Top 18 Most Beautiful Chinese Models

Chinese ladies are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. Getting into the entertainment industry for many girls is a dream come true, however, getting in and surviving in this industry can be quite daunting.

You need to have a combination of talent, body, and looks. In this article, we look at some of the most beautiful Chinese women in the world who have not only managed to gather a huge fan following but also safeguard their position in the industry.

These women are drop dead gorgeous with perfect bodies and beautiful faces you just can’t help but stare. So, I would like to list down the top 18 stunning, very talented and successful Chinese models.

18. Shu qishu-qi

Lin Li Hui better known by her stage name Shu Qi, is a Taiwanese actress and model born April 16, 1976. Her film career started when she was 17.

Shu Qi was a known soft porn actress for a very long time before she started modeling and her career started to grow, she is extremely beautiful with great looks that will make any man drool and lust after her.

She is also known for posing nude in some of her modeling captions.

17. Sun Fei Feisun-fei-fei

Sun Fei Fei is a remarkable Chinese fashion model based in New York. She started modeling as a teenager when her passion for modeling started and upon clearing high school, she started modeling professionally.

This breathtaking beautiful model has been represented in some of the most elite runways and works for some of the esteemed fashion Giant brand names in the world.

Sun Fei Fei has been enlisted in some of the most popular magazines around the world like Vogue. This gorgeous model really knows how to work it leaving everyone marveling and awed at her beauty and grace.

16. Gigi Laigigi-lai

Born as Lai Chai, Gigi Lai is a big name in the entertainment industry. Due to her physical beauty traits, she has been nicknamed “The Goddess of Beauty”. Gigi Lai is a phenomenal singer, actress, and model.

Her career took off when she released several albums in Cantonese and Mandarin. She has received several awards for her performances and talents including the “The Most Popular Actress Award” at the 2004 TVB Anniversary for the role in “War and Beauty”.

15. Liu Yifeiliu-yifei

Liu Yifei path to stardom started when she was very young.

At the age of 15, she was accepted into the Beijing Film Industry, during her time at the academy, she was starred in a television series “The Story of a Noble Family’ from then on.

Her talents drew attention from there and she made her way to a big Television film “The Forbidden Kingdom’ that paved greater door for her both in her acting and modelling career.

14. Zhou Xunzhou-xun-1

Zhou Xun is a successful singer, actress, and model. She showed great interest in the entertainment industry when she was very young she decided to go in her pursuit of her passion.

Zhou Xun studied at the Zhejiang Arts Institute; this was all against her parents’ wishes for her but she ignored them and went after what she loved. Lucky for her, she was right. She has gained much attention from fans and gained plenty positive reviews in the movies she has starred in.

She has an accolade of awards in her name including the Best Actress award at the Hong Kong Fil Awards and much more.

13. Crystal Liu Ye feicrystal-liu-ye-fei

Crystal Liu Ye Fei is an extremely talented actress who always looks classy, elegant and beautiful at the same time.

This diva started her career in the entertainment industry as a model who was remarkably successful before she made her debut to the film industry through the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”. Her acting career has also been very successful.

12. Tien Hsitien-hsi

Tien Hsi is one of the most popular models and actresses in China. She is unbelievably hot and beautiful, her skill and talents on the runway and performance skills in all her films leave a lot to be admired.

She is not only considered as one of the hottest models in China but also in the world. You will find her name in almost all of the top beautiful and hottest lists and for good reasons.

She has an enviably sculpted body and stunning looks. This girl knows how to use what she has as she has graced many runways with her great looks giving any actress and model a run for her money.

11. Bianca Baibianca-bai

Born in 1982, Bianca Bai is one of the most stunning, beautiful and respected actresses and models in East Asia. This Taiwan model and actress first started as a model before shifting her career to acting.

She started modeling in high school and expanded her talents to the entertainment industry where she was quite a remarkable model.

Her acting career is currently doing better than her modeling as she was nominated in 2010 for an award for the “Best Television Actress in a Television Series” in the 45th Golden Bell awards.

10. Zhang Ziyizhang-ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is one of the top Chinese actresses and models. Her modeling career has been quite successful through the years as she is accredited as one of the Four Dan Actresses of the Chinese film industry.

Other than that, she is credited seven international awards for her role in the movie “The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” she has also been named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM, Taiwan not to mention she took the first position in the FHM’s polls of the “Most Beautiful Women in Asia”. To say the least Zhang Ziyi is a famous hot and beautiful model.

9. Chrissie Chauchrissie-chau

This is one of the most popular and hottest Chinese models in the world. Chrissie Chau was born on May 22, 1985, in Chaozhou. She is a popular actress and celebrity model based in China.

Chrissie gained fame after she released two albums in 2009 and 2010 and since then, her successful career was set. She started her career as an actor in the horror movie “Womb Ghosts” in 2009, and has since appeared in over 20 successful productions.

8. Liu Wenliu-wen

Liu Wen is a Chinese model who holds the tier for being the first Asian model to get an opportunity to walk on Victoria Secret runway. Liu was born in Hunan, China and is a successful fashion model.

She is the spokesperson for the highly esteemed brand Estee Launder, she was also listed on the Forbes list of the highest-paid models in the world and also the first Asian model to be featured on this list. In 2014, and she was named as the newest supermodel.

Other than that, Liu has represented over 3 different agencies of different countries. It is safe to say that Liu Wen has quite a successful modeling career in her sleeves.

7. Lin Chi-linglin-chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese model based in China. She is particularly famous for her physical looks and charming personality and gentle demeanor.

Her career as a model opened up great doors for her as she has played numerous roles on TV including being the host of the Golden Melody Awards, TVBS-G Fashion Track, TVBS-G LA Mode News, and the Top Chinese Music Chart Awards in 2005.

Lin has also been referred to as the “Face of Taiwan” and been an official spokesman for both the Longines and China Airlines since 2006.

6. Lynn Hunglynn-hung

Lynn Hung is a famous fashion model known for her great looks and well-sculpted body. She is particularly known for her perfectly well-shaped breast in the modeling industry. Lynn Hung is based in Hong Kong, her debut to the entertainment industry commenced in the year 2006 when she hit the runway in Hong Kong and went on to become a supermodel.

When her modeling career was up above the clouds and she had made a great name for herself, she chooses to venture into acting in 2008. Lynn has been named 4th position in the list of the highest paid models in Greater China.

5. Zhang Zilinzhang-zilin

Zhang is a popular name to many. This beautiful 32 old, is a fashion model who won Miss China in 2007 and in the same year, was crowned Miss World.

She has made a great name for herself in the entertainment industry and is regarded a beauty queen in the fashion industry in China.

4. Jin Yejin-ye

Jin Ye is a great role model and encouragement to many girls in China. Jin Ye is a gorgeous model with great features including face, body, and height. She managed to climb high on the ladder of success when she was only 26 years old. She first started by participating in the Miss China Competition but luck wasn’t on her side.

Jin didn’t give up, though, in 2014, she managed to take up a high tier as the Miss Universe in Moscow and in one night, she gained popularity the world over.

The pretty model is blessed with beautiful looks and talents not to mention a charming and great personality that has ruled the hearts of many in the world. She is currently a successful model and a household name for many brands.

3. Jennifer Du Juanjennifer-du-juan

The multitalented Du Juan is a phenomenal actress, fashion model, and former ballet dancer. She has seen many great days in her career as she has been praised as the world’s first international Chinese supermodel, as well as the first Asian model to be featured in Vogue Paris. Du Juan has appeared on the cover of Vogue China more times than any celebrity or model (1 times to be precise).

Du Juan has also had the privilege of being selected as a brand ambassador by 5 international elite fashion brands including Roberto Cavalli, Gap, Louis Vuitton, YSL Rave, Gauche, and Swarovski.

2. Gaile Lokgaile-lok

The gorgeous and beautiful Gaile Lok is a popular actress, model, and cover girl in Hong Kong, China. Daile Lok was born in Macau to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. Her good looks and exemplary performances have earned her great endorsement opportunities expanding her career.

This very beautiful Chinese girl has had a very fruitful career as both an actress and a model.

And the first place of the most beautiful Chinese model is?

1. Fan Bingbingfan-bingbing

The 35-year-old Fan Bingbing is one who without a doubt deserving to be named the top most beautiful Chinese model around the globe. She is a beautiful Chinese model and actress who has appeared in some world successful hit movies such as Stretch, X-Men Series and Iron Man 3.

She has also had the honor of being ranked first in a list of the 50 most beautiful women in China and was featured in the Beijing News, the largest magazine in China.

Fan Bingbing is also considered a fashion icon for her modern and elegant sense of style. She has heard a successful career as she has also done many successful endorsements other than acting and modeling.


Models around the globe have always been considered the symbol of what true beauty is. They are considered to be beautiful in all aspects from the perfect body, killer legs, and a pretty face.

Truth be told, it is not easy being a model, models face some of the harshest criticism and live with the fear of insecurities of being replaced by any new face any day.

In this list we acknowledge some of the most beautiful models in China that have managed to take up a high tier and withstand all the pressure and managed to wow us all with their hard work; scaling the heights of their careers. These beautiful women indeed deserve a round of applause.

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