Top 16 Most Expensive Iphone Cases

Whenever iPhone is mentioned what comes to our mind is a high-quality costly phone with a stylish and sleek design that is worth every penny.

The apple company has made it through the smartphones world, and every year they have a nice surprise of a new version phone with more advanced features than the previous one, and this keeps iPhone owners looking forward to the day the newest kid on the block will be unveiled.

Truth be told Apple company makes the best smartphones as compared to any other brand in today’s market it has almost every feature that the user needs to make his/her life better not forgetting its user-friendly nature.

What has caught the world by big surprise is their expensive cases, did you know that some iPhone cases cost more than even some iPhone phones! Sounds crazy right! Okay, these bad boys need a good casing to protect the phone from falling and scratches.

While a less expensive case will do the work the richest of the rich wants also an expensive case that is stylish and well decorated to complement the phone itself.

Today we have researched the top 16 most expensive iPhone cases that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Case- $595dolce-gabbana-case

From the look alone you can be convinced that this case is worth a penny. It features a gold chain different from other cases this one is unique as it has a wallet design.

The case is made with the best leather material hence an assurance of durability. Additionally, the case has a soft fabric lining and a 47-inch body strap.

What makes this case to stand out from the rest is the separate compartments for the phone and sleeves to keep your money, in other words, this case serves as a phone case and a wallet as well avoiding you the hustles of carrying two wallets. With all these amazing features this case is worth the $600.

  1. Swarovski Crystal Covered Case – $239swarovski-crystal-covered-case

To the iPhone owners who love colored things, then this crystal case would be a perfect match for them. It’s a multicolored plastic case embedded with a beautiful bear, stones, roses, bows that make this case distinct from the rest out there.

  1. The Tower Flower case- $ 1495the-tower-flower-case

You will like everything made of this iPhone case probably even more than the phone itself, from its compact sleek and stylish design to the well-decorated gems.

There are many features with this case that justifies its price first besides being plastic it’s the value of decoration that matters, that is the sparkling gold Eiffel tower all covered by gems and pearly white flowers.

If you spend too much on your iPhone, then match it up with a cool expensive case.

  1. Titanium Case from Brikk – $4430titanium-case-from-brikk

While it may not make a lot of sense to people on buying an expensive phone case that costs thousands of dollars while a $5-dollar case can do the same job this doesn’t bother the rich people. To them, the case needs to be as good as the phone itself.

The case is crafted from solid titanium and comes in three different colors to choose from gray, platinum or gold. The titanium shell made of this sleek case features some practical protection capabilities hence your device can’t get scratches or break if it falls. You will definitely get the value for your money when you invest in this case.

  1. Gucci Crocodile Casegucci-crocodile-case

Gucci is a renowned brand that has been in the market for many decades now. While it’s mostly on fashion like clothes, bags, and shoes the brand has also found its place in the iPhone casing world. This case is made of crocodile shell making it the best protector for your iPhone.

More so, the case is weather resistant hence when you are out on chilly weather you don’t have to worry having your phone inside this case is well taken care of. It’s one of the best cases you can have for your iPhone.

  1. The Case-Mate Case $4271the-case-mate-case

This case might look simple, but it’s very valuable the case is crafted with a hard plastic shell with a silicone line. What makes this case sell more is the sound proof technology that redirects the sound outside the iPhone.

Additionally, this case does the extraordinary job as it allows you to customize features according to the way you want them to be.

You can also decorate the case with pictures, flowers or gems.

  1. Dragon and Spider Case- $880,000dragon-and-spider-case

This might be the most expensive iPhone case so far from Anita Mai Tan. From the look alone you can tell that this case is worth thousands of dollars. It’s made up of 16 karats white gold and fixed real diamonds with a total weight of 32 karats perhaps the reason this case is highly priced.

It has a dragon attached to its back to complement the look, but it also has a downside as you can’t fit in the pocket.

  1. Lux from Brikk – $4,995lux-from-brikk

If you are looking for a stylish case with a sleek design you should consider the Lux case. You may have to cough out 5000 dollars but what you get in return is a worth cover that has been the talk of the town since its release. The exquisite case is gold in color, and one of the lightest as Brikk Company customized it without adding unnecessary ornaments on its back.

What you will be having is a golden phone to flaunt about if you are that kind of a person.

  1. Louis Vuitton Case- $330louis-vuitton-case

Luis Vuitton is a known brand, and besides being in the line of handbags, shoes but they also caught the world by surprise by squeezing themselves in making iPhone case, sunglasses, and other jewelry.

This has been the most sorted case by iPhone lovers retailing at  $330 the case features an iconic Louis Vuitton that make it stand out from non-branded cases.

The benefit of this casing to your iPhone is the protection from scratches as it has a micro -fiber lining.

  1. Hand-crafted Togo Leather- $299hand-crafted-togo-leather

This one here comes in to break the monotony of the dazzling diamond and gems encrusted cases we have mentioned in this list. If you are wondering what makes this to cost a whole $300 is the exquisite leather with a perfect finish.

As if that not enough the designer of this bag included a ‘puppy pendant’ in it making it worth the mention.

  1. Gresso Line- $3,000gresso-line

While Gresso is known to produce independent and handmade bespoke smartphones and some other accessories, there is just one that has kept competitors on their toes. The titanium shell case for iPhone has a lot to be desired as the material is an aircraft grade which is exceptionally strong.

Having been designed from that material, who are we to question the price!

  1. Alexander Amosu- $2,700,000alexander-amosu

If you thought that it’s only a ring made of diamond that is expensive and every person desires to put a diamond ring on his/her finger well, your encounter with this case will make you change your perception.

This iPhone casing boasts of being encrusted with more than 6000 on an 18000 gold shell.

The designers of this case are believed to have taken two months to complete its production there are just a few in the market and definitely the most expensive iPhone case so far.

  1. Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases – $10,000miansai-14-carat-gold-cases


Miansai cover is one of undisputable iPhone case you will love everything about it from a stylish design to being a luxurious cover that makes your phone more precious. The reason this case holds that price tag of $10,000 is because it’s proudly made with 14karat gold.

A lot of iPhone owners want it, but only few can afford it.

  1. Glitter Ring iPhone Cover- $400glitter-ring-iphone-cover

If you are a fan of glitters, then this iPhone case is perfect for you. It features more than 1,000 real Swarovski crystals that make it dazzling and more beautiful that every person you encounter wants to have a look and touch your iPhone case.

Unlike other encrusted cases, this case comes with a repair kit with other crystals in case some fall off.

  1. Diamond iPhone Case- $20,000diamond-iphone-case

This diamond case is for the chosen, few those people who don’t mind shelling out several dollars that are 50 times more the cost of the phone. It’s made of 3.5 karats of diamond that’s makes your iPhone precious and classy than anything else.

  1. Orbino Strada- $320orbino-strada

We have mentioned several cases that are made of leather but what make this one here stands out from the rest is the patented that is made of palladium metal. Besides the Strada belt being removable it can also be used to prop your device so that you can watch videos at your desk.

This case is designed with a screen protector and a connector access making it worth every penny.


In conclusion:

Are you are a proud iPhone user? There is need to go through the above list of top 16 most expensive iPhone cases and plan on shopping one for yourself. Besides the cases being luxurious they also offer protection to your device.

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