Top 16 Most Expensive Car Brands In The World

Well, as a bigger percent of people treat cars as a necessity that will help them get from point A to B and hence looking for a pocket-friendly car while not compromising on quality, to some this doesn’t happen.

They are luxurious cars designed with amazing and exorbitant accessories from the renown brands, and they are afforded by the higher and mighty.

These most expensive car brands cost around an 8 figure amount that some of us may die without ever having a chance to own or even drive one.

These vehicles are beyond just offering transportation they represent a state of the art accessories and style, perhaps the reason why they are very costly.

If you are a car enthusiast or you are planning to reward yourself with a luxurious one then this piece is for you, below is the list of top 16 most expensive cars brands in the world.

16. Ferrari

When people here about Ferrari brand their heart skips a bit a lot of great things are associated with this brand. One of their most expensive cars is the beautiful Ferrari 290MM.

First, it’s a race car, the design is elegant, and if you are a speed guy this one here is the right car for you. Ferrari 290MM features a maximum speed of 280km/h with an engine of V12 you can ride from 0-100 km in just 10 seconds how amazing is that!

The engineers of this race car only built three units of this car and who knows maybe you may be among the few to put your hands on this giant!

15. Mercedes-Benz 540K


The Mercedez Company was not wrong with their slogan that goes ‘in a perfect world everyone will drive a Mercedes-Benz, ’ and when it comes to their luxury car models the slogan is proven right.

The notable model is the Mercedes-Benz 540K it would be everyone wish to be behind the wheel of this state of the art vehicle and ride on it every day, everywhere.

But the flipside is that this car is no longer on sale they just made a few units of it and if you dream of having it unless you pray that someone who owns it now decides to re-sell it.

The car features a speed of 168km/h which means that it can move from 0-10km in 16 seconds. The car was designed by one person with the best brains Friedrich Geiger as a two- seater called Cabriolet.

14. Maybach Exeleromaybach-exelero-3544639

This spectacular car was invented in 2004 as the sports car with V12 turbo twin engine and 700 horsepower all this make it worth the price tag.

The car was built in German and as we all know German attention to details when designing their products is their priority, they designed this car as an improvement of the old version of 1930 legendary sports cars.
It was built by Maybach-Motorenbau, as a special request by Fulda tires and it features a speed of 351km/h and moves from 0-10km for 4.4 seconds!

13. Lamborghini Venenolamborghini-veneno-8125690

If you ever hear of a luxurious car, great design and featuring a high speed, you should picture this bad boy Lamborghini. It’s no wonder a lot of film and songs has been shot featuring this luxurious car.

The car has a V12 engine and a horsepower of 740 horsepower and what leaves car enthusiast speechless is the incredible speed of this car 96.5km/h in 2.9 seconds.

12. W Motors Lykan Hypersportw-motors-lykan-hypersport-9227896

For the many movie fans that have watched The Fast and Furious Seven may recall this car that crashed three skyscrapers in Dubai.

One of its great features is the scissor doors, jewel-encrusted headlights, and an interior ripped straight from science fiction. It boasts of 770 horsepower and 3.7 liters twin-turbo flat six.

The Abu Dhabi highway patrol police use this car in their freeway patrol to get anyone who violates road rules and tries to run away as its speed is 240mph.

11. Maserati Ghibli


The Italian carmaker Maserati is known for manufacturing luxury expensive cars with great features and accessories that make every car they manufacture worth the price tag. The release of their latest car Ghibli caught the world by surprise, it’s quite small and a bit less expensive as compared to their previous vehicles.

It features a 3.5horsepower and 3.0l twin –turbo a great luxury car for the price.

10. Jaguarjaguar-car-8729238

Jaguar brand is associated with luxury and expensive cars despite the carmaker exchanging hands with several buyers the quality of their cars has not been compromised every car they ever made features a high quality. In 2014 alone this brand sold over 16,000 cars in the US alone.

Among the brand, models include the XF, XK, and XJ, one of their top car that leads in the sale is the F-type that is a modern improvement of E-type.

9. Porsche

Porsche is a renowned brand that manufactures one of the most luxurious vehicles one of their most expensive and popular car among many enthusiasts is the Cayenne mid-sized crossover that features different cars varying in engine and speed from 296 hp to a limit of 493 hp.

Another luxury and expensive cars under the Porsche brand are the Parameras and the Macan.

8. Lincoln


When you think of buying any car manufactured by Lincoln, you need first to set aside not just several but a lot of thousands if not millions of dollars.

Lincoln is associated with luxury, and you truly get the value of what you paid for when you buy one of their cars. One of their popular units is the MKZ line manufactured in 2006 that comes in FWD and AWD layouts, in addition, it’s powered by three engine options a 3.7L six-cylinder, 2.0L four-cylinder, and a 2.0L four-cylinder hybrid.

7. Cadillac


Cadillac is an American car manufacturer that boasts of manufacturing the famous and most luxurious car the Escalade SUV that turned out to be the favorite cars of celebrities and the billionaires and this was a great breakthrough for the company.

Besides the Escalades there is also an SRX a great that have boosted their sales due to its great luxurious features.

6. Lexus


Lexus is without a doubt a great brand that includes very expensive cars manufactured by the Toyota, a Japanese manufacturer that as mastered the art of making cars across all the classes from cheap to most expensive ones.

One of the most expensive car under Lexus brand is the famous Lexus RX mid-sized crossover that was ranked the most expensive car in the United States in 2015.

5. Rolls- Royce Dawn


For those people who like being seen while driving their cars all enjoying the serenity of the moving air, the Royce Dawn was designed for them. It’s a luxurious car that can be afforded by few people and has a convertible top.

4. BMW

The BMW brand is unquestionable when it comes to inventing the luxurious car that comes with a cost. The brand has been there since 1975, and they have mastered the art of manufacturing customized cars that money can buy.

One of their most luxurious cars is the 3 and four series and the mid-sized five series, and recently they are making a kill in sales by their newest release of X3 and X5 class.

3. Audi


Audi is a German car manufacturer that has been in the car industry since the 1930s and the company has maintained a strong brand and a good reputation in making quality cars to date. One of their most luxurious and expensive cars is the Q5 crossover and the A4 ‘executive’ car.

2. Acura


Acura is a Japanese a luxury brand for Honda that boasts of executive models like the Crossover- SUV models and the Acura MDX that was built in 2000 catered for the rich people who wants to drive in luxury and a comfortable car.

The interior of Acura MDX like a little heaven or paradise as it was built with technology in mind to make driving a car more fun and relaxing.

The car runs on a 3.5l V6, and it was used in the famous movie The Avengers and other comedic commercials.

1. Volvo


Years ago Volvo brand didn’t seem to care much about its car design, and they all seemed to look the same boxy with simple interior and in 2 colors if one was not blue then it was white. Thanks to stiff competition from other brands that made the company keep up with technology.

Among the Volvo luxurious and expensive models are four-door S60 sedan and the XC60 crossover that are priced at $45000 and $ 50,000 respectively.

In Conclusion:

Driving any luxury car from the above brands must bring along a lot of excitement and self-fulfillment as people say that money can’t buy happiness you will probably beg to differ when you go through this list or if you become lucky to afford one of the cars.

Imagining yourself behind the wheel of these cars getting on the freeway and driving at their maximum speed makes you feel like you sailing on cloud nine!

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