Top 18 Most Difficult instruments to play

What is the hardest instrument to play? Like most things in life, opinions vary from person to person and we all have different abilities.

Therefore, everyone probably has their own opinion to the above question. But still then, are there some musical instruments that are said to be the hardest to play? Yes, there are. Below, we will delve into some of the top 18 hardest instruments players have reported as being quite difficult to learn and play. Scroll down further and find out.

18. Cellocello

The Cello comes from the Italian language and is a bowed stringed instrument with 4 strings perfectly placed in fifths. The Cello is a difficult instrument to play, mainly because of the increments in the notes are much further apart than other stringed instruments. Thus, this requires more shifting, and since the notes are indefinite on a string instrument it is harder to get the right note effect. Other than that, the cello has a very wide range, 5 octaves.

The hardest part when playing the Cello is that you need to co-ordinate your bow and fingers together too and these in themselves need separate co-ordination hence mastering this act is not easy. A lot of string hopping is involved as well in getting the right desired sound which means that playing is not that easy as well.

17. Piccolopiccolo-1

This instrument is designed for people with small hands, other than that, it requires one to blow in so much air so that it can produce high ends which can be difficult to maintain while playing.

This instrument is not an easy instrument to work with and it requires a lot of practice in knowing the right amount of air to blow into it to give the right tune.

16. Wheelharpwheelharp

The wheelharp is a fairly new musical instrument in the market. This instrument is designed to produce the rich sounds of the existing stringed instruments but in a more refined sound.

Its keyboard controls 61 bowed strings, so one musician can sound like an orchestra- or at least the string section of it. Learning how to play the keyboard to control the bowed strings to get the right kind of sound is not an easy task, it takes a lot of practice and patience to be able to hack it.

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15. Pedal Steel Guitar/Electric Guitarpedal-steel-guitar-or-electric-guitar

This instrument is a guitar fitted on legs and a stand. Other than that, there are foot pedals fitted which change the pitch of the strings when played. During practice, the sound effect might not be bad for the listener but for the player to get the right notes really well to master this instrument can take quite some time.

Coordinating the strings with the hands and feet to produce that perfect musical effect is not easy with this instrument. A lot of practice and good training is required

14. Banjobanjo

The Banjo is an instrument with 4,5 or 6 strings that are tied around a thin membrane and stretched over a resonator. The banjo is all about doing three things at once and getting up to the right speed as you play.

Though Banjo is an easy instrument to make a sound on, learning how to get your fingers to coordinate the strings while playing and play up to speed is the hard part.

13. Hardingfelehardingfele

The Hardingfele looks like the violin but in a sleeker look, it has more exquisite trims and carvings plus twice as many strings a violin has. This is a customary musical instrument in Norway.

Though it looks really good, mastering how to coordinate the different strings can be quite daunting. Though, this eases with lots of practice and proper training.

12. Violaviola

The Viola is a bow stringed instrument that is similar to the violin. However, this instrument is bigger than the Violin but has a deeper and lower sound that that of the violin.

The difficulty in playing this instrument comes in the awkward playing position, has a wide noise to music gap plus it may be painful on the fingers for a beginner.

11. Didgeridoodidgeridoo

This is a musical instrument that looks like a longhorn. This instrument is fairly hard to build. In fact, the Aboriginal craftsmen spend considerable time searching for a suitable tree to make into a didgeridoo. This instrument is quite difficult to make the right music with.

The difficulty lies with the nearly impossible breathing technique you use when playing this instrument, the user has to learn the appropriate circular breathing technique where they have to breathe through the nose and breathe out through the mouth so as to blow air into the Didgeridoo so as to produce music. If not done right, the noise can be annoying.

10. Accordionsaccordions

The Accordion also knew as squeezebox (in colloquial usage) is a well-known musical instrument in the world. The Accordion belongs to a family of box-shaped musical instruments that are bellows-driven. This instrument is particularly hard to learn and play.

An accordionist plays this instrument by expanding or compressing the bellows while pressing the keys. Though it considerably a hard instrument to play, Accordions are in great demand in various cultural programmers for their harmonic sound. In addition, this musical instrument is used in some countries like Europe in Folk Music while in some other countries it is used as a solo instrument.

9. Drumsdrums

The drum has been around for a very long time, in fact, it is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world today. The drum belongs to the percussion group. The drum has a basic design that has to remain unchanged in all its years.

Drums in such a way that they have an at least one membrane that is referred to as the drum skin or the drumhead which is stretched over a shell and struck when playing to produce a sound. Drums require being played by one person while others require a set of two or more drummers such as the Timpani or the bongo drums.

The use of drums is very popular in religious settings. Learning how to play the basics drums can be easy but it is quite cumbersome to learn and play the drums in high level.

8. Bag Pipebag-pipe

The Bagpipe is a common musical instrument in parades, it is as well incredibly remarkable and creates really nice music. The bagpipe is an old music instrument that belongs to aerophones which are a class of musical instrument that uses enclosed reeds. The Bag Pipe is also an old musical instrument that has its history unknown, though, the Oxford Dictionary dates its origin back as far as 1000BC.

This instrument has 9 notes that should always be played at a consistent pressure to prevent the charter from falling out of tune. In addition, this instrument requires the player to blow in air(Creating some sought of wind) so that the bagpipe can produce sound. This can be very difficult especially when the song being played takes quite some time to play.

7. Harpharp

The harp is a very popular music instrument, that has multi-strings on it. The harp consists of strings, the neck, and the resonator. The Harp is used as a solo instrument and is very popular for producing really hot and enjoyable music.

This instrument is used in all parts of the world and has been used to play harmonious music in concerts and orchestras. Though the harp is well known for its harmonic sweet sound, playing the instrument is not easy and can be quite tedious.

Why? Because the task of using pedals to change the notes is challenging, the strain caused by the finger systems and hand locations can be cumbersome, and lastly, coordinate between the feet and hands while playing takes a lot of practice, mastering, and patience for one to get it right.

6. Pianopiano

The prevalence of using pianos has increased exceedingly since the 18th century, being the world’s most famous instrument, the piano is, in fact, the shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian word for the instrument.

The Piano is simply a soundboard with metallic strings sited that is embraced with a protective wooden case. Normally, the piano has 88 keys with each key produce a different sound variation, learning how to coordinate this keys and play a song is actually the hard part.

Any novice will not have an easy time learning the instrument particularly because learning to coordinate both hands at the same time and hit the right keys simultaneously to produce a melody can be quite a daunting task. The Piano is a very handy instrument not to mention it produces very nice sound; the piano has been used far and wide during an array of different performances.

5. Classical Guitarclassical-guitar

The classical guitar belongs to the guitar family and has 6 strings on it. Though the classical guitar resembles a modern guitar, the materials used to make them are different plus it’s harder playing the classical guitar than the modern-day guitar.

The Guitar is probably one of the most stylish musical instruments in the world, rock stars make it look like playing the instrument is like taking a walk but in the real sense, it’s not. Learning how to play the guitar, in the beginning, is boring and tedious not to mention there is some intense pain felt on the fingers due to pulling the strings.

4. Organorgan

The Organ is one of the loudest, biggest and one of the most difficult instruments to play and often referred to as the king of instruments. The Organ gives very nonchalant melodious music which can easily hypnotize most of the hearts.

Though most people associate the Organ with church music, this instrument was actually played in the medieval period in and during certain events like races and games all through the Greek and Roman world. The organ is an instrument with various keyboards, which can be played either with the feet or with the hand. Mastering this technique is not quite easy, it becomes cumbersome to sustain the pedal while playing this instrument.

3. Oboeoboe

The oboe instrument is a woodwind instrument with the double reed. This is a 65 cm long wooden tube with a flared bell, a conical bore and metal keys that produce an amazing sound effect.

The Oboe is a popular instrument that has been used in various film music, concert bands, chamber music and orchestras. The trick with this instrument comes with playing it. Obey players often need to have a wide chest and need to practice the skill of sustaining their breath as they play it.

2. French Hornfrench-horn

The French Horn which originally originated in Germany is a bass instrument. It comprises of more than 20 feet of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. The mouthpiece of this instrument is the key to making the French Horn player good at it and produce a great sound. This musical instrument is very difficult to play.

The player needs to have the ability to constantly put the breath in the tube plus the player has to enclose the tube properly and fingers should touch properly to the keys so that the right sound is produced this needs a lot of mastery which can be difficult to attain.

1. Violinviolin

The Violin is one of the smallest musical instrument not to mention it is also arguably the most difficult instrument to play. All string instruments are said to be quite difficult but none of the stands out as much as the Violin.

The violin has 4 strings and is played with a bow which draws on the strings to produce sound. The violin prompts the use of the whole body both emotionally and physically. While playing the violin, the player needs to keep their posture right and hold the instrument correctly as well. This art is not easy to master hence a lot of practice and patience is needed to grasp the skill.

Most people start to train their kids how to play the violin when they are 4-8 years so that they can master the skill while they are still young.

There are many musical instruments that have played a major role in transforming music. These musical instruments can be found in all parts of the globe. Some are easy to learn and play while some take up more effort and time for one to be excellent at it. Truth be told whether an instrument is said to be “Hard” or “Easy”, this is all dependent on the kind of notes one is asked to play the music.

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