Ten Ten Most Beautiful Castles In The World

Castle building can be traced back more than 1000 years ago. This type of architecture is thought to have originated in Europe and spread to other parts of the world. Mainly, castles were constructed to offer residence for royal families and to deter the attacks by enemies. Today, there are many intact castles some which are in use while others are just ruins. However, these structures provide a sufficient knowledge about the ancient architectural. On the other hand, they are great tourist attraction sites. You might be asking yourself about many questions regarding castles. You can relax as we go through a list of the top ten most beautiful castles in the world.

10. Edinburgh Castle, Scotlandedinburgh-castle-scotland

When you are visiting Scotland, Edinburgh Castle is a place worth visiting. Resting on the top of volcanic rocks at the skyline of Edinburgh, you will have a lot to learn and see. The castle was constructed during the Bronze age and served as a royal residential up to 1633. However, today is used by the military and is open to the public. Once you are in, you will be thrilled by the St Margret chapel built in 1130, medieval ceiling built in 1510 and inauguration stone among other eye impressive features. Above all, by being strategically positioned it is possible to enjoy a paranoiac view of the Edinburgh city.

9. Chateau de Chambord, Francechateau-de-chambord-france

As you tour France, there are numerous sites you can spend your holiday. One of them is in the Chateau de Chambord castle. Its unique design and decoration give it an excellent recognition across the globe. The structures are over 400 years old having been constructed from 1519 to 1547. Visiting the castle offers you an unforgettable and relaxing feeling since it stands in a valley between wild woodland and Royal River. Further, the building enables you to learn much about the cultural aspects of the surrounding communities and more on French Renaissance. Inside you will get much art materials from famous artist like Leonardo da Vinci. Moreover, since it is designed for hunting activities, you can be sure you will get all your happiness fulfilled.

8. Prague Castle, Czech Republicprague-castle-czech-republic

Prague Castle is an important structure in the Czech Republic. The complex is termed as the largest castle in the world by the Guinness book of the records. The initial construction started during the Premyslid Dynasty by Prince Bořivoj. The castle was completed in 1929, and it served as the living place for the president, Roman Catholic emperor, and king of Bohemia. Today, the castle is categorized as one of world heritage by UNESCO. Due to various renovations ranging from the old times, you can witness a rich architecture such as old design among others. Further, you can take a tour to old design halls, churches, palaces, and gardens. The castle is famous to the people of Czech Republic as it is their cultural and traditional indicator. Further, it is one of the most beautiful and will make your visit a stunning one.

7. Windsor Castle, Englandwindsor-castle-england

Built on a 5-hectare piece of land, Windsor Castle is one of the largest inhabitable castles in the world. Amazingly, the castle is over 1000 years old providing residence to the royal family for all that long. Surviving various wars, the castle features some of the finest English designs. Further, due to reconstruction by different rulers, it has a Georgian and gothic designs. Touring inside you will have a lifetime experience enjoying a variety of collected arts. Moreover, St George chapel that stuns your eyes with the beauty and the world largest queen doll house. Above all, you will have a chance to get into the Shakespeare library and admires his work concerning the castle.

6. Kilkenny Castle, Irelandkilkenny-castle-ireland

Kilkenny Castle situated on Ireland is a perfect definition of a beautiful castle. It was constructed in the 12th century and still boasts its originality, though; this is due to restoration work. The primary purpose of construction was to provide safety as it has four spanning towers at the corners. Today it is among the top beautiful castles due to its surrounding ornamental gardens and grand building design. Also, the vast art collection, medieval rooms, and Ormonde Boardroom will leave you astonished and learn more about ancient architecture.

5. Himeji Castle, Japanhimeji-castle-japan

The Himeji castle is found in Japan and features a unique design from the European style. It is one of the recognized word heritage centers by UNESCO and the most beautiful in the country. With initial building construction starting in 1333, the structures were demolished and the existing one constructed in 1601. For the times it has been in existence, the castle has sustained various battles and massive bombing during the World War II. The whole complex comprises of 83 houses with a white painting and still boasts its original state. Surrounded by cherry blossom trees, they create a scenic appearance when they are blossoming.

4. Hohensalzburg Castle, Austriahohensalzburg-castle-austria

As you think of visiting Austria, the perfect place to end your trip is in Hohensalzburg Castle. Its construction started in 1077 by Archbishop Gebhard von Helfenstein. He was helping to build a secure location for archbishops as well as soldiers and serving as a prison. Since the original design was wooden, mores permanent structures was constructed under the powerful archbishops of Roman Catholic. In 19th C the castle was retouched and renovated to give the gothic style walls a much more attractive appearance. In the interior, it features stunning Gothic carvings, a collection of arts and other expensive ornaments belonging to Archbishops. As you walk, you will experience medieval rooms and refreshing courtyards to keep you thrilled throughout the visit.

3. Versailles Palace, Franceversailles-palace-france

Get to know the history of France by visiting this massive castle located in the Versailles about 12 miles from Paris. It is one of the largest and beautiful castles in the world covering an area of 721,182 sq Ft. Further, it sits in a field of 87,728,720 square feet with beautiful gardens and water fountains. Getting an opportunity to enter into the palace, it is impressive monuments as you will witness the finest French art, hall of mirrors, and Royal Opera of Versailles and grand apartments. The castle is also classified as one of world heritage by UNESCO and receives over 4 million visitors per year.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germanyneuschwanstein-castle-germany
Although the Neuschwanstein Castle isn’t as old as the rest European structures, it is one of the most famous and attractive in the Europe. Built in the 19th C by King Ludwig II to keep away from the public, shortly after his death public was allowed to access it. Its strategic hilltop positioning enables visitors to enjoy a clear view of the adjacent municipality. Moreover, the scenic landscapes keep your eyes busy without desires to blinks. Interior has a variety of beautiful paintings. The exterior design depicts a magic kingdom, and its image appears in the renowned filmmaker Walt Disney.

1. Mont Saint Michel, Francemont-saint-michel-france

The Mont Saint-Michel is an island off the France coats featuring very pleasing castles. The whole island is fortified with a wall and has a connecting bridge from the mainland which sometimes cut by strong tides. It boasts over 60 buildings featuring gothic style which makes the islet look unique. Further, the houses have a rich design history as they trace their construction in 11th C. it is an iconic island that attracts over 3 million tourists every year.

Castles are found in every continent around the world. However, their design of construction differs from one place to another. The original design is thought to have originated in Europe, and this gives them a unique and beautiful appearance from the recently constructed. Now, you have a full compilation, and now it is possible to visit the castle of your dream.

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