanne Keizer is a good renown Dutch player who started her career in 1996. Just after she started her good playing skills found her on the national team for a couple of years before morphing into a pro volleyball player.

Unfortunately, for Sanne, her volleyball career has not been as successful as she had hoped it would but her good looks have earned her a good spot on many reviews well, that is what our list is all about after all.

5. Anouk Verge Depreanouk-verge-depre

Anouk is a volleyball beach player from Switzerland. She is a 6’1 dominant player at the net, gorgeous and insanely hot.

If you haven’t googled any volleyball players yet, you should definitely google her and check her out. I guarantee you will like what you see.

4. Jennifer Kessyjennifer-kessy

Jennifer is a 37-old beauty queen who has won many people’s hearts with her good looks and her great tactics while playing volleyball. Jennifer bloomed her career as a beach volleyball player in 2000 working with her close teammate Angie Simpson.

Her career has been set on a successful path since then since she has gone on to win a silver at the 2012 London Olympics and a gold in the Stavanger beach volleyball championship.

3. Marketa Slukovamarketa-slukova

Marketa is a classy volleyball player with incredibly good looks born on the 28th June 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic.

She is not only known for her good looks but her successful career as a volleyball player as well. Marketa has been acknowledged with sundry awards such as the Women’s FIVB World Tour in 2010 as top rookie.

2. Siri Bjorkesettsiri-bjorkesett

While some of the ladies in this list are not only popular for the career but look too, Siri is solely here because she is so, so, damn good looking. Siri comes from Oslo in Norway and is 5 foot 10 inches tall and plays beach volleyball.

Unfortunately, she has not done so well in volleyball but we have to give the girl credit for trying and not giving up. When she is not playing volleyball, she is modeling. Some say that she is the hottest female volleyball players they have ever seen.

1. Racheal Wachholderracheal-wachholder

Racheal is a multitalented and successful beach volleyball player who is arguably the hottest female volleyball player. Other than being a volleyball player, she is also a model and has been in several commercials.

She even states that if she had not become a pro volleyball player, she would have tried to become a doctor. Beauty with brains, one of the sexiest combinations.

Racheal started playing volleyball from a very young age, she started playing while in high school in Laguna Beach where she won the California State Player of the year. Since then, she has taken pride in enjoying several accolades in her career

The majority of the women who play volleyball are ridiculously gorgeous and attract a lot of fans. Am sure you no longer think volleyball is not fun to watch anymore, as you can see from the above list of the hottest and most beautiful women playing Volleyball, volleyball would be a super fun game to watch.

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