Top 15 Most Powerful Rifles In The World

Technology has cut across almost in all products that why everyday day there is an improvement of products from what they use to look like, capability, to the simplicity of use.

If you want to relate this just check the car manufacturing industry the revolution of cars in terms of new designs, comfort, fuel consumption and so on have been happening day in day out. Beside cars firearms industry have not been left behind, it has improved in the past century from single shot rifle to musket to a repeating rifle accurate and automatic/powerful weapon.

Rifles are a dangerous weapon that is used to fight or kill the enemies or others use them for hunting. Depending on your need it’s worth noting that all rifles are not the same with regards to quality, power, accuracy, price and so on.

Although many countries don’t authorize possession of rifles to civilians, some do. Below is an exclusive list of top 15 most powerful rifles.

15. Benjamin BPBD3S Bulldogbenjamin-bpbd3s-bulldog

This is a versatile weapon commonly used by the hunters or farmers who are looking for something strong and one that reaches a far distance, and this shoots at a firearm velocity.

This rifle is lightweight and comfortable to maneuver around with it. When it comes to speed and accuracy, it delivers five shots groups at 800 feet per second with 200-foot pounds of energy.

14. AK47ak47

AK47 is one of the most popular and most-used rifles in the world, in particular by the terrorists.It’s one of the most powerful rifles yet very affordable perhaps the reason it’s widely used. It was invented in 1949 by the Soviet Union.

The reliability of this weapon is not one to be fully depended on as compared to other weapons of its class but its reliable for certain war situations. The study shows that many people who have died as a result of the shooting were as a result of being killed by an AK47.

13. M4 carbinem4-carbine

M4 was invented in 1994 in the United States by Colt defense forces. This weapon is an improved version of M6 Rifle since its invention It’s has been used by many nations as a war weapon.

M4 it’s a bit shorter and lighter than M6 Rifle hence easy to move around with. War countries like Iraq and Afghanistan use this as their main weapon. However, there are a number of individuals who possess it for self- defense. M4 is known for accuracy, power and reliable speed of 910 m/s.

12. Steyr Augsteyr-aug

Australia boasts of being the first country to invent this firearm back in 1978.This versatile weapon is widely used by many forces around the world specially designed for those who operate with their left hand, but still the right handed can use it efficiently and with lots of ease just like left-handed.

The most distinct feature about the firearm has a capability of being run on both rotating pistons and bolt guns. This gun is more accurate and powerful it fires 600 rounds per minute. Three countries are known to have fully utilized the capability of this rifle during wars and that are Iraq, Syrian and Afghanistan.

11. FAMASfamas

This weapon was invented in 1981 in France by Nexter manufacturers, and they made it available in 5 versions each having distinctive features.

However, out of the five versions only two that are mostly used the G1 and G2 because of high accuracy and portability features.

10. M16m16

M16 is one of the most powerful firearms to have ever been invented by the US in the 60s. It’s a contemporary firearm that has more speed and high accuracy in long range at a rate of 900 rounds per minute.

It’s lightweight allowing arms to carry more projectiles, besides portability and power M16 is known by fighters that it’s one of those firearms that don’t fail you in a war as it does not jam.

9. Tavor

Israel is a country which has invented the most powerful fire weapons, and this one here is not an exempt. It’s ideal for close war situations, but what shocks many is that this rifle has never been used in any way, the Israel Army says that it’s a weapon to be used in future wars.

The rifle has a capacity of making more than 900 rounds per minute, and it has some built-in technology features like IP and Laser to help user’s access difficult points.

8. FN FNCfn-fnc

Another powerful rifle in the world is the FN FNC invented by the Belgian Armed Forces in 1970. The extensive of this weapon was in the war against extremists in Niger Delta and Indonesia and Guerrilla War.

The gun features gas pistols and rotating rods to be operated on, designed to fire over 600 rounds per minute. In addition to its features, grenades can be used which can make a large damage on the target.

7. FN SCARfn-scar

FN is one of the commonly used rifles in the world its invention in the year 2009 in the US by SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMAND ( SOCOM).

Though the weapon is commonly used, it’s not everyone or every army that uses it as it was designed for the Special Forces to do some extraordinary operations.
FN SCAR comes in various models, and the best ones are SCAR-L and SCAR-H.

6.  M1 Garandm1-garand

MI is one of the pioneer firearms of semi-automated firing guns that falls in the family of rifles. Just as the name suggests, this weapon was invented by John C. Garand who its named after.

John invented this rifle in 1928, and since then it has been used in various war events like in the World War II, Iran-Iraq War, Vietnam War, just to mention a few.
The effective range to be used with this rifle is 450m at a speed of 50 rounds per minute.

5. Benjamin Marauder air riflebenjamin-marauder-air-rifle

This sturdy rifle is available in three sizes 0.25, 0.177 and 0.22 giving the user alternatives to choose what’s good for them.

One distinct feature is that it allows you to adjust for different air pressure level and velocities. The firearm is ideal for long distance operations and training as its more accurate and powerful.

4. HK416 Assault Riflehk416-assault-rifle

With the origin of German, this giant was brought to being by a collaboration of both German arms maker Heckler and Koch and the forces of the United States. With this type of collaboration, you can tell that this thing is built do its job in most effective and efficient way possible it is one of the best weapons of the 21st century.

HK416 features a number of benefits like better accuracy, durability, and reliability.

3. FN FALfn-fal

FN FAL was invented in Belgium, and despite it being a little bulky due to its length and a linear setup, it was one of the most powerful rifles in the 20th century.

It delivers 7.62mm round perhaps the reason it’s widely used by over 90 countries and countless groups of militias. More so, it’s used as a sniper rifle, squad light machine gun, or combat rifle. It boasts of flexibility, accuracy, and durability.

2. Stoner AR-15stoner-ar-15

Stoner falls under the category of M16, M4 and the AR-15 they feature the same design, uses the same parts but fitted with different accessories.

It’s quite accurate to mid-range, portable, accurate and compact design. The Stoner was made in the United States by Eugene Stoner in 1950s

1. DSR-Precision Sniper Rifledsr-precision-sniper-rifle

DSR was invented in Germany and the rounds coming out is equal with that of M2 HB the distinct feature about this rifle is that it can hit a 2- inch target from a ½ mile away, which means the bullet will take you down before you hear gun firing.

Although DSR is known for accuracy, durability, and reliability the production is limited, and they are relatively costly, and they call for more training than any other gun.

In Conclusion:

There are thousands and thousands of rifles if not hundreds and this list have put much focus on top 15 most powerful rifles of this century.

The above weapons are known for accuracy, speed, reliability, durability and lightweight among other features/benefits. Although the rifles are not designed to be carried around or be in possession by civilians it’s recommended to follow the law of your country with regards to possessing the above-mentioned weapons.

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