Top 18 Richest Doctors In The World

If you think that being a doctor is a dull career that is too demanding right from the man years spent learning to the long hours spent working on patients your encounter with the richest doctors will perhaps make you change your overall thinking.

Not all doctors are wealthy, but few of them have mastered the art of their work, built a strong reputation and are earning huge amount of money from cancer philanthropists to plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons just to mention but a few.

Here is a list of top 18 richest doctors in the world that you perhaps didn’t know of.

18. Dr. Paul Nassif. $14,000,000dr-paul-nassif

The 54-year-old Dr. Paul is a facial plastic surgeon specialist based in Beverly Hills California. He has received international recognition as he features in E- Entertainment TV show ‘Botched’ and for his innovative surgical techniques.
He is also a lecturer at the USC and UCLA School of medicines.

17. Dr. Conrad Murray. $500,000dr-conrad-murray

The father of 7 children takes home $160,000 every month.The 64-year-old is a cardiologist who is famously known as a personal physician for Michael Jackson, and he made it in the new headlines after the death of Michael Jackson as he was accused of manslaughter.

Besides that Dr. Conrad is also known for many other good reasons like offering free medical camps to the persons in need of his services.

16. Patrick Soon Shiong. $ 12 billionpatrick-soon-shiong

The south-African born American Dr. Patric is a surgeon, researcher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman, and professor holds a bachelor’s degree in Surgery.

He trained in UCLA where he became a board certified surgeon.
He has devoted part of his wealth to fund children hospitals in different parts of the world.

15. Dr. Garth Fisher. $ 15 milliondr-garth-fisher

Dr. Garth is a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He has been featured in the popular magazines, and hundreds of T.V shows as the best plastic Surgeon.

The celebrity Kardashian’s  Plastic Surgeon has his office located in Beverly Hills California.

14. Dr. Oz $14 milliondr-oz

Dr. Oz is a re-known cardiothoracic surgeon and the most popular celebrity doctor. He hosts some T.V show the most viewed ‘Good Morning America’.

He has written over 400 bestselling books on Amazon on medical science. Besides being a writer and a surgeon, he is also a professor at Health-corps.

13. Dr. Robert Rey. $ 15milliondr-robert-rey

Having graduated from the world class university Harvard medical school, he is a known celebrity perhaps because of his hot looks. The 55-year-old looks half his age he is a plastic surgery specialist based in Beverly Hills, California United States.He has attracted quite wealthiest people that he treats no wonder he is this rich.

12. Dr. Sanjay Gupta. $4.5 Mdr-sanjay-gupta

The good looking Dr. Sanjay is a neurosurgeon and a professor of neurosurgery at Emory University School of Medicine.
The 47-year-old was born in Michigan, United States and schooled in University of Michigan Health system. He works at Grady Memorial Hospital found in Atlanta, Georgia.

11. Dr. Leonard Hochstein. $ 20 milliondr-leonard-hochstein

Leonard is a plastic surgeon who has done over 10,000 successful plastic surgeries ranging from facial rejuvenation to breast enhancing and body contouring.

He is one of the most famous doctors in Miami, United States.

10. Dr. Terry Dubrow. $ 30 milliondr-terry-dubrow

Besides from being an American Plastic Surgeon, he is also a T.V personality like the ‘Botched’ shows that he co-hosts with this friend Paul Nassif E-entertainment and the real Housewives of Orange County.

The 58 year- old is married to one wife, and they are blessed with four amazing kids.
He was born in the great town of Los Angeles, California and went to David Geffen school of Medicine at UCLA.

9. Dr. Phillip Frost. $ 3.6 Billiondr-phillip-frost

Dr. Phillip is a Dermatologist and an MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and not only that he is also a chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals which is one of the largest producers of quality medicine in the world.

He hails from Miami Beach Florida, United Stated and he is 80 years of age.

8. Dr. James Andrews $ 30 Milliondr-james-andrews

The 75-year-old James is an American orthopedic surgeon for the elbow, knee, and shoulder injuries and for this reason, he is a known Doctor for the famous athletes.

He works and resides in Mountain Brook, Alabama United States, and his hospital is known as the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center.

7. Dr. Gray Michelson. $ 1.6 billiondr-gray-michelson

The 68-year-old and a father of one is a spinal surgeon –turned-inventor and an orthopedic. He is believed to hold over 250 U.S patents for medical procedures and device.

He first became a billionaire after settling$ 1.35 billion with medical device giant Medtronic. He hails from Los Angeles, California United States.

6. Dr. Phil. $ 280 Milliondr-phil

Almost everyone has watched this great doctor in his Television show Dr, Phil show aired on local T.v stations, and he also appeared in Oprah Winfrey Shows. He holds a degree in psychology.

His show alone earns him around $ 80 million per year, and his net worth stands at $ 280 million. The 67-year-old is also a writer on topics related to healthy eating.

5. Dr. Travis Stork. $ 8 milliondr-travis-stork

Dr. Travis is an emergency physician he holds a master degree from the re-known University of Virginia. He is also a media personality as he hosts The Doctors show to date.

He has also featured in the New York number one bestselling author of the famous ‘The Doctor’s Diet’. He was born in 1972 in Colorado, United States.

4. Dr. Thomas Frist. $ 8.2Bdr-thomas-frist

Thomas is an American heir, philanthropist, and a businessman. He is 78 years old and was born in Nashville, Tennessee United States and went to Vanderbilt University. Together with his dad they collaborated and founded Hospital Corporation of America. He has one spouse and three children.

3. Dr. Ron Paul. $ 5 million.dr-ron-paul

The 81-year-old Ron is an American physician, author, and former politician. He was born in the Pennsylvania United States. Since 1963 he has been specializing in obstetrics and gynecology before going the politics way.

2. Dr. Ben Canson. $ 10 milliondr-ben-canson

Br. Ben is a surgeon, politician, and author born in Michigan. He graduated from Michigan medical school. Besides aspiring for 2016 presidential seat in the United States, he is also famously known for successfully separating the conjoined twins who were connected at the head.
He has also authored many bestselling books that are sold in the books stores all over the world.

1. Dr. Drew. $20milliondr-drew

Dr. David Drew is a popular American Doctor, author, and a media personality. The addiction medicine specialist and a board certified internist is 58 years old and he was born in the great State of California United States.

He is often heard in the media when hosting his famous radio show ‘Loveline’ show that holds topics on relationships, and he is also a producer of the VH1 show ‘celebrity Rehab’ which helps celebrities recover from addiction.

Wrap Up:

This article has tried to bring about the top 18 richest doctors in the world with an estimate of their net worth as at the end of 2016. It’s interesting to note that these doctors could probably be owning much more than the estimated or even little less of the quoted amount as most of the investments are subject to depreciation. If you have been pondering of taking up a medical career, you now have this article to motivate you as it shows cases that indeed doctors makes a huge amount of money that everyone would like to have someday.

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