Top 18 Most Expensive Chocolate In The World

Chocolates often bring a big smile on everyone’s face; from children to adults, everyone loves chocolates. They are an ideal gift for every occasion and can also be given even with no occasion.

Show your love to someone by gifting a chocolate. Chocolate can also help in apologies. If you are a chocoholic, this list of the top 18 most expensive chocolate in the world is a must read.

18. CHUAO CHOCOLATIER ($79)chuao-chocolatier

In 2002, the Antonorsi Brothers founded the Chuao Chocolatier Company best known for producing unique chocolate products made with unusual ingredient combinations including chili paste, popping candy, chipotle, and cayenne pepper.

The best part is every Chuao product is not made using preservatives. Famous picks include hot chocolate, wine chocolate, vegan chocolate, brownie mixes, bonbons, and baking chocolate.

17. DEBAUVE & GALLAIS ($94)debauve-gallais

Debauve & Gallais was founded in 1800 and prides itself in making delicious chocolate products using natural products only, without dyes or preservatives.

Furthermore, the chocolate is produced using high quantities of quality cocoa and low quantities of sugar, as well as other ingredients including Spanish almonds, Turkish raisins, Perigord nuts, and Piedmont hazelnuts.

16. PIERRE MARCOLINI ($102.50)pierre-marcolini

Pierre Marcolini chocolates are perfectly made and the result is an amazing flavor which is highly appreciated by chocolate lovers.

Marcollini perfect chocolate making process and awesome recipes are unbeatable. The chocolates are available in a wide variety of textures and tastes for all potential customers.

15. RICHART CHOCOLATES ($120)richart-chocolates

Richart Chocolates is based in Lyon, France and begun its operations in 1925. These awesome chocolate products are a great work of art and culinary delights.

Currently, they are retailed in various stores across the world. These delicious treats are well known for their packaging, making them great assortments for special occasions.

14. GODIVA “G” COLLECTION ($120)godiva-g-collection

Made using the best quality ingredients including Pet d’Or and Tasmanian Honey, the “G” chocolate collection makes a tasty treat. The Godiva Chocolatier based in Belgium was established in 1926.

Today, it owns over 600 shops and boutiques across the world. Norman Love a highly skilled pastry chef envisioned the “G” collection which comprises 15 high-end chocolate pieces.


If you love the smell of cigars then you got the right chocolate for your taste buds. Manufactured by top graders, Aficionado’s chocolates smell like a cigar but the taste is totally different.

Some of the popular flavors include Milk chocolate and Italian roasted Hazelnut.


To’ak chocolate sources its cocoa from Equador. The cocoa matches the color and morphological profile of Nacional cocoa. Each chocolate bar is packaged in a handmade Spanish Elmwood box.

To’ak most expensive chocolate is the Cognac Cask Vintage Edition which was introduced in 2014. The bar was tested for 2 years and left to age for 18 months.

11. MARIELLE BELLE ($400)marielle-belle

Marielle Belle is best known for its exotic flavored chocolates which are packaged in unique jewel boxes.

The most expensive chocolate from this company is the thick and hot River of Diamonds Cien chocolate which is termed the best in New York City. Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen, a world-renowned painter replicated 9 of his best oil paintings onto these chocolates.

10. DELAFEE ($508)delafee

$508 per pound sounds a lot but Delafee offers you value for your money. Delafee is a luxurious chocolate brand whose products involve two important ingredients namely high-quality cocoa beans and 24-karat gold flakes.

The gold flakes add a touch of fine taste and exclusivity. Other components like milk powder, coconut oil, and vanilla ensure an unforgettable taste.

9. NOKA VINTAGES COLLECTION ($584)noka-vintages-collection

Noka chocolate might have gone out of business but its exquisite vintage collection is still recalled and appreciated as an incredible chocolate selection in the world.

Ingredients sourced from Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad, and Ivory Coast were used to make the chocolates in this collection.

8. MICHEL CLUZEL CHOCOLATES ($895)michel-cluzel-chocolates

Michel Cluzel was founded in 1948. The family is still in the chocolate-producing business, running several independent chocolate producing companies and owns cocoa bean farms in several parts of the world where enough cocoa grows.

The collection consists of 400 handcrafted chocolate pieces in uniquely designed packs.

7. GOLD AND DIAMOND CHOCOLATES ($1,250)gold-and-diamond-chocolates

Want to surprise someone you love in an innovative manner? Well, Gold and Diamond chocolates can be shaped to resemble any type of jewelry.

Use it as a ring during a proposal or as a sweet dish for your taste buds.

6. WISPA GOLD WRAPPED CHOCOLATE ($1,628)wispa-gold-wrapped-chocolate

Wispa Gold wrapped chocolates are manufactured by the Cadbury Company which is a very popular chocolate brand.

The company produces a variety of chocolates in different price ranges. Celebrities are fond of this delicious chocolate which is coated with a gold eatable wrapper.

5. LA MADELINE AU TRUFFLE CHOCOLATES ($2,600)la-madeline-au-truffle-chocolates

Fritz Knipschildt is the mastermind behind the Knipschildt Chocolatier which was founded in 1999. His products are exclusively handmade and have a unique taste.

The most expensive product from this brand is La Madeline au Truffle, an awesome dark chocolate truffle containing French black truffle made with Valrhona cocoa and truffle oil. Sounds delicious, right?

4. SWAROVSKI STUDDED CHOCOLATES ($10,000)swarovski-studded-chocolates

This is an ideal gift for a chocoholic friend. Swarovski-studded chocolates are designed by a Lebanese chocolatier using Harrods and Patchi.

This chocolate was awarded the best chocolate in the world by Academy of chocolate thanks to its exclusive and exotic feel. The chocolate is coated with an Indian hand woven silk.

3. GOLDEN SPECKLED EGG (($11,107)golden-speckled-egg

Golden Speckled Egg was masterminded by William Curley a Guinness World record holder for the introduction of the world’s first non-jeweled chocolate egg which was auctioned at a whopping $11,107! A popular technology investor, Cyrus Vandrevala bought this egg.

The body of the egg is completely dipped in Amadei chocolate believed to be the best chocolate in the world.

2. FRROZEN HAUTE CHOCOLATE ($25,000)frrozen-haute-chocolate

The name alone can completely leave you salivating. This yummy chocolate is made with 28 best cocoas and edible gold.

Frrozen Haute is produced by a New York City eatery. The dessert also comes with a diamond and a gold bracelet at the base.

1. LE CHOCOLATE BOX ($1.5 Million)le-chocolate-box

The Le Chocolate Box is completely out of this world! The most expensive chocolate in the world is rich in taste and has a unique style. The box’s elegant design and jewelry will leave you completely amazed.

Simon Jewelers came up with this amazing concept that you will absolutely fall in love with. The box also has a complete jewelry and gourmet chocolate collection.

Overall, chocolate recipes have been modified over time, with culinary experts striving to create the perfect, delicious cocoa-based treat. Similar to other food delights, the chocolate’s price is directly linked to its quality and exclusivity.

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