Top 15 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World

Drinking alcohol is perceived to come with a lot of pleasure and happiness especially when taken in moderation. Alcohol consumption didn’t start now you will be surprised that it dates back 10,000 BC. The art of making alcohol is improving time by time and more industries growing and others coming up all in a bid to satisfy the growing urge of consuming alcohol by human beings.

In the alcohol world, they are too many alcohol brands that we may lose count if we were to start counting them now. What makes everyone who is into alcohol enjoy a bottle of it is that there is alcohol made for everyone whether rich or poor.

Today we would like to put our focus on the most expensive alcoholic drinks that we have in the world that are enjoyed by the higher, famous and the mighty. Below is a list of top 15 most expensive alcoholic drinks.

15.  Bombay Sapphire Revelation. $ 200,000bombay-sapphire-revelation-200000

When it comes to spirit liquor industry, Bombay Sapphire takes the lead.  Karim Rashid is a top designer who designed the bottles of Bombay sapphires with diamonds that are made of hand crystal. You will get to enjoy the great taste of Bombay Sapphire drink made with ten botanical ingredients that create the complex and redefined taste. The drink is recognized around the globe for its unique translucent blue bottle.

14. The Winston Cocktail.$ 14,000the-winston-cocktail-14000

Here comes the world most costly cocktail the Winston, if you want to enjoy some nicely made cocktails without minding the price Winston cocktail is the drink for you.

Joel Heffernan caught the world by storm in 2013 when he unveiled this cocktail. With just a $ 14,000 don’t expect to go with a bottle of Winston cocktail home to show off your friends and family. No, you only get to enjoy the drink which is a blend of 1858 Cuvee Leonie, part Chartreuse Viellissement Exception element Prolongé, 60ml of Cognac Croizet and part Grand Marnier Quintessence not forgetting a hint of Angostura Bitters.

13. Royal Salute Tribute. $200,000royal-salute-tribute-200000

Just by the look of this bottle alone, you will be convinced that it’s a good value for the price.

The 45-year-old whisky was created to honor Queen Elizabeth II with over 21 jewel-encrusted porcelain decanters released worldwide the state of the art bottles are decorated with over 400 white and black bottles by Royal jewelry Garrard. The blended Scotch whisky is far much worth this much.

12. Legacy by Angostura. $25,000legacy-by-angostura-25000

First I would like to appreciate the beautiful bottle that comes with the drink it’s a true definition of beauty and elegant.

Far from the look of the bottle, this drink is the world most expensive rum. It’s made of a mix of 7 brands most special and precious rums making the drink exclusive and unequaled.

11. Penfolds Ampoule. $ 170,000penfolds-ampoule-170000

If whisky or Legacy doesn’t get you high, then a red wine by Penfolds will do you a great deal. The design of the glass sculpture will make you appreciate the South Australian Heritage and their artisans.

The Penfolds 42 is a single vineyard wine made from the oldest continuously ever-producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the globe.

10. Chateau d’Yquem. $130,000chateau-yquem-130000

Regarded as the greatest wine in the world the chateau is fermented in oak barrels and left to mature in barrels for up to 3 years.

The company was for long managed under family ownership before being sold to Louis Vuitton in 1999 but the former director Mr.Alexandre is still in charge now the company has marked over 300 years in the wine industry, and they have maintained a strong reputation for making the finest and quality wine worth the price.

9. Dalmore 62. $ 215, 000dalmore-62-215-000

The world most expensive scotch whisky is Dalmore 62 since its release in 2012 it has only 12 bottles produced which make it a worth investment and the first one was bought at Singapore airport by an unidentified man.

8. Vieille Bon Secours Ale. $1,075vieille-bon-secours-ale-1075

To the beer lovers here comes the most expensive beer in the world from the small town of Peruwelz in the vast country of Belgium.

This beer is only found in few most expensive restaurants in the world. For the few who have tasted this beer, they have described the beer to have a complex taste with toffee, citric, and caramel flavors with a hint of liquorice and aniseed.

7.  Armand de Brignac Midas. $ 275,000armand-de-brignac-midas-275000

Proudly produced by the famous Cattier family in the small village of Chigny Les Roses the champagne texture is deliciously creamy. The bottle has just enough liquor for everybody as it has 30 liters and weighs 100 pounds and it is usually carried by several staffs to the table once ordered.

6. Diva Vodka. $ 1,000,000diva-vodka-1000000

If you are that type who doesn’t spend much on alcohol the price of Diva Vodka will drive you insane, but as we said earlier there is a drink for everyone, and this here is for super and wealthiest.

The most exclusive and expensive Vodka in the world Diva vodka is triple refined first its ice filtered then filtered through birch charcoal to bring out the complexity of the flavor and finally and the most critical stage this special vodka is filtered through sand made precious gems to get rid of any remaining impurities. The bottle is made of precious stones in the middle.

5. Henri IV Champagne. $2,000,000henri-iv-champagne-2000000

Also known as the DNA of cognac the Henri IV comes in an elegant bottle. Its production dated back in 1976, and it has ever since aged in the bottles for over 100 years making it worth this much because old is gold.

Its precious bottle is decorated with around 6500 certified brilliant cut diamonds and crafted in sterling platinum and 24K Yellow Gold. The alcohol content is 41%.

4. Tequila Ley 925. $ 3.5Milliontequila-ley-925-3-5million

With a dragon theme design and the scales covering the bottle plus the metal dragons tooth fixed around the neck, this is an enough reason why you have to shell out all those dollars just to buy yourself this drink.

The tequila stays 18 months in the oak barrels to bring out the aroma and flavors that make you crave for more.

3. Macallan 64 year old. $ 460,000macallan-64-year-old-460000

Many of us will probably die without getting a chance to taste the most expensive whisky Macallan that is 64 years old that appeared in the Guinness book of records, but this won’t stop us from dreaming.

This Scottish whisky was produced from 3 sherry –seasoned Spanish oaks casks and record have it that the first was filled in 1942, 1945 and 1946 respectively. The first one to be sold in 2010 for $ 464,000 and the proceeds were donated to the charity water which assists individuals in the developing world to get safe drinking water.

2. The Diamond Jubilee. $ 200,000the-diamond-jubilee-200000

Crafted to mark the 60th anniversary of the legendary Queen Elizabeth reign this Diamond Jubilee by John Walker is a true expression and definition of Whisky blender crafts. This whisky had been stored in oak barrels after the war, and in 1952 only three whiskies were picked which filled 60 bottles, Which one was given to Queen Elizabeth during her anniversary another one was put on a plinth, and the rest are out there in the market, and you can enjoy one at a robust price of $ 200,000 only.

It’s kept in a state of the art decanter handcrafted using Baccarat crystals half –carat diamond, Britannia silver and studded makes this bottle of whisky worth every penny.

1. Mendis Coconut Brandy. $1,000,000mendis-coconut-brandy-1000000

This million dollar brandy is from the re-known company Mendis and co. Ltd, the first company, to offer the first coconut made liquor made from 100% natural clear brandy that is distilled from the essence of the coconut flower. It has aged for over two years in Hamilla wood casks bringing a subtle taste of coconut, and it can be mixed with different drinks just as clear spirit.


Perhaps when you heard about top 15 most expensive alcohol drinks, you didn’t think one would cost up to all this much, but here it is. For most of the drinks here that cost more than one million dollars, it’s clear that it’s only the mighty and the wealthiest multi-dollar billionaire’s persons in the world that can afford it.

The rest of us have to either continue dreaming of affording at least one, work hard to get enough dollars to afford a drink or gatecrash a party where few of the above are tested for which the opportunity is rare.

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