Top 15 Most Popular Chocolate Brands

Chocolates are one of the most popular snacks and food types there is in the world. If you don’t love chocolate, you probably have bad taste.

Anyway, for those who are chocolate lovers, have you tried all the chocolates the world has to offer? Probably not? Here is a list of the top 15 most popular chocolate brands in the world and am sure some of your personal favorites. Have a look and be marveled.

15. Valhornavalhorna-1

The French producer of this brand knows how to do his thing. Many people think that the more expensive the chocolate the better the taste.

However, this chocolate brand comes to prove them wrong. The rich sweet taste of this chocolate may just make any chocolate hater into a chocolate lover. You don’t believe me? Try it yourself and see for yourself.

14. Wonkawonka-chocolate

This chocolate brand that sprouted in 1971 is a complete blowing marvelous expectation. A fish out of the water kind of chocolate that will marvel any chocolate lover looking for something different.

13. Toffiffeetoffiffee-chocolate

Want some lovely chocolates to carry around to delight your taste buds whenever you want? This hazelnut caramel toffee will do just it for you.

12. Cailliercaillier-chocolate

This chocolate is probably the second oldest chocolate in the world and hey, it still manages to be among the most popular chocolates the world has to offer. These Swiss chocolates come in different flavors that will delight almost any chocolate lover.

These chocolates are so good that you will close your eyes just to have all your senses concentrate on only the safer taste.

11. Dairy Milk silkdairy-milk-silk

If you are looking for an exclusive milk brand, try out Dairy Milk Silk. It literally melts in your mouth and makes you savvier those moments it’s lingering on your tongue. It is also a leading brand in most countries in the world.

10. Kitkatkitkat

This chocolate is considered by Chocolate lovers as one of the oldest chocolates available on the shelves today, though it may not be as old as some other brands featured in this review, it is indeed old.

It was born in 1935 and since then, its rich taste has been craved by a myriad of chocolate lovers all around the world.this chocolate is broken into different parts and comes in a sealed paper with a beautiful look. This brand was originally known as Kit Cat but later morphed to Kit Kat, one of the most sorts after chocolates the world has today.

9. Lindt and Sprunglilindt-and-sprungli

This incredible taste of this chocolate emerged in the world in Zurich in 1845, though those are some very long years back, this chocolate has evolved into some of the most incredible tastes the world has ever had.

This brand has the best white chocolate in the world that people can stop craving for. It further brings forth some handsome collections to choose from that would appeal all chocolate lovers in the world. It also comes in an appealing sleek look.

8. Cardburycardbury

Cardbury is a well-known chocolatier who started his career in London in 1824. The heirs of him started this existence of this one of a kind chocolate brand in 1913 which I must say has evolved into some of the best chocolates the world has ever seen and tasted.

The delightful Cadbury bar comes in Milk Bars, Flakes, Crunches and Fruit Nuts, and crunches. Known as the world’s most selling chocolate, Cardbury is an absolute crowd cheer for anyone.

7. Tobleronetoblerone


This delicious pack of goodness started back in 1908, it was first a premium dessert for royalties before it became one of the world leading and selling chocolates. Many of us today adore the rich taste that comes in this prism shaped goodness of Toblerone chocolate.

Made of Almonds, Nougats, Cocoa and rich honey, this is an absolute delight of magic packed in a small box. In addition, it comes in a variety of flavors to suit everyone’s tastes that include Fruit Nuts’ & ‘Honey Comb’, ‘Plain’, Pralines and White.

6. Marsmars

Mars is considered as one of the most inspiring chocolate brands available in the world. Like the previous year and the year before that and the year before that, you get where am going with this right? Mars has been on the charts for one of the most loved and popular chocolates in the world albeit for all the good reasons. Having its roots in the olden days dating back to 1932, this chocolate never fails to amaze.

This chocolate has a magical out of this world taste that comprises of minced almonds, nougat, a honey coating and best of all caramel toppings. Beyond that, this chocolate comes in different varieties such as The Fling, Almond, Dark, Lava, Midnight and Light.

5. Patchipatchi

Niziar a chocolatier, founded this brand in 1974 and since then it has been a crowd favorite and one of the moist sorts after chocolate brand in the world. Patchi chocolates are some of the best combinations of Swiss and Belgium making the taste incredibly amazing.

The wafers and chocolates sold by this brand are worth a taste to any chocolate lover in the world.

4. Domingo Ghirardelidomingo-ghirardeli

The story behind the Italian founder and creator of this chocolates is absolutely inspiring. Founded in 1852, Domingo Ghirardeli had just stepped out of poverty when he decided to try out something new and make this tasty and beautiful chocolates.

He had no idea that this chocolate brand would dive into the world and be a personal favorite of so many people, well, it did. At number 4, the irresistible Ghirardeli chocolates are made from milk, chocolate with coco darks that darks for producing a tasty caramel.

3. Galaxygalaxy

Founded in 1986, Galaxy is one of the most sorts after chocolates in the world, with a fair share of its company owned by the Mars brand also featured in this review, these chocolates are an absolute delight for any chocolate lover. The Galaxy chocolates contain a nice flavor made from cocoa and ripped milk and to add a twist to their taste, these chocolates are combined with the mouth-watering fruity flavors.

These chocolates are so loved that this brand had to have several outlets in the US, Canada, and Europe to satisfy the demand. Some of the best varieties produced by this chocolate are Dove, Fruitia, Jewels Galaxy, as well as Caramel.

2. Guylianguylian

Have you probably heard of the name Guylian right? If you are a lover of chocolates then the answer is probably yes. Our runner up is the Guylian chocolates which are made of different things to suit everyone’s taste. This beautifully designed chocolate take up different shapes that are quite pretty to look at they include, the shape of a sea shell as well as flavors of cocoa and roasted hazelnuts.these chocolates are incredibly sweet and savory and anyone can like them.

Every bite is a taste of heaven in the mouth that will absolutely delight anyone. Guylian is produced by some of the most hardworking people and artist who want to deliver nothing but the very best. This brand is appropriate for anyone who is a little picky about chocolate and likes to try out different things.

1. Ferrero Rocherferrero-rocher

The world’s favorite and the most popular and the crème de la crème chocolate in the market and probably your favorite chocolate in the world is the Ferrero Rocher. This brand is more than 200 years old but still takes up a high tier among some of the most expensive, beautiful creative and all kind of chocolates available in the market today.

Ferrero in 1982 made a choice to mark his attribute by creating a one of a kind confectionery in one golden box. To his surprise, it became one of the most sorts after chocolate in the entire world. The rich chocolate with a beautiful appearance as well as super-rich flavor is what makes the chocolate attractive and a personal favorite of many today.

This chocolate comes as a wafer covered with milk constituents with a beautiful thought out caramel coating as well as other topping selectivity’s that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. If you are looking for the perfect chocolate gift for her, look no further than the Ferrero Rocher.

There you have it, the top 15 most popular chocolate brand you can try in the world.

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