Top 20 strongest Pokemon

Pokemon Go is not new to us it started many years back, but it became more popular when it was re-launched mid last year, and every game enthusiast wanted to give it a trial.

All Pokémon don’t hold the same characters others are legendary and others new, others are strong and others a bit weak, and although if everyone was to be asked to choose the strongest Pokemon the list will differ from one person to the other as many may choose their favorite.

For this reason, we know picking the strongest Pokemon Go may not be easy but for us. We have done an exclusive research, and we will give reasons for each Pokemon to support this selection of top 20 strongest Pokemon, and if you differ with our list, you can leave us a comment stating the reasons.

20. Mega Metagross

If appearance is anything to go by Mega deserves to be in this list it looks strong as it evolved from Metang and is the form of Beldum. One surprising thing about Mega is that it doesn’t have any gender besides being a steel-psychic type Pokémon and it made its first appearance in generation three.

According to the information released by Metagross is a product of two Metang fusing together this means that it has four brains that work together to make it a strong Pokemon.

19. Primo Groudon

Primo is one of the strongest Pokemon, and you can tell this because when it holds the Red Orb, it goes through Primal Reversion and in turns become Primal Groudon.

The regular Groudon is purely a ground type, but Primo Groudon is more than a ground fire type. You have seen this Pokemon showcasing its abilities in the remake Pokémon Omega Ruby and mascot of Pokémon Ruby. Whereas Kyogre is known to control the sea primo controls the continents, and it sleeps underground, and it causes volcanoes when it awakens.

18. Flareonflareon

This Pokemon is the evolution of Eevee, and it’s the strongest in the family of Trio. It possesses great combat skills as it’s so fast. Flareon is a fire type, and it has a defensive mode that is great against the Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel.

17. Vaporeonvaporeon-2

Vaporeon is one of the strongest Pokemon Go and being a water type it boasts of very quick attacks and what makes him a great gym attacker is an offense of 186 and stamina of 260 that make him have great strengths from his peers.
Vaporeon is effective against many Pokemon apart from Grass, Dragon and water types and in a defensive stance, it might not be good with ice, fire water types, and steel.

16. Arcanine

Arcanine is a Pseudo-Legendary and a water type Pokemon Go that evolved from Growlithe using a rare gem full of fire power and a fire stone. Its boast of loyalty and brave and it’s regarded as being friendly to its trainer and not just by being strong but so brave that its sometimes being used as police dogs in the anime.

One out of its many strengths is that it can run for 6200 miles in just a day and it runs so calmly that it appears like its flying. How great is that! That is a speed rarely found in most Pokemon.

15. Gyaradosgyarados

Gyarados is a flying and water type, and neither is better than the other. His water stance offensive is more effective against ground, rock and fire types. While his water defense is more effective against Ice, Fire, water and steel types.

Another great strength that he boasts of is his flying offense that is effective against Fighting, Bug, Fire, and Grass types whereas his flying defense is more effective against Fighting, Bug, Grass and Ground types.

He has 192 offenses and 196 defenses, 190 stamina, so he is just a good and strong all- around Pokemon.

14. Lapraslapras-2

While he may not be a good attacker, Lapras boast of high health and is one of the strongest and best Pokemon of all time you can have at the gym. He is an Ice/water type, and his water offense is the best as it’s most effective against many Pokemon except for Grass, Dragon, and water types.

Besides that, Ice types aren’t so effective against Lapras Ice type defense hence you can depend on the water type. What makes Lapras be among the top best Pokemon in this list is because it boasts of the offense of 186, dense of 190 and stamina of 260.

13. Grimergrimer

Grimer is loved for all good reasons it can help you build a full army. He is known to take asexual reproduction to a higher level with its crazy ability to reproduce. When it moves it normally shed bids of the body, and that part develops into new grimer, and each of them will have the same ability resulting into a very high population of slime creatures.

There is a cutting point, however, with the growth of each new grimer the bad smell continues to worsen which means the more gimers reproduced the worst the smell is emitted. Bad smell aside, he has been able to secure a place in the list of the strongest Pokemon.

12. Mechampmechamp

By all indications, you can tell Mechamp is strong even by its looks alone. It’s a fighting type and a final form of Machop, which evolved from Machoke. Machamp is indeed a fighting champion, and he possesses some of the best fighting skills of all the Pokemon.

His punches are fast, with an ability to throw 500 punches per second and besides an impressive speed, it also boasts of tremendous strength and this what makes him as one of the strongest Pokemon. It has four strong hands that can move a whole mountain, and it uses these hands to hit from multiple angles. Mechamp is known for always being ready to start a fight it’s a brave and a serious fighter.

11. Alakazamalakazam

Alakazam is just unique in its own way its brains cells keeps on multiplying as it continues to grow and this trait makes it boast of an IQ of 5000. This places it an advantage to other ordinary Pokemon, and it has the best brain it remembers everything that has happened in this world since the first day it was hatched. How incredible is that!

It has many psychic skills and abilities from his massive brain, and it uses them to move its body instead of its muscles. However, there is a flip side of its massive brain cells as its makes its head heavy perhaps the reasons it prefers to use psychic ability to hold upright its neck and head. What makes this Pokemon powerful are its massive IQ and tremendous psychic abilities.

10. Dittoditto

Ditto’s power is epic that many of his enthusiasts have argued its case to be the strongest Pokemon of all time. Its power gives it an excellent opportunity for both attack and defense. This Pokemon can literally transform to anything it’s a known shapeshifter meaning it can change to any other Pokemon more so to that Pokemon that it’s weak against and the possibilities of its transformation are endless.

Additionally, Ditto can transform into organics and non-organic things by reconstituting its whole cellular structure which in reality a group of Ditto family can be completely unstoppable, and if they can utilize their power efficiently, they can overturn the Planet.

9. Lugialugia

If you are not a Lugia enthusiast please never undermine its power if you have never heard about its butterfly effect. If it happens to flap its wing believe that it can cause a hurricane somewhere in the world take your time and think through this, every time its flaps its long wings will cause a shocking storm that lasts for 40 days.

If this doesn’t surprise you then keep in mind that the only way it moves is through flying and when it flies it will flap its wings for so many time before getting to its destination, so it will cost storms after storms just by flying around. For this reason of being able to affect the climate and the whole world, it deserves a place on this list.

8. Giratinagiratina

Giratina is dangerous to other Pokemon as it has a potential to cause havoc so much that the legend that created him says that after he went ahead and banished him from the distortion world hoping that he will remain there forever. So, if Arceus that created the universe fears him, who are we to doubt?

Giratina is known to be ruthless and aggressive and was created to represent antimatter. Some of Pokemon fans say that Giratina is the devil Pokemon via a series of fan theories making it become a cult favorite.

7. Dragonitedragonite

Dragonite evolved from Dragonair, and it’s the most impressing and best Pokemon you can have until Mewto is released but besides that Dragonite possess a higher defense of 212 to Mewtow’s 202. What makes it powerful has an attack of 250 and stamina of 182 meaning he can defend and attack any gym effectively.

His Dragon offense is the best against all other Dragon-types, and his defense type works better for Fire, Electric, Water, and Grass. His flying offense is best against Fighting, Bug, and Grass types while his defense is great against Grass, Bug, Ground and Fighting.

6. Mewtwomewtwo-1

If Mewtwo could miss on this list, many would not agree with the criteria used for this selection. Mewtwo is a legend of all Pokemon it was among the first 150 Pokemon. It was created by science using Mew’s DNA, and it uses its psychic abilities to cause havoc against its opponents.

His abilities to block Pokémon’s special ability that destroys some Pokémon’s makes him have a winning end. He controls not only Pokémon minds but also people’s mind. He can learn different moves which grant him greater coverage and his speed is the second fastest out of all Pokémons.

5. Shayminshaymin

Shaymin is a sky/ grass warrior that was revealed in February 2008 that’s when it was recorded as the star of the great Giratina and the sky warrior. One thing about Shaymin that is worth noting is that it changes its form in certain hours of the day. From land form, it can transition to sky form on certain times of the day using the Gracidea flower that transforms it into an elegant appearance so unique from another landform Pokémon.

Shaymin is blessed with high-powered special moves and prides in base stat of 100 spread which gives it the ability to do its signature move Seed Flare

4. Reshiramreshiram

Unlike Shaymin, Reshiram is a flying type and a Dragon. It appeared in the version of mascot Pokémon Black, and it’s a faithful member of the Tao Trio a major legendary of the Unova Region History.

Reshiram sided with his brother in the Unova Mythology, the brother sought the truth, and as a result of Reshiram firmly believes in truth. This Pokemon also shares a very deep story and a secret Kyurem that will soon become White Kyurem after using the DNA Splicers just to fuse it with Reshiram.

The powerful legendary also got some weakness when it comes to weather, but its overall colossal attacks and not forgetting the Dragon powers makes it one of the strongest Pokémon.

3. Mew

Another Pokemon that is powerful and has attracted a broad audience is Mew who did hit the genetic lottery jackpot a great deal, and it’s believed to have the DNA of every Pokemon contained in its body.

Perhaps this what makes it stronger because with the genes of every competitor you can expect nothing than the best from it. Using all the genes, it got from other Pokemon it’s able to learn their various attack methods and therefore have a wide range of possible attacks to use at its disposal.

Mew does not have any limits of its power and finding more of its abilities is easy than finding its limits, and it adapt quickly to new situations. More so Mew can travel freely through water or air and can transform itself to invisible at will and if Mew being in this list doesn’t impress you, then nothing will.

2. Arceusarceus

Arceus power is an indisputable being of the legendary Pokemon in this list he possesses many strengths that make him appear on this list. He is famously known for creating the whole planet with its entire 1,000 hands, and so basically he is the god of all creation in the world of Pokemon.

What leaves him at an advantage end is because he technically created all Pokemon and we can’t be wrong if we say that he is definitely the strongest Pokémon of all time. Not only recognizing him as one of the best and strong Pokemon but we should give him a pat on the back or appreciate him for creating all the Pokemon.

1. Rayquazarayquaza

Rayquaza is one of the most loved Pokemon perhaps because of its aggressive green exterior and for its stance and abilities that make him win almost all battles. He has often been seen as a capable and powerful Pokemon and now what make him stronger is his abilities to evolve into Mega Rayquaza that has taken him to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, his immense powers have made him being banned from use in major online tournaments, and it’s the only Pokemon to have been banned to date reason being other Pokemon couldn’t be able to withstand his attacks.
Rayquaza is known to be a master of the weather trio, and he has frequently intervened to end battles between Groudon and Kyogre and its no doubt that it’s the strongest than both of them. He is the strongest and coolest Pokemon of all time.

In conclusion:

If you have read this and you didn’t know the strongest Pokemon before, now you are informed. For those who feel like we may have denied some of others Pokemon that they believe are more stronger, kindly share your views with us and we will appreciate.

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