Top 16 Richest Wrestlers In The World

World Wrestling Entertainment referred to as  (WWE) is one of the strongest wrestling brands in the world that have entertained its enthusiast for many years. If you are one of the many WWE enthusiasts, you must be having a number of favorite wrestlers that you cheer when the wrestling is going live on T.V, and you know how it breaks your heart when your favorite wrestlers lose to his opponent or how it feels good when he wins.

Wrestling like any other sport it has been about losing or winning, but apart from having your favorite wrestlers have you ever desired to know how much they earn or how much they are worth? Well, this article will enlighten you about the top 16 richest wrestlers that you probably didn’t know their worth.

16. D-VON DUDLEY – ($ 3.5M)d-von-dudley-3308949

Dudley is a known face in the WWE and ECW and TNA for over 30 years now, and he is still counting and going strong. At the age of 43 years, Dudley held the Tag Team Championship in the famous WWE a title that has not been held by many wrestlers.

Having been in the Wrestling ring for three decades now, he is worth $ 3.5 million a great reward for his effort and consistency in the industry.

15.  BELLA – ($4M)bella-1524784

The beautiful woman in the WWE Bella has got more male fans than female perhaps because of her beauty and being able to do what many men are unable to do. Bella came to break the monotony of the male dominated wrestling industry.

She has been battling it out with twin sister Nikki who left the industry last year to pursue other businesses.  Bella is the richest paid woman wrestler, and she is worth $4M.

14.  MARK HENRY – $4.5Mmark-henry-7291702

Mark is not a new face in the WWE he started with the Olympics as a powerlifter between 1992 and 1996. Vince McMahon believed in his abilities he contracted him for ten years and he has been battling it out for 20 years now.

It speculated that Mark earns $ 850,000 annually and his net worth is about $4.5M.

13. Roman Reigns (5.5M)roman-reigns-6508996

Roman is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in WWE apart from wrestling this guy got the looks, and by his appearance alone you may undermine his wrestling abilities.

Did you know that Roman is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion! This is after he won the belt at the WrestleMania 32.

This title pushed his net worth to $5.5 Million, and it seems that it will continue to skyrocket.

12. Bubba Ray Dudley – $6.5Mbubba-ray-dudley-7466032

Bubba has been on our TV screens for 20 years now, and he started off in EWC then WWE and TNA. He has won the World Heavyweight Championship for two times together with his team member D-Von. This championship title has made the wealth of Bubba to rise to $6.5 Million.

11. SHEAMUS – $ 7Msheamus-8196130

Sheamus started his wrestling career in Irish Whip Wrestling where he won the Championship twice before moving to WWE back in 2009.

In the WWE he became an event talent, and he won the hearts of many fans he moved a lot of merchandise and which has made him be $7 million worth.

10. KANE – $7 MILLIONkane-3235835

Kane is one of the legendary at WWE having been in the ring for 20 years and still going strong despite him approaching 50 years of age.

Kane rarely loses the battle to his opponents, and he has won the belt countless time he is estimated to be worth $ 7 million.

9. JOHN CENA – $ 35 MILLIONjohn-cena-6413066

Cena is another legendary in the WWE and one of the highest paid WWE stars, every WWE enthusiast knows Cena whether he/ she supports him or not. He has been in the ring for three decades now, and he doesn’t seem to be retiring anytime soon.

According to Forbes news, it’s reported that Cena takes home an estimate of $9.5 million per year hence making him worth around $ 35 million. In 2016 he got neck injury that made him miss the ring for a few months, but later he showed up in the WrestleMania 32 after recovering where he teamed up with The Rock.

8. BROCK LESNAR- $16MILLIONbrock-lesnar-2364744

You might be wondering what the heck Brock is appearing in this list while he only appears on the WWE few times but it’s good you know that Brock is the second highest paid WWE star.

He takes home an estimated $ 6 million per year that’s according to celebrity net worth Lesnar is $ 16 million wealthier. Despite him not appearing on the match more often his matches are the most notable and significant in the WWE.

7.  THE UNDERTAKER – $16 MILLIONthe-undertaker-6539639

Who doesn’t know The Undertaker of WWE this, man is very popular and of the legends in the WWE. He has been in the industry for decades, and although his real names are Mark William Calaway, he is popularly known as The Undertaker.

He is one of the top record WrestleMania record holders of 20- 0 win-loss mark and four times WWE Champion Royal Rumble champion and six-time WWE tag team champion. Additionally, The Undertaker has been associated with assorted specialty matches like the Buried Alive match, the Casket Match, Last Ride match and the Hell in a Cell. No wonder he is worth all that money estimated to be $ 16million.

6. SHAWN MICHAELS – $17 MILLIONshawn-michaels-9330611

Shawn was once a part of The Midnight Rockers a tag team consisting Marty Jannetty and him but later become popularly known as The Heartbreak Kid. More so, Shawn has been a part of the renowned and influential groups including D-Generation X and The Kliq.

Shawn has been keeping it real in the WWE, and he is a four-time WWE world Champion not forgetting the Royal Rumble winner in 1995 and 1996.It’s without a doubt that Shawn is one of the most gifted WWE stars.

5.  TRIPLE H – $ 25 MILLIONtriple-h-6232683

Triple H cannot miss in this list of the Richest Wrestlers as he is one of the legendary of WWE although recently he has been working behind the scene as the Executive Vice President of Life Events, Talent, and creative for WWE, he is taking home $ 2.8 million per year.

Though he occasionally wrestles in the ring his last comeback was in 2016 when he won the Royal Rumble against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. AS per the celebrity net worth news Triple H is worth millions of dollars $25 million to be precise and with all the roles he is playing in the WWE the value is expected to skyrocket.

4. KURT ANGLE- $ 20 MILLIONkurt-angle-6418941

Kurt is well known for winning all most all belt Championship that WWE had to offer. He is a legendary of WWE and of the best star that has thrived in the industry.

His main debut in the wrestling industry started after winning the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia in the heavyweight division of freestyle wrestling. Kurt didn’t stop there as he later won World Championship and he has been breaking records of winning ever since. Kurt is estimated to be $ 20 million richer.

3. BIG SHOW- $30MILLIONbig-show-2061414

Although many people refer to him as Big Show, his official names are Paul Wight. He is among the top legends in the WWE and of the best star who rarely gets defeated, and he has held the WWE world champion seven times. Besides that other notable achievements are holding the belt title of ECW, WWE, WCW, and World Heavyweight Championship for at least once.

He also a Grand Slam and Triple Crown champion among many other titles. He has been in the wrestling industry for many decades, and he is estimated to hold a net worth of $ 30 million.

2. Steve Austin – $45 millionsteve-austin-1101640

Also known as Stone Cold Steve Austin, he is the most profitable wrestler in the history of WWE. He carried the King of the Ring title in 1996 and the Royal Rumble Champion for two years consecutively 1997, 1998 he later lost and reclaimed it back in 2001.

Additionally, Steve won the World Championship 6 times and five times in the Triple Crown Champion.His career suddenly came to an end in 2003 after he was forced to retire due to neck and knee injuries. Steve is worth $ 45 million this can be surprising as he retired 13 years ago.

1. The Rock – $70 millionthe-rock-6751282

Number one on the list is none other than The Rock officially known as Dwayne Johnson. He started off as a footballer and played for the University of Miami Football team before joining WWE.

His wrestling career has been a success as he has won the WWE world Champion 10 times and tag team Champion 5 times and two- time Intercontinental champion. Besides wrestling The Rock is also a successful actor he is worth $ 70 million dollars he is one of the famous and richest wrestlers in the world.

In Conclusion:

Wrestling is a well-paying career although not for the faint hearted. The Rock carries the title of the day as the richest wrestler in the world, estimated to be worth $70 million. The value of all the wrestlers may vary from time to time depending on the change in stock prices.

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