9 of most expensive laptops

Using a laptop is not just a matter of convenience anymore, it a matter of status quo. If you thought the brand of clothes you wear and the car you drive would establish your value, think again! The model of laptop you use can equally make a difference. To look pricey, you need to be pricey. Be warned! We are not talking about laptops that cost a few thousand dollars, but millions.
Here is our list of the nine most expensive laptops that cost a bomb.
1 Luvaglio ($1 000 000)

Every single aspect of the laptop is designed to your unique specifications – from the material, features to the software installed. It has a reliable 128 GB drive, embedded USB stick, an automatic display cleaning system and a superb MP3 player.

For a million dollar, you might feel the laptop has nothing noteworthy until you check the Swarovski diamond studded keyboard.
2. Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook   $355,000

Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook
It does not offer high performance, fantastic display or an extraordinary feature, but what it does offer is a definite boost to your vanity. Every budding fashionista with impeccable style sense and loads of money stashed away will scout for this one. It is designed to look like a stylish handbag, with a diamond encrusted leather cover and chrome handle. Needless to say, it is every bit as girly as it could get.
3.Ego for Bentley $20 000

Rock Xtreme SL8
If Tulip is a little too flashy for your taste, then you can always go for its subtle version. Ego for Bentley is for divas, who like to keep it stylish at all times. It features a 16-bit Vista operating system and 160-gigabyte HDD. With a brand name like Bentley, you need not worry about functionality.
4.Voodoo Envy HI 71
This laptop offers you both, exceptional performance and superb style. The laptop is powered by 4 GB RAM, twin NVIDIA Quadro FX Go 2500m Graphic chipset, high-performance processor and dual hard disk.
5.Alienware Area 51

Alienware Area 51
If you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the laptop that you need to invest in. The laptop comes loaded with pretty awesome features, including Intel Core dual processor, high-speed RAID configuration, 15.4-inch Wide XGA LCD screen and IT B hard disk drive. Not only is this an excellent choice for avid gamers, but also movie buffs that prefer to watch their movies in high screen resolution.
6.Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds

Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds
Lenovo is not known for producing pricey laptops, but this one is an exceptiom It sports some impressive features, including a handy secondary display, core two quad extreme processors; 4GB RAM and integrated digitizer. This is an excellent tool for business people who have to multitask.
7. The Earth Simulator

The Earth Simulator
When it comes to electronics, Japan often places high on the list of countries that provide top quality products, and computers are no exceptiom The budget was provided by the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) and is regularly used on international projects. These include studies on climate change, atmospheric research and oceanographic simulation and construction
began in 1997.

It worked at a fast pace and was built in California by the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It boasts a huge memory (32 terabytes), a high bandwidth and low latency 3D torus as well as having a chip multiprocessor with a total of 4MB L3 cache on chip
9.Aspire One Netbook

Aspire One Netbook
The smaller and somewhat less powerful version of a laptop is called a netbook, and they are regularly used along with a broad range of web-based applications. The idea behind these netbooks is they are easy to carry and should be attractive to school-age children, especially in developing countries.

Should You Buy the Expensive Laptop?

They work mostly by using a computer and need some features to support the good final result. They require the device which enables them to do the tasks effectively and efficiently.

The laptop comes to offer the fantastic portability features.Thus people can do their duties and do other things by using the computer whenever and wherever they want.There are many different things you need to know you want to buy expensive laptops.

The amount of money you would have spent should be followed by the guarantee that the product you would have bought is the real best suitable one.
Buying the expensive laptop needs more careful consideration. The performance and power become the two main aspects to think about. You spend your money to get the ultimate benefits from those two things.

The most expensive laptop in the world costs one million Dollars. It is not only about function, but also the great look.

In fact, some people pay more attention to the style than the essential function and features. What can you expect from such incredibly expensive thing? Material and unique features become the two principal reasons. For millionaires, it is not a big deal. What about you? An expensive laptop will be functional and durable. Thus you must pay more to get such thing.
There are four basic types of laptop, and the two most popular types are such as ultra light and tablet laptop Anyway, the first class provides the better portability than some other laptops. It is smaller in size and also less powerful than others.

It is ideal for traveling and let you feel great for its easy care and maintenance. What about the tablet laptop? Recently, it strikes the market as a new trend and comes at very high price. Apple has released their iPad as the new invention of the amazing gadget.

Further, the two remaining types are called the budget laptop and the desktop replacement laptop. It can also be called as a cheap laptop. Commonly, the screen is colossal, and it is hefty. The desktop replacement laptop comes as the last type which offers a wide-screen product with complete features. It is the most expensive of all.

It is sturdy and ideal for those who wish to feel the same convenience of desktop computers. Choosing the best laptop should be based on several aspects, including the needs, looks, colors, features, price and some other possible considerations. If you have found the option which fulfills the four aspects above, that one is probably the best choice for you.

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