Top Ten Most Beautiful Forests

Even if you are one of those individuals who could care for nothing else but video games and movies, or date night outs and parties, you will be impressed by what mother-nature has to offer. This post will take you through a list of forest that you just will have to add them to your bucket list and possibly change your whole outlook on life altogether. Their beauty, as you will see from the images (first the images then, in real life when you plan for a visit), will blow you away.

10. Humboldt Redwoods State Parkhumboldt-redwoods-state-park-1-1024x512

A forest is just an area that is covered with lots of trees right? Well, the Humboldt Redwoods forest edits this definition and adds large trees to it. The forest is made up of many, not just normal trees but large trees. As a matter of fact, three of the tallest trees known to man are found in this Californian forest. You can stand in awe of the greatness of the trees in this forest, but that is just about it. Trying to hug it will be a huge fail, well, not unless you are ‘Stretch’ from The Fantastic Four and have freakishly long arms.

9. The Amazon Rainforestthe-amazon-rainforest-1024x640

Located in South America, The Amazon Rainforest is one of the largest – no scratch that, it is the largest Rainforest in the world spanning a whopping 8 countries and covering a total of 1.4 billion acres. It gets its nutrients in the weirdest of ways; from the dust floating away from the Sahara Desert in Africa.

It provides natural habitats to some of the rarest animals including toucans, pink dolphins, sloths, and jaguars. If you are a fan of documentaries, you probably know that it is also home to isolated tribes, who could care less for clothes and the Social Media we have grown to love so much.

But its size alone is not what makes it endearing, it also oozes of beauty – beauty that many cannot deny and resist.

8. Sagano Bamboo forest, Japansagano-bamboo-forest-japan

When you hear of a bamboo forest, the first thing that should come to mind are the movies where the actors fly across bamboo branches with ease and grace whilst in a fight. Or you probably care less about such movies. That’s beside the point, though.

But believe it or not, the growth of bamboo trees in this grove is nothing short of impressive. Once you lay your eyes on what the forest has to offer, you will want nothing else but to experience it for yourself. The bamboo forest covers a total of 16 kilometers. Its beauty is complimented by the natural sound the wind makes as it blows through the thick bamboo grove.

In fact, it has been voted, by the Japanese government, one of the top 100 MUST be preserved sounds.

7. Black Forest, Germanyblack-forest-germany-1024x640

Allegedly, hiking was invented in this forest. Yes, hiking needed to be invented as a hobby. Good thing it picked up speed fast. The Black Forest is a mountain range that is located in the southwestern part of Germany. It is ancient with lots of stories and legends surrounding it. Eons ago, however, the Black Forest was not known as such. The Romans had a different name for it – the Silva Nigra since it had very dense growth which made it very dark.

6. Crooked Forest, Polandcrooked-forest-poland-1024x576

This is a pretty young forest that was planted in the 1930s and contains about 400 pines. And not just any pines, oddly-shaped pines. It is believed that some form of a tool was used to make the trees grow and take up this form. The motive behind it is however not clear. There are some that believe that the trees were grown like for the purposes of ‘Compass timbers’ or for ship building. Another theory still, suggests that it was during the Second World War that the stems of the pines were curved by the tanks passing through.

But whatever the theory or reason behind the curvature of the trees, we cannot deny that the forest is a beauty.

5. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reservemonteverde-cloud-forest-reserve-1024x731

This forest reserve is found in Costa Rica and is named after a town it is in proximity to. The reserve features 26,000 acres of a tropical rainforest that is visited by close to 70,000 visitors yearly. It also contains 6 ecological zones, a large portion of which is a virgin forest. It is very diverse in terms of the flora and fauna it contains. It comes has 100 different species of mammals, 2500 plant species, 120 amphibian and reptilian species, 400 bird species, and insects in thousands.

4. Daintree Rainforestdaintree-rainforest-1024x551

Located in Australia, this is the oldest tropical rainforest there is. History has it that it has been in existence for the past 110 million years. Given its age, it surely must contain a rich collection of fauna and flora species and amazing wonders. Speaking of which, it is home to rare animals in the world including platypuses, wallabies, and kangaroos.

3. Kelp Forest, Monterey Bay Aquariumkelp-forest-monterey-bay-aquarium

The rough Pacific Waters off the Coast of California provide nutrients necessary for the growth of kelps – giant kelps. These grow to heights of 10-12 inches in a single day.

Along the Monterey shore, the kelps have formed a dense forest. Going under, you will have your breath taken away with not only the kelp forest and its beauty in the illuminated green waters but by sea lion sightings as well.

2. Caddo Lakecaddo-lake-1024x683

It is located on the Louisiana and Texas Border. The lake is named after the Caddoans, American Natives who inhabited the land before they left.

The area spans 25,400 acres and is protected by the RAMSAR treaty. It is also home to the largest Cypress forest in the world, which is why it made this list.

1. Bialoweiza Forest, Belarus, and Polandbialoweiza-forest-belarus-and-poland

This is the very last Lowland forest in Europe. It features parts that have never seen an axe or one of the many efficient cutting machines man uses.

It is located right on the border of Belarus and Poland and features beautiful trees with broad leaves, and conifers both covering 141,885 Ha. It has tall canopies, minimal undergrowth, ancient trees and huge dead woods.

Nature has many surprises. It just in its nature to wow you at every turn, just when you thought you had it all figured out. These forests should be on your bucket list. Endeavor to visit some if not all of them. Pick your poison and be prepared to be blown away.

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