Top 15 Longest Roads In The World

We are living in a world where every person wants to at least own a car for his/ her travels, and of course, besides owning a car, you also want to ride the car on a good road. What differentiates the already developed countries and developing third world countries is the type of infrastructure in place and overall stability of the economy.

Among the developments, priorities that a country can reward her citizens with among them is a good road because people needs to get from point A to point B in time and their car in perfect condition. Below is a list of 15 longest roads in the world that are not only long but also well built to last longer and all road safety measures put in place.

15. US Route 20 (USA)us-route-20

The United States pride in having several well-built longest roads and US Route 20 is one of them. The road is found in the beautiful State of Massachusetts measuring to a length of 5,415km in a west- direction from Boston to Newport, Oregon and besides being the longest road in the US it’s the 7th longest road on Earth.

The road commissioned in 1926 and extended up to 1940 crossing 9 States of America and divided into two by the popular Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park.

14. Interstate 90 (I-90) (USA)interstate-90

Another longest road in the US that has a length of 4,860.2km in Interstate 90 and it starts from Boston to Seattle, Washington. Interstate 90 boasts of being the 9th longest in the world. Also, the road runs on two floating bridges the Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge and Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge. Safety measures are the key as to date no accidents have ever been reported to have happened along the bridge.

The road commenced in 1950 and was completed in 1985 passing through 13 States it runs parallel to the longest US Route 20 in some parts.

13. Interstate 80 (I-80) (USA)interstate-80

Famously known as Christopher Columbus Highway is a 4,666km long highway and it boasts of being the 10th largest in the world and the 2nd longest road in the United States.

The roads run from the interchange with U.S. Route 101, in San Francisco and end in New Jersey where it stretches for 68 km, known as Bergen-Passaic Expressway and it runs through 11 States in the US.

12. US Route 6 (USA)us-route-6

Famously known US Grand Army of the Republic Highway the road runs from Bishop, California all the way to Provincetown, Massachusetts.

It is 5,158km long besides being the 8th longest road on Earth it’s also the 2nd longest highway and longest continuous road in the US. It stretches from Bishop to long Beach, California and was known as transcontinental route until 1964.

11. China National Highway 010 (China)china-national-highway-010

When it comes to long roads, the record is not only left to the United States but also the great country of China. Officially known as Tongsan Expressway the road is 5700 km one of the longest in China and 6th longest road in the world. The highway stretches from Tongjiang City to Sanya in Hainan Province.

One interesting thing about it has a missing link whereby when cars get to that point they are ferried across by trains to Hainan. This shows much of innovativeness by the Chinese Government no wonder the road is so famous among many people who have ever be in China. It deserves to appear in the Guinness book of records.

10. Trans-Canada Highway (Canada)trans-canada-highway

The Trans-Canada Highway features a length of 7,821 km, and it’s the 4th longest road in the world and also boasting of being the 2nd longest national highway. The road commenced in 1950 and was inaugurated in 1962 and was brought to completion in 1971.

The construction of this highway did cost around $1bn it’s a backbone as it connects all the major cities of the country.

9. Highway 1 (Australia)highway-1

Australia is not only a home of the longest coastline but also the longest highway in the world. Highway 1 has a length of approximately 14,500 km featuring interconnected highways.

It was declared a national highway in 1955 featuring both single-lane and multilane roads connecting all the States of Australia apart from Darwin and Brisbane.

8. Pan American Highway (USA)pan-american-highway

Breaking the monotony in the list is the Pan American Highway covering a length of 48,000km it’s three times the earth longest highway and 2nd longest highway in the world. It connects more than 20 States in the US. One interesting about this highway it has a 100km gap halfway referred as the Darién Gap situated between Colombia and Panama.

The highway runs from Buenos Aries in South America to the Edmonton in North America, commenced in 1923 to 1950.

7. Trans-Siberian Highwaytrans-siberian-highway

Trans-Siberian Highway prides in being the 3rd longest highway on earth being 11,000km long. It runs from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok in great Russia country with a part of the route extending to Asian Highway Network called AH6.

6. Golden Quadrilateral Highway Network – Indiagolden-quadrilateral-highway-network

This road could not have missed in the list by any chance it covers 5,846km long conceived in 1999 and completed 2012 costing a good $9.2bn what an investment!

Its maintenance is overseen by the National Highways Authority of India under the docket of roads.

5. ND-46 Wnd-46-w

Covering a length of 193 km the road is situated in North Dakota, it’s a straight road linking Oxbow and Streeter Stutsman County.

4. MacDonald Cartier Freewaymacdonald-cartier-freeway

The MacDonald-Cartier Freeway also called 401 covers a length of 828 km runs from Detroit-Windsor Ambassador to Quebec border near Montreal. Part of it passes through Toronto, North America and it’s one of the busiest highways.

The freeway is maintained by the Ministry of Transport Ontario, and the speed limit is 100km/h throughout its length.

3. Tarim Desert Highwaytarim-desert-highway

The Tarim Desert Highway is 446 km long running from the Luntai County Road East, the Tarim River, the Lunnan Oilfield to the Taklimakan Desert just to mention a few.

2. Highway 85highway-85

Highway 85 covers a length of 1,116km found in the wealthiest country of Saudi Arabia. It runs from the border of Jordan linking Jubail and Turiaf in Northern Borders Province.
It’s one of the longest and straight roads in Saudi Arabia.

1. State Route 1state-route-1

The United States seems to dominate the list of the longest roads closing the list is State Route 1 which covers a length of 1055 km. It’s one of the longest routes in the State of California, and in addition to that, the road is designated as an All- American Road.

It’s the only highway that connects to scenic tourist attractions sites in the coast like beaches, and parks as well as the communist. State Route runs along the coastline hence becoming popular among the tourists.

In Conclusion:

There is a lot that can be said about the above longest roads in the world from others being a backbone of connecting many cities and States to others costing the country billion dollars and a lot of resources for their completion and so on.

If you like hitting the road or taking road trips during the weekends these are some of the roads, you should ride on, and you may never come to see an end of them if you start from the where the roads commence.

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