Top 18 richest youtubers In The World

Everyone dreams of being wealthy someday, in fact, most of us dream of going from rags to riches in no time. Well, there is a place that could make this just happen for you – YouTube.

Intrigued? Yes, YouTube is one such platform that could make your dreams come true if you have the ability to create great content for people to stop and look at. It is without a doubt that YouTube has become the number one go-to place.

From games to educational to music, to comic, YouTube has everything, for everyone, you name it. Recent statistics show that YouTube has over 4 billion views a day. People involved in creating such astounding content, make a whole lot of money from this.

These YouTube stars are loved just as movie stars and famous musicians but unlike celebrities, their stories are more realistic and make us believe that we could just be like them. Let us have a look at the top 18 most successful YouTube stars in the world 2017.

18. Hank Greenhank-green

YouTube Channel: Vlogbrothers

Hank Green is a multi-talented YouTuber. When he’s not vlogging, he is an entrepreneur, musician, educator and producer from America. He’s current net worth is $2 million.

At present, he has a global audience of 2.9 million subscribers with a lot more views on his channel. He has multiple channels among them being Animal Wonders, Vlog Brothers, GameswithHank, SciShow and Brain Scoop. He also takes pride as being the inventor of the 2D glasses that give the 3D view version into 2D.

Hank has re-created one of the biggest online conferences with the help of his brother John Green and together, this brother duo have gotten themselves involved in a lot of charity work too.

17. Lily Singhlily-singh-2

YouTube Channel: ||Superwoman||

The 28-year-old Lily is one of the funniest YouTube comedians. Lily is a favorite YouTuber for a myriad of people. Her energy, enthusiasm, and humor are so evident and infectious from watching her YouTube channel that you can’t help but laugh through her comical jokes. She has attracted over a billion views to her blog since she started and nearly $9.2 million subscribers.

She started vlogging as a major stress reliever and to combat her depressive mood, woe1 look at how well that turned out for her. Today, she has a net worth of $2.5 million. Other than vlogging, she is a wonderful motivational speaker as well as a rapper and a much-grounded person.

16. Rosanna Pansinorosanna-pansino-2

YouTube Channel: Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino is an American actress, YouTube personality, and baker. She started her vlog to showcase her love for baking and share with others her nerd themed goodies. She is doing so well as it since currently she has over 6.9 million subscribers and counting with about 75 million views on her vlog every month. Her estimated wealth is $2.5 million.

15. Jenna Marblesjenna-marbles

YouTube Channel: JennaMarbles

The next YouTuber on our list is Jenna Nicole Mourley better known as Jenna Marbles on her YouTube channel. Jenna is an American comedian, blogger, and YouTube star personality. Jenna has over 16 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with close to 3 billion views in total. She also packages a net worth of $2.5 million

Her story is quite an inspiring story for many before she became a successful YouTuber, she worked at a salon, as a bartender dancing at night clubs to be able to afford her rent. After posting a video on YouTube “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking” in 2010, the video went viral and she earned herself over 5.3 million views which propelled her success. She is currently a vlogger and actress too as well as having a Radio show about pop music.

14. Zoe Suggzoe-sugg-2

YouTube Channel: Zoella

Zoe is a YouTube vlogger one of UK’s most successful vlogger indeed. Through her YouTube channel Zoella mostly aimed at teens, she offers makeup advice, fashion, and beauty tips as well as cooking tips and other lifestyle tips. Her channel which was launched in 2009, now attracts a global audience of over 10 million subscribers and has gathered so many more views since it begun.

Other than vlogging, Zoe makes her income through various endorsements, she has written a book and has a beauty line available in super drug stores.

13. Coleen Ballingercoleen-ballinger

YouTube Channel: Miranda Sings

Colleen Ballinger uses her alias fictional character Miranda who believes that though she is deaf, she is destined for fame.

Miranda is an egotistical, comical quirky and misguided character portrayed by Colleen to win plenty of fans on YouTube. Other than running her vlog featuring Miranda, Colleen is a comedian, author of the book “Self-Help”, actress and has a comedy show on Netflix based on her character Miranda. Currently, Colleen has a net worth of over $3 million and has gathered an audience of over 1.2 billion views and nearly 7.7 million subscribers.

12. DisneyCollector BRdisneycollector-br

YouTube Channel: DC Toys Collector

The DisneyCollector BR show is a loved show by toddlers and kids of all ages. Created in 2012, the channel has over 4 million subscribers and counting, and a net worth of over $9million. Disney Collector was created by an identified individual or group who are responsible for uploading more than 1600 videos which have attracted a target audience of over 380 million viewers a month. Nearly nothing is known about the people or person, behind the channel other than that, the channel is presented by a young woman with sophisticated painted nails removing Disney toys from their packaging and then assembling them.

Notably, there is a lot of quality in her captivating voice which is very soothing. She also has a pleasant accent and tone probably the reason kids can’t get enough of watching her videos. She is adored and (presumably rich) and widely renown for doing what she loves if only she would let the world know who she is.

11. Roman Atwoodroman-atwood-2

YouTube Channel: RomanAtwood / Sketch Empire

The 33 old Roman Atwood is an American YouTube charismatic vlogger and comedian. He is famous for featuring sadistic pranks on himself. He has over 9.5 million subscribers and his channel has hit over 1.35 billion views since it premiered. He takes home over $3.5 million through his prank videos.

Roman has had a passion for filming since he was in high school and since his high school days, he has been involved in various filming projects and commercials. Later on, he decides to follow through with his passion and started his YouTube channel Sketch Empire.

Other than being a vlogger, he also makes his income through his own line of merchandise named “The Smile More Store”, selling T-Shirts, bracelets, and hoodies, among other things.

10. Rhett and Linkrhett-and-link-2

YouTube Channel: Rhett and Link

The YouTube comedy duo Rhett and Link are well known for their Good Mythical Morning weekly talk show. The duo is a pair of self-acclaimed YouTube personalities who are responsible for a number of viral videos through a couple of the past years.

The pair makes funny videos, sketches, music videos and ludicrous local commercials that attract a huge fan following. Currently, the duo is worth $3.6 million with a big crowd of over 4.1 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Furthermore, they also run a TV show on the IFC network. They now both live in Los Angeles and dedicated to running their Mythical Entertainment Company.

9. Toby Turnertoby-turner-2

YouTube Channel: TobyGames

Toby Turner is a YouTuber, actor, musician, and comedian among other things. He signed with Maker Studios in 2013 and since then, he has been cracking people up with his hilarious jokes. His main channels on YouTube are “TobyGames” which focuses on him trying to play many games where he usually fails and “Tobuscus Adventures” filled with animated funny clips. Together this two channels, gather more than a 3 billion global audience and over 15 million subscribers. Through this, Toby has a proud net worth of over $4.2 million in his name.

8. Ray William Johnsonray-william-johnson

YouTube Channel: Ray William Johnson

Ray is an American comedian and a YouTube sensations with over 2.7 billion views on his YouTube channel. He has recently retired from vlogging having made himself a net worth of over $5 million. His channel, however, is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube earning him lots of views.

It’s sad, though, that he got out of vlogging when it was really going so well for him.

7. Grace Helbiggrace-helbig-2

YouTube Channel: it’s Grace

Grace is an actress, author, comedian, a YouTube personality and a producer from America. She started out vlogging to kill her boredom, she mostly vlogged about her experiences being at home. She has a lot of different channels featuring different genres in particular and she was even a host of her own show in 2008-2013 “Daily Grace” on channel My Damn Channel. In all respects, Grace has made a good name for herself through the years, by appearing in a variety of commercials, and talk shows.

Grace has over 3million subscribers and has a net worth of over $5 million.

6. Lindsey Stirlinglindsey-stirling

YouTube Channel: Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey is the richest YouTuber musician. She first gained recognition as a musician on her YouTube channel. Lindsey as an American violinist, dancer, composer and performer posted videos of herself dancing and singing and it wasn’t long after this she acquired nearly 8 million subscribers and a lot more viewers. The 30-year-old owes her YouTube Channel for so much of her success today, she became a quarter-finalist on the talent competition America’s Got Talent which later propelled her 2014 album Shatter Me to find a place on the Billboard charts. Lindsey has a net worth of $10 million and more on her way.

5. Markpliermarkplier

YouTube Channel: MarkPlier

Markplier is an American actor as well as a voice actor, a comedian, and a YouTube star. The 26-year-old has over 14.4 billion viewers on Let’s Play Channel. He came on YouTube on 26th May 2012, when he created his first channel which, unfortunately, was banned on YouTube, then he created his second channel “MarkiplierGAME” which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Currently, he takes home over $5.1 million with daily uploads of playing games and videos. Markplier has the ability to keep his viewers glued to the screen through his numerous surprises on his vlog and the ability to keep them wondering and wanting more. In addition to vlogging, Mark is also very actively involved in charity work, he gives tremendous support to charities like the Bipolar Support Alliance and Animal Society.

4. Fine Brothersfine-brothers

YouTube Channel: Fine Brothers Entertainment

The fine brothers are a comic duo comprised of two brothers Rafi fine and Benny fine who make sketch videos and pranks and post them on their blog. They have an estimated earnings of $10 million with over 13.9 million subscribers on their channel.

The Fine Brothers are online writers, producers, and comedians who are popular for their narrative web series, several timed-spoiler series and React video series. They also have a “transmedia” sitcom on YouTube from where they have accumulated over 4.9 billion viewers since they started in 2004.

3. Smoshsmosh-4

YouTube Channel: Smosh

Smosh is an American sketch comedy presented by two remarkable personalities Daniel Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox, both 29 years of old.

The duo is among the first veterans pf YouTube, having started their channel in 2005 with the duo lip-synching songs to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power rangers, Mortal Kombat and more. They have expanded a lot since their debut and attracted a huge fan following with over 22 M subscribers in 2017. Their current net worth is $11.8 million and growing more and more every day. With annual earnings of 8.5 million, they come in at 3rd place.

2. Pewdiepie (King of YouTube)pewdiepie-king-of-youtube

YouTube Channel: Pewdiepie

Weird alias right? Pewdiepie’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is a YouTube sensation and a prominent Swedish comedian and video production host. He is well known for his videos commentary videos and vlogs on YouTube, in fact, he is so popular that he has a huge fan following with about 13 billion viewers including 48 million subscribers and counting. Pewdiepie’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million dollars with his wealth increasing day by day.

He was not always this wealthy, though, he started out as a hot dog vendor when his parents refused to support him after college, in 2010, and he started his YouTube channel and used the money he got from by working in a hot dog stand to support his videos. He has been recognized in various magazines and was named as one of the most influential persons in the world by the time magazine.

1. Michelle Phanmichelle-phan-1

YouTube Channel: Michelle Phan

At the top of our list, we have Michelle Phan. The 29-year-old YouTube personality is an entrepreneur and a makeup artist.

Michelle started out by writing personal blogs where she used to write about a variety of different makeup techniques while working as a waitress in a restraint to support her living. Her readers started asking for elaborate instructions and how to do instructions when then she started uploading different instruction vlogs on Xanga in 2007, then made a shift to YouTube much later. She, however, rose to fame in 2009 when she uploaded a vlog on “How to get Lady Gaga’s eyes” and got over a million subscribers. Today, Michelle has a net worth of over $50 million with 8.7M subscribers and counting.

As much as some of these stories are beyond bewildering and inspiring. One thing is evident, lots of hard work, dedication, talent and creativity. It can be precisely daunting to find consecutive ways to keep people interested and wanting more from you. This is what the above YouTubers have done, getting quality content to offer their fans over and over again so that more people are attracted, to be a YouTube star you need to be unique and offer something abominably different that has the ability to go viral globally. Do you have what it takes?

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