Top 20 largest zoos in the world

Finding great places that you and your kids could visit and have an incredible time at can be a daunting experience. True, there are some lovely places in the world, right at the top of your mind you would love to visit but chances are your kids would probably not enjoy going there right?

So, today we take the liberty of presenting you with a great idea of a place where you and your kids can both visit and have a lot of fun. One of the greatest things kids love to do is watch animals, so how about taking them to see the animals they love watching on TV in a zoo?

Well, not just any zoo, but some of the largest zoos in the world. Are you looking for a great zoo to take your kids?

So, let me introduce to you, The Top 20 Largest Zoos in the World.

20. Belfast Zoo – 55 acre, 150 species, 1,000 animalsbelfast-zoo

The Belfast Zoo is popular for its Asian elephant enclosure, its 33-strong herd of Rothchild’s giraffes, as well as an attractive Rainforest House where you might catch a glimpse of Linne’s two-toed sloths during the summer months.

19. Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam – 10000m2, 900 speciesartis-royal-zoo-amsterdam

First opened in 1838, this zoo is home to over 900 animal species, 200 species of trees. The Artis Royal Zoo is encompassed with a wide range of animals. And enthralling architecture that will please the eyes. This is an attractive place to be and there is nothing short of pleasing activities to do in the place.

18. Tallinn Zoo – 220 acres, 14000 animals, 548 speciestallinn-zoo

Tallinn Zoo is native to Estonia and is the finest attractions there. It boasts a wide collection of wildlife and plant species. Its two tropical houses feature exotic fish and crocodiles and in addition to terrestrial reptiles birds, and arboreal mammals.

This Zoo plays a major role to the world as it is popular for the reintroduction of the European mink back into its native Estonian habitat as well as being responsible for protecting a number of endangered species in the world.

17. Zoologischer Garten, Berlin, Germany – 1500 species, 16,000 animalszoologischer-garten

This zoo opened in 1814, it is an attractive and amazing Zoo in the heart of Berlin in Germany. It has survived some major devastations including the World War 2 which almost decapitated it but its thriving strong and well. This an amazing attraction place with a myriad of animals to see and lots of activities not to mention glorious architectural designs to see.

16. Sydney’s Taronga Zoo – 2600 animals, 340 speciessydney-taronga-zoo

This Zoo is without a doubt a sensational experience that engages the eyes with its state of the art view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor before one takes in the view of the wildlife.

This Zoo is home to some famous inhabitants including Australian sea-lions, Tasmanian devils, African Elephants, Koalas, Spot giraffes and many more.

15. Singapore Zoo – 64 acre, 2800 animals, 300 speciessingapore-zoo

The Singapore Zoo is open air no cages, only meticulously recreated animal habitats that befit the ones natural to the species that inhibit there.

Furthermore, this zoo is very accommodative to tourists it offers special viewing features such as underwater galleries, elevated platforms, as well as glass observatories and even deep moats that separate some more dangerous animals from the viewers.

14. Tiergarten Schönbrunn -Vienna, Austria 42 acres, 712 speciesTiergarten Schönbrunn -Vienna

This is the oldest zoo in the world having been built in the 17th century. Opened in 1752, this Zoo has established itself as a species of education and conservation.

This zoo is home to many firsts, including the first zoo to have an elephant born in captivity and the first natural insemination panda birth in Europe. This Zoo has nothing short of great places to see and lots of animals as well.

13. Edinburgh Zoo – Edinburgh, Scotland 82 acres, 131 species, 2000 animalsedinburgh-zoo

This is the first zoo in the world known to breed and house penguins. This Zoo is popularly known for its state of the art animal species and housing many tourists to enjoy the myriad collection of animals in the Zoo.

12. Smithsonian’s National Zoo -Washington DC, USA – 163 acres, 1500 animals, 300 speciesSmithsonian’s National Zoo

This is one of the oldest zoos in America and houses over 1500 animals. A lot of research goes on in the Zoo as well as studying various animal diseases and to find the cure of the most common viruses affecting animals especially the endangered ones.

This national zoo offers visitors the chance to enjoy the glory of the world by going behind the scenes in the state of the art elephant barn and offers guided tours for additional experiences.

11. Chester Zoo – 400 acres, 20000 animals, 500 specieschester-zoo

The Chester Zoo was opened in 2014 and is currently home to more than 500 species and is home to over 20,000 animals. This Zoo is one of the most popular in England and attracts thousands of tourists to see its raw beauty every year.

10. Toronto Zoo – 710 acres, 16000 animals, 491 speciestoronto-zoo

Just as the name depicts, this Zoo is native to Toronto and is the largest Zoo there is in Canada. It is currently home to over 41 species and 16000 animals.

The animals are divided according to the seven geographic regions that are Tundra Trek, Eurasia, Australasia, Americas, Indo Malaya, Africa and the Canadian Domain.

9. The Bronx Zoo – 256 acres, 6000 animals, 650 speciesthe-bronx-zoo

Opened in 18 in New York, the Bronx Zoo is the biggest metropolitan zoo in the United States encompassing an area of over 265 acres of naturalistic habitats and park land.

This zoo is home to a number of species of animals some of which are endangered and growing extinct. Some of the inhabitants of the Zoo include World of Birds and World of Reptiles, are arranged by taxonomy, while others, such as African Plains and Wild Asia, are arranged geographically.

8. San Diego Zoo – 100 acres, 3700 animals, 650 speciessan-diego-zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous Zoos in the world. Attributed to its wide range of species and nearly 4000 animals. The sunny maritime climate in San Diego is what suits some of the animals and most of the animals that reside there are usually in the open air.

The San Diego Zoo has a reputation for being one of the most active zoos there in the world in the preservation of species that are bred in captivity and giving them a good home.

7. The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South Africa – 210 acres, 9000 animals, 705 speciesthe-national-zoological-gardens-zoo

The National Zoological Gardens Zoo is the national zoo of South Africa. The Zoo is mainly split into two areas one of which is located on the slopes of the hill and the other part is in a flat area. These two halves are divided by the Apies River which feeds water to the Zoo.

6. The London Zoo – 36 acres, 17000 animals, 755 speciesthe-london-zoo

The London Zoo opened in 1828, is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. this Zoo is sometimes referred to as the Reagent Zoo and is home to over 755 species and 17,000 animals This zoo is partaking the Tiger S.O.S program which is intended to save and raise the Sumatran Tiger.

5. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – 580 acres, 9000 animals, 793 speciesthe-columbus-zoo-and-aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a nonprofit Zoo in Ohio. The Zoo is home to 793 species and over 9000 animals. This zoo has been expanding its area coverage in order to include an African savanna as well as a polar environment.

4. The Moscow Zoo – 53 acres, 6000 animals, 926 speciesthe-moscow-zoo

The Moscow Zoo has been opened for visitors since 1864 and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and Russia’s largest Zoo.

This zoo has gained great popularity over the years and accommodates thousands of tourists every year. Today, this zoo covers an area of about 53 hectares and is home to over 6000 animals.

3. The Beijing Zoo – 129 acres, 14,500 animals, 1000 specieshenry-doorly-zoo-and-aquarium

Founded in the 106 during the late Qing Dynasty, this zoo is the largest in China. This place is home to over 5oo species of marine animals as well as over 450 species of land animals.

This zoo is one of the most attractive places you would ever want to visit in the world. The Beijing Zoo is also popularly known for its collection of some rare animals endemic to China including the Giant Pandas, which are the park’s most popular attraction.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium – 130 acres, 17,000 animals, 1000 specieshenry-doorly-zoo-and-aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Nebraska is one of the crowd pulling and attractive Zoos in the world. It has an area coverage of over 130 hectares and is home to a number of animals.

Though this fascinating place is probably not the largest zoo in terms of acreage, it is sure the largest in terms of animal species and activities and structures inside the zoo.

1. The Berlin Zoological Garden – 84 acres, 19,500 animals, 1500 speciesthe-berlin-zoological-garden

This Zoo was opened in Berlin in 144. It is the oldest and one the best zoos in Germany and attracts a myriad of tourist every year to bathe in its beauty.

This zoo also one the largest collection of species and animals in the world in an area of around 84 acres. Some of the most popular inhabitants in the zoo include Bao Bao the Giant Panda and Knut the polar bear (unfortunately, Knut died unexpectedly in March 2011).

Zoos have been a family attraction for years. The above zoos are some of the most attractive not to mention largest zoos in the world.

These zoos are home to a myriad of animals and animal species. Measuring the largest world zoos can be done in several lists, on our list, these zoos are not only large in terms of land cover but also in the number of animals and species in attendance.

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