Top 18 Prettiest Cat Breeds In The World

Cats have always been loyal companions and are always there for you when you are having a bad day to give you some compassion and love. While all cats are beautiful in our eyes, some breeds are just exceptionally pretty and unique that entice us to just say purrfect.

If you are a cat lover and are looking for a feline friend, keep reading. In this article, we will look at some of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world that will awe you with their beauty and make your heart melt.

All Round Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

18. Khao Maneekhao-manee

The Khao Manee is one of the most beautiful and unique cat breeds in the world. This stunning cat also known as the Diamond Eye Cat is from Thailand.

All Khao Manee cats have a white fur coat with gold or blue eyes and in some instances, some of this cats have every one of this colors on each eye.

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17. Exotic Shorthairexotic-shorthair

Also known as the Persian Shorthair, the Exotic Shorthair has an almost similar attitude and appearance to the Persian cat. The main difference between this two cats breeds is that the Exotic cat breed has shorter hair.

This cat breed is a magnificent delight which makes it a very popular pet choice around the world for most cat lovers. It is playful, affectionate and very friendly in nature. There are a variety of colors to choose from too for the Exotic Shorthair.

16. Toygertoyger

The lovely Toyger is perhaps the most remarkable striped cat breed in the world. The cat gets its name Toyger from Tiger because they are similar in appearance. This adorable and striking looking cat came about as a result of a cross breed between the British Short Hair and the Bengal Cat.

They are rare to find as the breed is still being developed but they are indeed beautiful. Moreover, they are known to be lovable, intelligent and friendly cats.

15. Scotish Foldscotish-fold

As the name suggests, this cat breed is from Scotland. They are cute in appearance with distinct folded ears feature. Their ears tend to be folded downwards or upwards.

The Scotish Fold cats are known for their playful and affectionate nature towards their owners. They make great pets as they are always active and happy.

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14. Abyssianabyssian

Abyssian is one of the oldest and most beautiful breeds in the world. Their heritage dates back to Ethiopia. The Abyssian has a beautiful rich orange brown silky textured coat and black tucking and impressive eyes.

This cat is considered to be very intelligent, playful and active and can be easily trained.

13. Cornish Rexcornish-rex

This is a special type of cat breed since it lacks its outer coat. The Cornish Rex have a soft down –like undercoat. This cat has a soft bunny like coat which is considered to be the softest coats among all the cat breeds in the world.

The Cornish Rex has a fragile elegance that marks its muscular body and it always seems to be in motion. Other than its fairest coat, this cat features a prominent nose, high cheek bones and oval eyes that add to its charming beauty.

12. Birmanbirman

You may have heard of the Birman cat, it is considered as the sacred cat of Burma. This cat is very graceful and calm, its most distinct beauty feature are the eyes, and their eyes are a striking attractive Blue.

During the first 2 years of the Birman’s life they remain white and after that, their cashmere – soft fur starts developing various marks all over the body which adds to their beauty.

11. Ragdollragdoll

The Ragdoll is a very common breed among cat lovers. The breed is beautiful, incredibly intelligent, affectionate, loyal and playful cats.

Other than this amazing qualities, most cat lovers love them for their ability to be trained for various activities since they are good learners. With their sweet expression and furry coat, the Ragdoll screams beauty in all aspects.

10. Ocicatocicat

This is a hybrid cat breed that came about as a result of a bred of an Abyssian cat and a Siamese cat. The result was an adorable furry cat with pointed ears.

The Ocicat is a graceful muscle athlete cat with an arched neck and a coat covered with dark thumbprint spots. If you love animal prints, you will find this cat an absolute delight.

9. Munchkinmunchkin

This cat is beyond adorable, it is sweet in nature and playful. This cat breed is easily distinguished from other cats due to its unique spine and undeniable beauty.

The Munchkin is a very sweet and adorable cat that is very smart and outgoing.

8. American Bobtailamerican-bobtail

The American Bobtail is a common cat breed in Arizona. They are a crossbreed between a local cat and a wild bobcat. This beautiful creatures have a long body with a short signature tail, broad hips and chest and large round feet.

The American Bobtail has a shaggy coat which can be found in a variety of colors. This cat is usually very energetic and playful.

7. Siamesesiamese

Siamese cats have the greatest communication power than any other cat breed in the world. This cat is very affectionate and social, it likes to rest on its owners lap and never likes to be alone. This attractive and adorable cat has a triangular head, muscular body with a short coat, elongated ears with the most beautiful almond eyes that can melt your heart.

All Siamese kittens are born cream in color but their color changes when they are four weeks old. You will find that most adult Siamese cats have dark brown points and an ivory, bluish-white, milk-chocolate or cinnamon pink coat.

6. Persianpersian

The Persian cats are known for their good looks and colorful furry coat. The Persian cat is an attractive cat breed that originated in Persia. This cat has over 80 color variations available and comes in brown, blue-green or blue eyes that will completely captivate you and make you want to take this cat home.

This is a calm and gentle cat that likes to spend its time with other pets and members of the family, beware it is very demanding of affection and attention as well.

5. Main Coonmain-coon

This longhaired cat breed is one of the most beautiful and popular cat breeds in the world. The Main Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America and is endowed with valuable hunting skills.

This is a handsome breed with distinctive appearance known for its long hair, gentle personality and intelligence.

4. American Curlamerican-curl

This is an American bred cat with unique curly ears and furry coat with the most adorable eyes you can see in a cat.

This breed originated in California and has been a world favorite through the ears. Special care needs to be taken so as not to harm this cats ears as they are extremely delicate.

3. Russian Bluerussian-blue

The Russian Blue possesses an unmistakable and undisputable beauty; it has a pale blue coat with a silver-tipped double coat so plush you can mistake it for a furry teddy bear.

This is a slender cat yet very graceful in nature you can’t help but love it and always want to pet it. In addition, it is very playful which makes it an adorable pet to have.

2. British Short Hairbritish-short-hair

Though it goes by the name British Short Hair, this cat dates its roots back to Egypt. In fact, this breed was imported from Egypt in the 1st Century A.D to Britain.

This breed is usually a medium sized cat with a very affectionate nature that makes a great pet. They are furry and beautiful and are found in a variety of colors you can choose from. They are a great pet choice for kids as they tend to stay calm all the time.

1. Turkish Angolaturkish-angola

The Turkish Angola is arguably the most beautiful cat in the world. This cat is an absolute delight, it is very elegant looking, and graceful manner.

This is a very old cat breed that gained popularity in the 19th century in the USA. It is known for its gentleness hence making a great pet.

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