Top Ten Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Nature has everything to offer when it comes to beauty.One of the most magnificent and unbelievable things that nature has is the waterfalls. If adventure is what defines you and you have not visited any waterfall, then you are missing out big time. Anybody who is lucky to have seen a waterfall at close range they will conquer with me that their beauty is indescribable.

Below herein is a list of top ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world that you should plan to visit before you die.

1. Victoria Falls –Zambia.Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the greatest tourist attraction in Africa and one of the most largest and beautiful waterfalls in the world. The waterfall borders Zambia and Zimbabwe countries it’s precisely located on River Zambezi. It features a length of one kilometer and a height of about 100 meters.

The waterfalls capacity is not constant throughout the year. In April when it’s raining it gets to an average of 500 millions of water flow and the lowest levels are in October and November, where the water flow gets extremely low that even people get an opportunity to walk through some parts of this waterfall and viewing the beautiful scenery at a close look.

2. Para Salto Waterfall – Venezuela.Para Salto Waterfall

Para is the second widest waterfall in the world. Commonly known us Para falls visiting, this waterfalls will leave you with an unforgettable experience and beautiful memories. The fall measures 18,400 wide by 200 foot deep.

It sits on River Caura the only one in the Bolivar region of Venezuela. The lavish evergreen forest complements the serenity environment of this fall.

3. Angel Waterfall – Venezuela.angel-waterfall

Venezuela is a den of waterfalls this is one of the highest waterfall found in the world. Located in the jungles of Venezuela the only means to get there is by air or river.

Its 1 kilometer high and other affluent rivers flow from the same mountain called Auyantepui this waterfall is unique in its own way. During the rainy season, the fall becomes fully fledged, and you can hear the noise of falls from 30 kilometers away and during the dry season the water evaporates even before reaching the base. The Angel Falls is surrounded by Canaima national park the third largest national park in the world.

4. Iguazu Falls – South American / Argentina.iguazu-falls-1

The exquisite Iguazu Falls are one of the few beautiful falls in the world. Located in Brazil, this falls attract thousands of tourist both local and indigenous every year. The fall is 2.7 kilometers wide and a height of 82 meters. The best thing about this falls is that it can be accessed from two sides one in Brazil and the second one on the Argentina side.

There are special built walkways along the fall to allow visitors get a close view of the splendid Iguazu falls. The falls originate from the Iguazu River.

5. Niagara Falls – North America.niagara-falls

The Niagara state park natural wonder is one of the best gift nature had to offer North America. It’s one of the most visited fall in North American the place is so irresistible.

About 750,000 liters of waterfalls every second, how beautiful is that? If you wish to take some memorable images of the beautiful scenery of Niagara Falls or to feel the falls visitors are allowed to use boats, and decks. The fall is protected by Niagara Falls State Park the oldest park in America.

6. Tugela Falls – South Africa.tugela-falls

Tugela Falls is located in the beautiful Drakensberg South Africa. It’s the highest waterfall in the whole of Africa continent. It also said to be the second highest fall in the world. It also worth noting that the debate going on now in the world is whether this could be the tallest waterfall.

This fall has a height of 3110 feet falls in several sheets making it a magnificent view that you would love viewing every time. This falls originate from 2 rivers the Caledon and Elands rivers.

7. Gullfoss –  Iceland.gullfoss

Gullfoss means golden falls it’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in the whole of Iceland. The water that runs through it is brownish as it carries many types of sediment that the glacial ice carved on the sand. It’s 32 feet deep and 21m plunges.

On a sunny day the water falls down the three steps staircase and the drop down in two steps, the view is just unbelievable nature at its finest.

8. Havasupai  Falls – Arizonahavasupai-falls

Arizona is a major tourist destination because of the blue-green waterfalls. The falls are in the hidden treasures Grand Canyon. The distinct beauty of this waterfall is that it’s within the popular Grand Canyon national park that sits on 188,077 acres.

This fall is the only one that has blue waters that fall in travertine columns, skirts, and shelves.


9. Sutherland Falls –New Zealand.sutherland-falls


The word beauty is better described from this waterfall in New Zealand its beautiful and magnificent in its own way.It’s 1902 feet tall one of the largest fall in the world.

The waterfall falls in three cascades that make this unique and magnificent landscape. History has it that the fall was named after its founder Donald Sutherland in 80s.It sits on a rocky mountain that looks like more of an escarpment full of beautiful green trees. It’s very easy to access this fall at close range.

10. Yosemite Falls – California.yosemite-falls

California is one of the most liked states in the US perhaps because of the friendly weather and a lavish lifestyle of people. A trip to the state of California is never complete without a visit to this wonder of the world Yosemite waterfalls. It’s approximately 2400 feet

The falls flow in 5 unique plunges and one cascade all these can be viewed from the Pohono trail vicinity near Glacier point. The scenery of Yosemite waterfalls is by far the most beautiful and harmonious in the whole of United States. The fall can be accessed from the Yosemite national park.


The year is almost ending and the holiday season is here with us. If you are still pondering on the places to visit during this Christmas season, rest your worries. Take a  just a few seconds of your time and imagine yourself standing in front of a waterfall or boat riding along it enjoying the beautiful scenery and the clean and fresh environment, reflecting on the things you have achieved throughout this year that is about to end.Sounds like a dream come true, right!.

All this is possible because waterfalls are easily accessed, and the places are affordable to visit. You don’t need to cough a lot of dollars to view a waterfall no, not in this time and era. This piece features top ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world that will blow your mind away.

If you don’t make it visit any of the above waterfalls, this Christmas season add one of the above waterfalls in your places you should visit in 2017 diary, and you will not regret.

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