Top Ten Largest Islands In The World Of 2020


Island refers to an area entirely surrounded by water. It is considered as one of the geographic scopes with the highest intrinsic values. Islands are also called Isles and typically refer to any pieces of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Small size islands are known as islets. But, we won’t dwell on the … Read more

15 Oldest Buildings In The World


If you go through this list of the 15 oldest buildings in the world, you will concur with everyone else that indeed old is gold. There are outstanding buildings that were built many decades ago and they still stand strong and sturdy. You will appreciate the work of the craftsmen who existed in that era … Read more

Top Ten Most Beautiful Forests

Even if you are one of those individuals who could care for nothing else but video games and movies, or date night outs and parties, you will be impressed by what mother-nature has to offer. This post will take you through a list of forest that you just will have to add them to your … Read more

Ten Ten Most Beautiful Castles In The World

Castle building can be traced back more than 1000 years ago. This type of architecture is thought to have originated in Europe and spread to other parts of the world. Mainly, castles were constructed to offer residence for royal families and to deter the attacks by enemies. Today, there are many intact castles some which … Read more