15 Smallest Countries In Europe

It’s without a doubt that Europe is one of the most beautiful continents rich in tourist attraction sites, diverse cultures, and a fairly good climate. If you have never paid a visit to one of the beautiful countries in Europe, then you should plan on visiting some before you die.

Europe has over 40 countries and also a big number of people who reside there enjoy a high standard of living, a good life when compared to other continents thanks to the Europe abundant natural and non-natural resources, modern industries and high growth of agriculture sector.

Did you know that the European continent is the second-smallest out of all continents in the world and second-largest in population? Now you know. One more interesting thing about Europe is the fact that it’s home to the smallest and largest countries in the world. This article aims at identifying the top 15 smallest countries in Europe.

15. Icelandiceland

Just as the name suggests, Iceland is a small country in Europe full of ice and fire. It’s a small Island country with about 300,000 population, and its capital city is Reykjavik. Iceland sits on 103.000 square. Km

14. Cypruscyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful country and very developed in infrastructure, high-income economy, a major tourist destination, and high human development.

The third-largest island in the Mediterranean occupies 9251 km per square land and has a population of around 1Million. Cyprus is a major tourist destination as it has a lot of tourist attraction sites.

13. Liechtensteinliechtenstein

The great country of Liechtenstein borders Austria and Switzerland. With a small population of about 37,000 only it sits on a 160 square kilometers of land. Economically Liechtenstein is believed to have the highest gross domestic products per person in the whole world.

The country is not a part of the European Union members it has the lowest unemployment rate in the world of about 1.5% due to its mountains nature the country is a hot spot for winter.

12. Monacomonaco

Monaco is a famous country, to begin with perhaps because it’s a favorite travel destination among many international and domestic tourists. It’s one of the second smallest countries in Europe as it occupies only 2.02 km2 and highly density with a population of 37,800. The country borders France and the Mediterranean sea.

The country’s official language is French, and it’s governed under a form of constitutional Monarchy by Prince Albert II as the renowned head of state.

11. Maltamalta

Malta is an island country officially known as the Republic of Malta its sandwiched between Italy and Libya. The island nation sits on 316 km2 with a population of 450,000 making it in the list of the world smallest and most densely country in the world. Despite that Malta has a long Christian Legacy and is home to the famous Archdiocese of Malta and Catholicism is the official religion.

Because of its warm and refreshing climate and abundance of recreational areas, Malta has become a popular tourist destination.

10. San Marinosan-marino

San Marino is famously known for being the old Republic in the world though it’s a very small country that only sits on 23.6 square kilometers surrounded by the great country of Italy. San Marino has a population of 33,352, and its capital city is San Marino.

The country’s economy comes from Finance, services, industry, and tourism, and it’s one of the richest countries in the world in GDP.

9. Montenegromontenegro

The small nation of Montenegro measures 13,812 km2 with a population of 600,000. Its capital city is the beautiful Podgorica, and the nation was categorized as an upper middle – income by the World Bank.

8. The Vaticanthe-vatican

Also known as the State of Vatican City the smallest City with an area of about 44 hectares and a population of 842 this makes it the smallest nation both in the area and population size.

The State City is home to famous historic sites like St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Sistine Chapel.

7. Andorraandorra

Andorra is a great nation that borders Spain and France, and it’s the 6th smallest country in Europe that covers an area of 468 km. Its capital city is the largest city in Europe known as Andorra La Vella.

The official language spoken by the people of Andorra is Catalan, and one interesting thing about its citizen is that they have the highest life expectancy of 81 in the world. Its economy is mainly supported by tourism revenues as it hosts more than 10Million tourists annually.

6. Luxembourgluxembourg

The great country borders three countries one is Belgium, German, and France to the south. Its capital is Luxembourg City. The nation covers 2,586 km2  with a population of around 525,000.

Luxembourg is one of the developed countries in Europe and has an advanced economy with the world’s highest GDP. The citizens of this country are lucky people because in 2016 they were given Visa-free and an alternate Visa- on arrival in more than 172 countries how great is that!

5. Estoniaestonia

Estonia is a small country found in Northern Europe bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It covers an area of 45,339 Km with a population of 1,282,963.

Estonia is a developed country with the highest growing economy. The interesting thing about being an Estonian is that the citizens enjoy free universal health, education, and the longest paid maternity leave.

The country is one of the best countries that have tried to keep up with technology, and in 2012 it was the first country to hold free and fair elections online.

4. Sloveniaslovenia

Slovenia is a mountainous country that has an Alpine climate it covers 20,273 square kilometers with a population of 2 million.

What is unique about Slovenia is that it’s a nation rich in water from numerous rivers, aquifer systems, and underground watercourses in simple words Slovenia co-exists between water and forest and the population is dispersed and uneven.

3. Macedoniamacedonia

Macedonia is a landlocked country that borders Kosovo, Greece, and Albania, and it’s defined by valleys, mountains, and rivers. Its capital city is Skopje host around  2.06 million inhabitants.

Macedonia is a member of the UN although is one of the poorest nations in Europe it has made significant progress to develop an open market system.

2. Latvialatvia

Latvia is a great nation, and a democratic parliamentary republic started in 1918. The nation covers 64,589 km2 with around 2 million inhabitants. The indigenous people are Latvia and Livs who spoke an official language of Latvian and Lithuanian.

Latvia is a developed country a high-income country, and it’s a member of the European Union. The country is home to a large number of ethnic Russians which has brought about a significant number of Eastern Orthodox Christians.

1. Albaniaalbania

Albania is a sovereign state in Europe with a population of 3.03 million and covers 72 km from Italy. Its capital city is modern Tirana. The nation has over five tribes many of them which are upper-middle-income earners.

Albania is a developed country despite the political challenges it faced in the 90s that led to its isolation from the international community as it underwent political and social transformations.

The nation boasts of being the founder of Energy Community and Union for the Mediterranean. It’s the host of the largest lake in Southern Europe not also forgetting one of the oldest lakes in Europe.


A lot of people picture some largest countries like Italy, France, German, or Spain whenever Europe is mentioned, but there is more than that. Europe is great content that is home to small yet beautiful countries like the one mentioned herein.

If you review this piece you will find many benefits that patriotic citizens of these small countries get to enjoy like free Visas, longest paid maternity leave, free education just to mention but a few.

Another thing that is worth noting is the tourist attractions that each country boasts of if you like traveling discovering new cities, please spare some time and visit the top 15 smallest countries in Europe.

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